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My mother bought a house in Celina, Ohio across the street from the Night Rider MC. I hate those bikers. All they want to do is disrespect women. The president, Gunner started dating my mother and she is across the street most of the time. She is never there for me anymore. She doesn't even now that I started fighting. She doesn't even know how much money I make. Hell, even my four brothers are always at that club. No one pays attention to me anymore. No one cares about the bruises on me or that I even graduate next week. My birthday is today and I am home alone. No one cares about me. They didn't even know that I started cutting or cry most of the time because I am lonely. I could disappear and they would never even know. I don't have any friends here. I don't know anyone. I hate it here. I hate them. I hate her. All she cares about his being with him. She forgot I existed. Today is my birthday and where are they? Sure as hell not here. I might as well get fucking drunk and sneak into a god dam bar. Maybe go to see my uncle.

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Chapter 1: Gunner

I watched as the house across the street had been sold. I sure hope it is not a bunch of teenage girls. I don't need that kind of shit. Neither do my members. I watched as a woman, and four boys all well over 6 feet 5 inches or more tall got out of the cars. Then I noticed a Indian motorcycle pull up and park behind the truck.

My VP and I watched as a small boy got off. Then our mouths dropped open. It was a girl with hair that flew past her hips when she took the helmet off. We heard one of the boys yell something and she ran over and jumped into his arms. She is short, very short. But, I am looking at the older woman. She has dark red hair that flowed down her back and ended at her waist. She was about five feet nine inches or so tall with long legs.

As we watched them walk around the property we heard the boys talking about how much land came with it. And there were two three car garages and a huge metal building in the back of the house. We sat and watched to see what would happen. Sure enough the for sale sign was taken down.

We watched as the older woman and one of the boys got into the truck and headed for town. Just than the boys grabbed the girl and started passing her back and forth. We heard them yelling she had to agree to something. I heard her yell "fuck you guys." then they put her down and crossed their arms looking down at her.

They all started yelling at her. I was laughing as she just stood there and glared at them. She showed no fear of them. "Dam that little girl is a spitfire I said looking at my VP." My VP is a 24 year old man who loves pussy. My VP's name is Ripper. He looked at me laughing. "She is a handful isn't she?" She is. Just than we really laughed as she walked away giving them the finger.

I was so pissed at my brothers. I just turned 18 and will graduate from high school this year. My brothers range from 25, 24,23,22,and 20. Ace is 25, Turk is 24, Panther is 23, Racer, 22, and Fist is 20. Mom stopped having kids when I came along. My dad died in a bar fight protecting our mother.

My dad's brother is the president of the Wild Eagle MC. Of Lima, Ohio. His name is Hunter, He told mom about this house. Mom sold our house and decided to move from Fort Wayne to Celina, ohio. I sat down on the porch and lit a joint. I looked up and saw the moving truck pull into the driveway. I walked into the house and looked at all the bedrooms. I turned left at the top of the stairs and walked down the hall to door and opened it. This is my room. It has its own bathroom.

"I opened the window and yelled down that they better pick their bedrooms because this one is mine." They can't argue with that because it is a light purple. A girls room. I heard them run toward the room I was in. " My brothers" were yelling they want this one until they walked in and saw the walls.

Fuck that! They all ran out and started looking around until they all had picked the room they wanted. My bed was up and the boxes stacked. I made my bed and started hanging clothes in the closet and putting them in the dresser. My desk was against the wall next to the door. I had everything unpacked and put my radio on. I climbed out and sat on the roof.

I looked up and saw her sitting on the roof. She can't be more that 18 years of age. I then heard "one of her brothers yelling" to get off the roof. I held my breath as she walked to the edge and looked down at him. Granted it wasn't but five or 10 feet off the ground. But she could fall and hurt herself.

"Do you really want me off the roof Ace" I heard her yell. "Get off before you fall." I watched as she sat on the edge of the roof and then she jumped off. "Fuck I said" standing up. Then I saw him catch her. "Will you fucking stop doing that Star? One of these days you're going to get hurt." I heard her laugh. My breath caught in my throat. It was beautiful.

I watched as another brother walked out onto the porch. I could not hear what he said. "Mom just called". She is on her way home and needs help unloading the groceries. She also said she has some news for us. We turned as mom pulled into the driveway and parked. We all started carrying groceries into the house and started putting things away. "What is your news mom, Turk asked?"

I got a job at the nursing home down the road. I will be the nurse in charge and work the morning shift. And there is a nursing assistant position open for second shift. I brought you an application Star. You can work right after school. Here is the application. I start in two days. I can take your application in when I go to work.

I took it and walked to my room and filled it out. I then took it back down stairs and gave it to my mom. I am going to park my bike in the big shed out back I said walking out the door. I walked over and sat on my bike and started it. I rode it around the the cars, and trucks to the back and drove into the building. I shut it off and got off. I walked over to my mustang and drove it and parked in the garage before I walked back into the house.

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