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6. Fudge off Brentessa

As the cheerleaders rehearsed their routine for what felt like the hundredth time that day, Sue Kennester was barely even watching them as she scribbled something on her clipboard.

Forming their finishing position, the cheerleaders held themselves in the complicated and flexible lifts as they awaited her judgement.

"Pathetic!" She barked at them through her megaphone.

"Pathetic!" Becky repeated.

"Sand Bags, straighten your back!" Sue ordered. "Elena, spread your legs further, I can hear your stretch marks rubbing together and it is nauseating!"

"Nauseating!" Becky echoed.

"Cheerleader whose name I can't be bothered to learn," Sue called out looking to the dark-haired girl next to Molly. "Have that thing on your face dealt with immediately!"

"What thing, Coach?" Molly asked on the girl's behalf.

"That hairy thing above her eyes." Sue snapped. "Hey you, what's your name?" She demanded of a curly-haired brunette.

"Shannon." The girl replied.

"Get up Shannon." Sue ordered and the girl pushed herself up from the splits to face the Cheerleading Coach. "On account of all that gel in your hair" Sue began quietly before lifting the megaphone up and placing it by Shannon's ear before yelling through it.

"You. Are. Off. The. Team!"

"Off the team!" Becky shouted as Shannon ran up to the school trying not to cry.

"Ok Ladies, you all stink of sweat and look disgusting." Sue told them. "Hit the showers before I puke all over you."

The cheerleaders scrambled out of their positions and hurriedly made their way across the field to the changing room.

"Porcelain!" Sue called before Lucas could leave. He moved back over to her and she draped an arm over his shoulder. "At the end of next week I have an assembly scheduled in which the cheerleaders will perform. Consider it practice before Nationals. And I want you to sing that song from that musical, Becky, what's it called?" She asked turning to the short girl walking behind them with a notebook in her hands.

"Wicked." Becky responded. "Coach wants you to sing Defying Gravity."

"Really, Defying Gravity?" Lucas asked excitedly.

"Yes, in English this time." Sue told him. "Foreign languages are only impressive when there's a competition at stake. Besides, to most of the students here, English is a foreign language. And that's not me being racist, I'm merely pointing out that we have too many foreigners in this school who are too lazy to learn our language even as they take our jobs, homes and eat our foods. Now, you'd better work on that song, Porcelain. When you belt those fancy notes out I want Butt Chin Blake to regret not giving you a solo when you failed so epically at Regionals last year."

"Thank you, Coach." Lucas responded with a wide smile. "I won't let you down, I promise."

"You should go, I'm bored now." Sue said shoving him away from her before heading away with Becky to yell at some fat kids loitering around the outside stairwells.

Making his way up to the girls' locker room, Coach Skyler conveniently looking in the other direction as he stepped past her to enter, Lucas stripped out of his new uniform and stood between Tatia and Molly in the shower stalls.

"Wow," Molly gushed in a loud whisper. "Lucas's huge."

Trying to ignore how the eyes of most of the girls suddenly moved to his dick, Lucas set about washing himself.

As he hadn't been expecting half a day of Cheerleading practice, he wasn't prepared for the need of a shower so he borrowed soap, shampoo and conditioner from Tatia.

The other girls were mostly done with their showers and drying themselves off and combing out their hair.

Soon enough, only Lucas was left with Tatia who was blatantly checking out Molly. It looked like the Latina was attempting to get some sweet lady kisses off of the blonde but Molly refused before stepping away to get dried and dressed.

"Damn it." Tatia huffed. "I'm stressed and I'm horny and there's nobody here to do anything about it." She complained.

"That sucks." Lucas told her sympathetically as he shut off the water and moved to the changing area to dry off.

"Hey Benson," Tatia called from where she was still stood under the shower water. "Can you go in my bag and find my vibrator?"

Rolling his eyes, Lucas did as he was asked, trying to touch the toy as little as possible as he passed it to her. Knowing the girl wouldn't wait till he was gone before she started pleasuring herself, Lucky as dried and dressed as fast as he could before hurrying out, politely suggesting Coach Skyler wait a while before entering to get Tatia out.


Making a quick stop at his locker, Lucas collected his things then moved swiftly through the school corridors out to the parking lot. He strapped himself into the seat of his car and drove the short distance to the Elementary school to pick up Lizzy.

He then drove them back to Beach High and held her hand as he took her inside, heading for the choir room.

Apart from Tatia and Mr. Blake, he was the last to arrive for choir practice. He took a seat and pulled Lizzy onto his lap, the girl happily talking to Molly and Laura before hopping off of Lucas's lap and rushing to Tatia when she entered the room.

The younger girl lunged herself at the teenager who swept her up and spun her around before setting her down again and hugging her tightly.

It was probably the sweetest any of the others, minus Molly, had ever witnessed Tatia be.

As Tatia took a seat, Lizzy sitting in the chair beside her and linking their little fingers together, Mr. Blake entered but he wasn't alone. Behind him, Josh was shuffling along acting a little timid but he winked in Lucas's direction when nobody else was looking.

"What is that thing doing in my choir room?" Jane demanded to know. "I mean our choir room." She corrected herself.

"Everybody, this is Josh Tristan." Mr. Blake introduced clapping a hand on the large teen's shoulders.

"We know who he is." Laura pointed out. "He's thrown a slushie at almost all of us."

"Right well, Josh has assured me that such behaviour is now behind him," Mr. Blake said.

"Now, I'd like you all to welcome our newest member to the choir."

"What? No way, he bullies all of us, especially Lucas." Sakura objected.

"Mr. Blake, this seems like a bad idea." Benny said.

"I am not singing with a known homophobe." Jane insisted.

"If he's in the club then I quit." Tatia threatened.

"Guys, guys, settle down." Mr. Blake told them all while most of them sent glares at Josh.

"I know some of you in this room have had your differences, but this is the choir. In this room, it doesn't matter who you are. We're a family right? We accept each other no matter what. And I believe Josh has something to say to you all and I expect you to be mature enough to listen."

He stepped back, indicating Josh to move forward.

Hands in his pockets, Josh looked round at each of them, eyes lingering on Lucas for several seconds before he made a well rehearsed apology that none of them really seemed to be impressed by.

"Can he even sing?" Jane challenged.

"Or dance?" Jake asked.

"Actually, he's pretty talented." Mr. Blake told them all. "And he's a part of Vocal Expression now."

"This is ridiculous." Jane argued.

"No it's not." Brent defended getting up from his seat. "We need more members in our group if we want to beat the other teams. Maybe Josh can help. Welcome to the club, man." He said offering his hand out to Josh to shake.

"Brent, what are you doing?" Jane asked.

"He said he was sorry, I think we should give him a chance." Brent said.

"Well Brentessa, I think you should go and" Lizzy began but Lucas clamped a hand over her mouth and told her not to say any bad words.

"I think you should fudge off." She settled for saying as she poked her tongue out at him.

"Um, Lucas, who is that?" Mr. Blake asked staring at the girl.

"This is Lizzy," Lucas introduced. "Jensen's sister."

"Ok, nice to meet you Lizzy." Mr. Blake smiled at her but she only offered him a bitch glare that Tatia had been teaching her since she was three years old.

"Well, now that Josh is in the club we now have an even number for the duets competition." Mr. Blake added. "So Lucas, I thought you and Josh would like to pair up."

"Well you thought wrong." Laura answered. "There's no way I'm leaving him with my baby boy."

"It's already been decided." Mr. Blake said waving her statement away. "Josh has already agreed and working together will be a great way for Lucas and Josh to put their history aside and start a friendship."

"I don't want a friendship." Lucas muttered. "Not with him. I don't want anything to do with him. Besides, it wouldn't be a good idea for Josh," he spoke the name mockingly. "And I to sing together. Joining the choir will be a huge blow to his popularity but singing with me will be fatal. He'll become a target for bullying himself. By singing with me, Josh will take so much crap that he'll have to quit the choir. Right Brent?" He asked turning to the taller teen after repeating similar words to what Brent had said when telling him not to sing with Dean.

"Dude, that's different." Brent said and everybody in the room, minus Mr. Blake, glared at him, including Josh.

"Dean's new, his reputation isn't safe yet. People would think he's gay if he sang with you and they'd tear him apart. But everyone already knows Josh, they know he's straight."

Lucas couldn't help but let out a derisive snort at that comment, earning a few suspicious looks from Tatia, Dean and Laura.

"How about you sing with Josh?" Jane suggested. "Since you're so happy to have him in the club he can be your partner. I'll work with Lucas."

"No Jane," Mr. Blake said. "Lucas and Josh are working together and that's final. You will work with Brent."

"What's the point in this stupid ass competition?" Tatia asked. "We all know you've already picked Jane and Brent as the winners, and for once it isn't Bright's fault, that's why you don't want them working with other people."

"That is not true." Mr. Blake told them. "Lucas and Josh need to learn to work together, they may as well start now."

"Fine, I'll work with the Neanderthal." Lucas snapped and everyone flinched at the cold tone to his voice, Lizzy shifted closer to Tatia, not used to seeing Lucas angry. "But our rehearsals will take place in this choir room and you Mr. Blake will be present at all times as will another member of the choir that isn't Brent. I am not under any circumstances to be left alone with him."

"Deal." Josh shrugged and Lucas could read the disappointment in his eyes.

"Ok, now that's all sorted, let's work on getting Josh and Dean up to speed with some of the group numbers." Mr. Blake ordered.

"We're gonna have fun together." Josh whispered into Lucas's ear during one of the dance numbers where he just happened to be positioned behind Lucas.

Sending him a glare, Lucas tried to ignore him as best as he could and focus on the choreography.

While the group worked, Lizzy sat atop the piano with her bag in her lap. She kept pulling rubber bands out of it and flicking them at Brent and Mr. Blake's heads. She didn't aim for Josh because he was always too close to Lucas.

At the end of the rehearsal, Lizzy skipped over to Lucas and he lifted her up, balancing her on his hip.

She looped her arms around his neck before giving Josh the evil eye and leaning towards him.

"When my brother gets back you're dead." Lizzy told him with a evil smile. Josh paled.
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