My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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7. The missing jacket

All day, Lucas was dreading his first rehearsal with Josh and his nausea over the partnership only increased when the bully informed him of the song he'd selected for them to sing.

Sat at the piano, Brad's eyebrows rose up beneath his hairline at the song choice and he looked concerned but as usual the man didn't speak. Sitting in the seats with Lizzy, Jane too looked disconcerted over the song Josh had picked out.

"Is that song really appropriate?" Jane asked crossing her arms over her chest and scowling, Lizzy mimicking her movements.

"It's not actually a duet. And while the song sounds pretty, the lyrics, in this particular situation make me distinctly uncomfortable."

"What? It's one of my favourites." Josh shrugged.

"Great song choice, Josh." Mr. Blake smiled.

"Let's just get this over with." Lucas said being sure to stand on the opposite side of the piano to his duet partner. At Lucas's nod, Brad started to play the piano while the members of the Jazz band kicked in with guitar and Lucas started the song.

"Hey, you've got a lot of nerve to show your face around here" Lucas as sang as he glared at the boy across from him. "Hey, you've got a lot of nerve to dredge up all my fears. Well, I wish I could shake some sense into you and walk out the door."

"But your skin is like porcelain" Josh took over the vocals, and Lucas was mildly stunned to hear that he was actually a decent singer. "Yeah, your skin is like porcelain." His eyes roamed over the length of Lucas's body, lust and desire all too evident in his irises.

Darting his eyes over to Jane, Lucas could tell that she looked unnerved by the way Josh was staring at him too.

Even Lizzy who rarely got scared over anything looked nervous. Mr. Blake however was smiling pleasantly and swaying his head from side to side as he listened to Josh sing the next verse.

"Just the other day I felt I had you by a string" Josh moved round the piano, stepping closer to Lucas who promptly edged away, Josh following him around the piano; not unlike Jane chasing Mr. Blake around the instrument when they sand their 'Endless Love' duet. "Just the other day I felt we could be everything."

"But now when I see you," Lucas continued the song freezing on the spot as Josh moved fast enough to stand barely three feet away from him. "You're somebody else. In somebody's eyes and your skin"

"But your skin," Josh sang, his voice overlapping Lucas's. "Is like porcelain. Yeah, your skin is like porcelain."

"I don't know what I'm saying" The two boys sang together, Josh stepping towards Lucas as the countertenor blindly moved backwards.

"Well, I don't know if you're there. In the words you are feigning" Lucas's back came into contact with the wall and Josh placed his hands either side of Lucas's head, eyes drinking in the sight of him as they sang. "Do you even care?"

"Well I wish I could kill you," Lucas sang out ducking under Josh's arms and stepping a safe distance away, glaring at him. "Savour the sight."

"Get in to my car, drive into the night." Josh leered before they joined their vocals together again.

"Then lie as I scream to the heavens above. That I was the last one you ever loved." They sang together, dragging out the last word.

"Yes, your skin is like porcelain." Josh took over the vocals again, reaching a hand out as though to caress Lucas's face but the slender male kept well away. "But your skin is like porcelain. Yeah, your skin is like porcelain."

The two held one another's gaze as the song finished, Lucas well and truly freaked out, even more than he had been before.

The sound of Mr. Blake's applause attacked Lucas's ear drums worse than the shrill screams of a crying baby. He couldn't understand how Mr. Blake failed to realise how creepy it was for Josh to suggest that particular song.

"That was great guys," Mr. Blake praised. "Your voices go really well together and Josh, I'm really impressed. The way you acted that song out had me completely convinced. I really believed in your chemistry. Watch out Jane, you and Brent might have some stiff competition." He told her clapping a hand on Josh's shoulder.

At the word 'stiff' Lucas's eyes darted down and he was disgusted to see Josh's boner tenting his trousers.

"Well, that will be all for today." Lucas said abruptly crossing towards Lizzy and collecting his bag as he took her hand. "Come on, Liz. Do you need a lift home Jane?" He asked and she nodded before sending both Josh and Mr. Blake a wary look before following him out of the choir room.

"Walk quickly." Lucas ordered practically pulling the two girls into a run. "I don't want him following."

The three slipped into Lucas's car and he drove them out of the parking lot, all of them releasing a breath of relief as they passed through the gates.

"Lucas, maybe you should talk to your dad." Jane suggested. "The way Josh was looking at you that isn't normal. I have a really bad feeling about this."

"I can't, I can't tell my dad." Lucas replied shaking his head. "He'll only worry and he's still sick. He doesn't need the stress."

"Do you want me to beat that chubby boy up for you Lulu?" Lizzy asked. "Me and Auntie Tat could totally make him cry."

"No sweetie, you don't need to be involved in this mess." Lucas answered her. "How about I take you for some ice-cream before I drop you off at home?"

"Can I have mixed flavours again?" Lizzy asked bouncing in her seat a little.

"Anything you want, Little Lady." Lucas told her. "Jane?" He asked.

"I do love ice-cream." Jane admitted. "As long as I'm not intruding I'll be happy to join you."

"I'm really glad Jensen dumped you for Lulu." Lizzy commented a little rudely.

"As a matter of fact I broke up with Jensen." Jane corrected. "He just wasn't what I was looking for."

"You mean he's not Brentessa." Lizzy grumbled. "I don't know why you like him. He's too tall and he chews with his mouth open. Oh and Auntie Tat told me that he suffers from premature ejaculation."

"Ok, I think we need to limit the time you spend with Auntie Tat." Lucas said. "Clearly Lady Tat is a bad influence on you."

"Na-uh." Lizzy denied. "Everything Tatia knows she learned from me. I am bad influence, baby." She puckered her lips and blew them both an air kiss.


As the three sat together at a table in the ice-cream parlour it started to rain outside so they were most thankful for getting inside just before the downpour hit.

Lucas was nursing his scoops of vanilla ice-cream while Lizzy was eagerly scoffing down her bowl of mixed flavours, different colours dribbling from her mouth and melting down her chin.

Jane was stirring her mint and bubblegum ice-cream around in the bowl, mixing it together and allowing it to turn to liquid before sucking it up through a straw.

"We really need to do something about the Josh situation." Jane said, hand on her head and wincing against the sudden attack of brain-freeze.

"It isn't that serious." Lucas sighed. "It'll be better if you just stay out of it."

"Perhaps things aren't life-threatening now," Jane admitted. "But who knows what that boy is capable of. The way he was staring at you, it was almost as if I know this is going to sound insane," Jane said. "But I was getting the impression that Josh was interested in you and not just in a you-make-a-good-punch-bag way. All through that song it seemed like he was checking you out. I wanted to snatch my rape whistle out of my bag just in case. And don't even get me started on the few occasions where he went flat."

"What's a rape whistle?" Lizzy asked looking between the two teenagers who both looked to one another helplessly for a response.

"You're too young to know." Lucas settled on saying which made her pull a face. "Look, there really isn't much we can do about Josh. Evidently, teachers don't much care for putting a stop to bullying. You and I have both been subject to the harassment of our peers since we first started school and nobody's ever cared enough to put a stop to it. The teacher's see it happening but they do nothing. We just have to accept that."

"Well I for one refuse to accept such conditions." Jane replied. "If teachers won't do their jobs as educators correctly then we should take the situation into our own hands. If the choir unites together then we can teach Josh a lesson of our own."

"But the choir won't unite together," Lucas pointed out. "Brent's already made it clear on more than one occasion that popularity is more important to him than the rest of us losers. Besides, whether we like it or not, Josh is a member of Vocal Expression now."

"I'll try and work on Brent." Jane said. "And for the record, I am severely disappointed in the way he behaved and welcomed Josh so easily. But with a little time I'm sure I can make him see sense. In the mean time, the rest of us are more than enough to deal with Josh. The rest of the boys can him a talk."

"That's a stupid idea." Lizzy spoke up as she wiped her face on her napkin. "They should just beat him up instead."

"I don't think resorting to violence is the best way to deal with this." Lucas said. "Josh has his friends too. Most of them tough jocks on the football and hockey team."

"They don't know that Josh's joined the choir yet." Jane mused. "We need to spread it round the school, make sure everyone knows. Once Zack and the others find out Josh's in the choir he'll lose his popularity and he won't have their support anymore."

"Jane, I appreciate what you're trying to do." Lucas told her. "I realise that it comes from a place of caring, but this isn't the way to deal with a bully. Especially Josh, I'm fairly confident that having the boys beat him up will have little effect. He's Lizzy, sweetie, cover your ears." The little girl looked annoyed that she wasn't allowed to listen but she did as she was asked and sang to herself under her breath so she could hear.

"At first, I thought it best not to say anything, but I'm seriously freaked out now."

"It's ok, Lucas, whatever it is you can tell me." Jane said soothingly placing her hand over his.

"Josh kissed me." Lucas confided to her. "Now everytime I see him he he says things. He wants to be with me and he was jealous about me just walking down the corridor in Dean's company. I don't know what he's going to do next. I thought if I ignored him he'd stop but he's around all the time. I can feel his eyes on me and it makes me feel so dirty. He won't leave me alone and I'm scared it's only going to get worse."

"A closet-case, just as I suspected." Jane said. "Perhaps we should host a gayvention."

"No, an intervention will not work on this guy." Lucas told her shaking his head. "Please just just leave it."

"Lucas, if we leave it then things will only get worse." Jane replied. "I don't want to see anything bad happen to you."

"Maybe it's just a phase." Lucas suggested. "Maybe he's just confused right now and having a sexuality crisis. If we wait it out maybe he'll get over this obsession with me and decide he likes girls."

"I'm having a really repulsive idea right now." Jane stated and Lucas gestured for her to continue. "Next choir rehearsal, me and the rest of the girls will shamelessly flirt with Josh. If he resists all of our charms then clearly this is the real deal and his crush on you probably isn't going away any time soon. But if he responds to our advances then maybe it is just a phase and with any luck he'll sort things out in his head and leave you alone."

"Ok, if you must." Lucas replied before tapping Lizzy's shoulder and allowing her to uncover her ears.

"Are you ok, Lulu?" Lizzy asked blinking up at him.

"Of course." Lucas smiled down at her. "I'm fine Liz, I just I really wish your brother was here. He'd know what to do."

"Yeah, Jensen would smash that creepy boy's face in." Lizzy stated proudly. "But you don't have to worry. I'll look after you while Jensen's away. I won't let anybody hurt you."

"Thanks," Lucas replied holding her close. "I feel much better now. Come on, I'd better get you girls home."

Together they ran through the rain to Lucus's car. He dropped Jane off first before taking Lizzy home. Thankfully, Ruth was in a much better state and quite capable of taking proper care of her daughter.

Returning home, Lucas plastered on a smile for his dad, assuring him that all was well as he prepared dinner for them.

He then headed down to his room and hopped into the shower, humming to himself as he washed his body and cleaned his hair.

Half an hour later, he was stepping out and wrapping a towel around his slim waist. Moving into his bedroom, he dried and dressed, intending to drape Jensen's letterman jacket around himself but it wasn't where he left it.

Confused, he headed upstairs wondering if he'd put it in the laundry pile but he couldn't find it.

"Dad?" Lucas called joining his father in the living-room. "Have you seen Jensen's letterman jacket?"

"Try the laundry." James suggested.

"I did, it isn't there." Lucas replied. "I left it on my bed this morning, I'm sure I did."

"You wore it to school yesterday." James said. "Maybe you left it in your locker."

"Maybe." Lucas sighed though he was sure he hadn't.

He searched his bedroom for the jacket again before deciding he must have left it in his school locker, or maybe even left it at Jensen's house or perhaps his car.

Stepping out of the house, he checked for it in his car but it wasn't there. Giving up, he went back inside and joined his dad on the sofa to watch a comedy show.

Laughing at the happenings on the screen, he slowly forgot about his worries over the missing jacket when there was a knock at the door.

Getting up to answer it, Lucas pulled the door open and heard the sound of heavy footsteps running away but he couldn't see anybody.

Looking down, his heart sank and his anger flared when he discovered his boyfriend's letterman jacket in a shredded heap on the doorstep.

Picking up the ripped material, he knew the jacket could not be saved. He also knew that Josh had to be the person responsible.

That worried him more than he liked to admit because he was so sure that he had left the jacket on his bed that morning. Unless he was mistaken, though he truly didn't believe he was, then that had to mean that Josh had snuck into his house, into his bedroom.

Running down to his basement, Lucas scanned his eyes about the room trying to see if something was out of place or missing. Looking around, it didn't appear as though anything had been stolen, but he couldn't shake the feeling that Josh had been in his room and touching his things.

The arrangement of his moisturisers on his vanity was not how he had left it and some of his books and DVDs were in the wrong order. One of his drawers wasn't properly closed, indicating that somebody had looked through it.

Lucas shuddered as he realised it was his underwear drawer and a quick look through told him that his green silk underpants were missing as well as the little red thong that he had hidden at the back that he wore on special occasions for Jensen.

Looking to his basement window, he spotted a faint smudge in the carpet. Stepping closer, he recognised it as a muddy shoe-print, too big to be his own foot. Feeling spooked and violated, he got to work on cleaning the dirt out of his carpet.

Just when he felt calmer, fear spiked through him again when he pressed play on his C.D player and found out that the C.D had been changed.

Staring at the speakers the music was playing from, Lucas felt sick and afraid as the lyrics of the song sounded in his room.

'Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you'

Tears burning in his eyes, Lucas looked about his room, almost expecting his unwanted admirer to jump out at him. Making sure the window were firmly shut, he closed the curtains before backing away.

'Every single day

Every word you say

Every game you play

Every night you stay

I'll be watching you'

Turning the music off, Lucas decided he didn't feel like sleeping in his room that night. He took a duvet upstairs with him and spread himself on the couch, telling his dad he was cold.

He watched T.V with him for a while, not willing to tell him what was going on in case it had a negative impact on his dad's health.

During a commercial break, Lucas settled his head down on a cushion and feigned sleep, knowing his dad wouldn't have the heart to wake him.
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