Daddy Issues

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Lyra Andromeda Nicolette Owens is the daughter, first born, and only child of the leader of the biggest British Mafia. She's been raised to be poised, intelligent, unwaveringly fearless, and most of all a leader. She never felt like she had options and her father was anything but kind, leaving her scarred. She had accepted her place to try and win her father's attention but after a horrific event and the death of her mother she flees to America to start a new life far away from her father. After a couple of gunshots and a well thought up plan she thinks she's safe. She's got a great new job. Lives safely in her secluded apartment. She even has new friends and a potential lover. All is well until something shakes her world. She quickly finds out her new love is not the person she thought he was, he has yet to figure out her carefully made web, and when someone from both of their pasts joins the playing field things only get more complicated. NOTE: THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATTPAD WITH SOME IMAGES TO PROVIDE VISUALS. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO READ IT ON WATTPAD, INKITT AND WATTPAD BOTH HAVE THE SAME INFORMATION.

Romance / Action
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Where am I? What about you?
A good business man doesn't always make a good father too.
If he really did love me so much he'd fight for her to stay.
If he cared at all he wouldn't have lead me astray.
I know these questions and life are not always fair!
But please, answers to these questions are like air.

My thoughts raced with this mantra as I put my things into bags. I was going to run away.
My dad, if I can even call him that, is the leader of the Mafia in England. He's a good business man, I'll give him that, but he's a horrible father. Always pushing me and yanking me into things. But last week was the last straw, I shivered even thinking of the memory. The cold darkness, the way shrieks filled the damp air, and the air was thick and metallic with blood. Keep it together Lyra. I can't afford a slip up now. With the passing of my beloved mother I don't trust my father not to take it too far.
Before, my dad was always in and out of the house, he would leave suddenly for months and come back explaining that business was well and he could finally return to his beautiful wife and daughter. Now that mum is gone I don't think he will ever let me leave this place, he won't make the same mistake twice.
With a large amount of effort I zipped my suitcase shut and stared at my three bags. A large luggage, a small piece, and a purse. It looked like I was going on a vacation. My purse held a passport, ID, divers license. And all my essentials.
I slipped on my black and red heels and walked confidently down the stairs where Jamie, the son of my father's most trusted hit man, helped me with my bags. If you asked any of my father's men, or the man himself, I was to take a plane to Austria and then to Amsterdam in a regular passenger plane but with one of my father's bodyguards on board. Of course this wouldn't be happening.
I thanked Jamie and he walked away, he was a close friend. I really did trust him, he'd earned it over the years, which I greatly respected him for. I had dated him at one time, but we'd both taken this break for me to travel since I was to be away a long time. I hated doing this to him. He was my first crush and I did love him. But I needed no ties. Jamie would be fine. He's handsome and charming, we started dating almost out of obligation. Of course it had grown more but I have to do this. This won't be my life.
I got out the door and a new driver appeared at my side. I smiled as I saw the car I so cleverly hid all my actual luggage in before. Just as I wanted. I got in and adjusted my silk gloves. The driver, Harris, got into the driver seat and started towards the airport. He took the route through the back roads and countryside as I was quite early and it wasn't too far out of the way. Once we were far away from the cute farms and no other cars had been seen I took a deep breath.
"PULL OVER!" I screamed for added attention and Harris obeyed and started to drive off to the side. I pulled off my silk gloves quickly revealing a pair of sterilized rubber gloves and pulled out one of my little secrets from my purse. A hand gun was quickly pointed to him before he could even look at me.
"What's wrong miss-
He fell limp in the driver's seat. A bullet lodged into his temple and it looked as if he had killed himself. I shot my window and door with the gun before I put the gun in his hand and made it seem as he'd shot himself. I went into the monitor of the car and signaled a problem. This would alert my father and his men that something was wrong. I then took out another gun, one I knew would be recognizable as mine and shot my seatbelt as if I needed to escape. Before I pulled my luggage out of the car, I left one of my gloves in the door as I shut it.
I walked for about half an hour to a totally new location and put on a new outfit that included a sun hat, blonde wig, and glasses. Then I called a cab from the local cab company to come get me and drive me to an airport the opposite side of England. The ride was uneventful but I tipped good money for minimal questions, confidentiality, and the long trip of course. I sighed walking into the airport. Heathrow was a nightmare. It took forever to get checked in, get past security, and get to my gate. I almost questioned if the work I'd done was worth it.
I got my own new ID, license, passport, and American credit cards. I set up travel arrangements and real estate purchases even my father couldn't trace. I even found a way to have my weapons go undetected by security. Hell, I shot a man and made it look like he tried to kill me before killing himself when he couldn't do it!
My name was called for my flight and I was grateful. As I sat on the plane and watched the land go by it finally set in. I was free. And I was a runaway from the mafia.

Okay so this is the first chapter of my first book (on InKitt that is). I am not entirely sure, despite a lot of time on it, that everything has perfect grammar so feel free to correct me!
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