Broken Lifes(Mafia family series#1)

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Writer:- Welcome my world of books. My first book on general fiction. I been writer for two years now, but as fan fiction one. First time I am came out and writing new, just wanted to explore more. I hope you guys won’t disappointed for visiting my account.

So let’s stop about me. Let’s get to know about story.

Characters:- I don’t own any characters picture or name. It’s all pure fiction and imagination. You can imagine your favourite one as the characters.

Warning About:- It’s based on Family mafia series, which may contains violence, self destruction, mature content, drugs and guns, gangs and mature language. Read at your risk.

Most important:- Plagiarism is not allowed without my knowledge pr permission. We are here to share puri imagination in form of words. Enjoy it by reading, comment and appreciate no stealing.



Some say a lovely family is tough to break. But when there is lack of trust, one relationship can be break easily. At babies, two soul been separated. One decision changed many lives but no regrets.
That two souls meet years after, without knowing they are related by blood. They meet, first sight of hatred leads to unnecessary fight. Now both are biggest rivals in their college.

Will they come to know truth and unit with family or the a mafia tag will make all difficult? As many enemy around are waiting to destroy the mafia king family.

Let’s peep to know more on it.


Important characters:-

AARAV MALHOTRA(AGE-18) can be described in one word is ‘bad boy’ of the college. Rude, arrogant, introvert one, Greek god and dream boy for all girls but he don’t give any dam to them, as he don’t believe in love due to his life experience. Love only one person in this world it’s his mom, who the only one he have. He is alive only for her, and even waiting for his revenge for his mother and him. Has a rival in college with one specific group(F5)

NANDINI MALHOTRA/KAPOOR(AGE-40), an angel in human form, innocent yet sassy queen when it’s needed. single mother of Aarav. A broken soul after her husband throw out of his life. Alive for her son, but miss her family and JAAN. She is teacher in a school.

PARI MANIK MALHOTRA (age-18), rich, spoil brat of her family, even queen for college. Sassy queen, beautiful have many boys behind her but she don’t believe in love. Hate love Or mother word. Princess for her father who she love most. Had four friends which form a group called, F5.

MANIK MALHOTRA(42) a successful businessman, cum mafia king of America, rule the city. Rude arrogant, handsome man in age of 40+ too. A single father of Pari, but his mistake he lost his wife and son, but didn’t regret on it still. Trust and love his family more who are his gang members too.

Side characters:-

KABIR and NAVYA DHAWAN- gang cum friend members of manik, father of abir.
ALIA and DHRUV VERDENT- gang member cum friend of manik, father of Rudra and Niti
MUSKAN:- bestie cum sister of pari. Orphan
ABIR KABIR DHAWAN:- brother for pari, prankster
NITI DHRUV VERDENT:- sister cum besties for pari, innocent, loveable unlike her parents.
RUDRA DHRUV VERDANT:- brother for pari, angry bird.
ABHIMANYU KAPOOR:- brother for nandini, a doctor.
MUKTHI ABHIMANYU KAPOOR:- wife of abhimanyu.
LEO KNIGHT:- friend of Aarav


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