The Scythe

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When Edre's son, Styx surrendered himself to become protegee to a demon to save she and her daughter, she vowed to get him back. But there's only one person she can turn to. Me. And she isn't going to like it. Cause I'd rather swallow a blade then help her. Again. She's betrayed me once and I'm not inclined to give her another opportunity. Even if she wants to drop a cloak and stand naked in the middle of a tavern to change my mind. Who said I'd be so easily swayed? Vengeance seems more inspirational. And she's certainly earned that. Perhaps I'll help her. If only to destroy her.

Romance / Fantasy
Manda May
Age Rating:

Tempted to an Impossible Mission

“Disseus!” Phalanx grabbed the hand of his friend and shook vigorously. “I’m damn relieved to see you.”

The broad shouldered man wearing a coarse brown cloak flashed him a bright grin. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

“Not a lot of men would traipse so readily through Battling territory.”

“Few men are like Disseus here.” The round little man at his side commented.

Phalanx’s face lit in agreement.

“My understanding is that very soon Grier Kingdom will no longer be Battling land.”

Phalanx blew out a long breath. “God willing and with a little help from you.”

The cloaked man’s blue eyes glittered from under his hood. “The mighty Paladinian Warlord himself asks for my help.” He taunted.

Phalanx opened his mouth for a rebuttal but Disseus was already speaking again. “Where do you want me?”

Phalanx eyed his comrade before pointing to Disseus. “You know” He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I’ve heard the walls of Grier Castle are said to be impossible to overtake.”

Next to Disseus the shorter man shifted feet. “Phalanx is it necessary to challenge him?”

“Not challenging.” He smiled. “Tempting.” Phalanx lifted his chin.

“It’s working.” Disseus commented. “You want me to take the whole castle, just me and Lonnix here?”

Phalanx shook his head. “Just kill the king.”

Looking mildly deflated Disseus cocked his head.

“It’s overrun with Battling warriors. I just want their command shut down long enough we can take the land and penetrate the castle. My army can manage from there.” He gestured to the countless men mounted behind him, armor already in place.

A tentative smile was touching Disseus’ face again. “Battling Command is a series of six vicious men. You want Command shut down all six need taken down.” He emphasized the last.

Phalanx grimaced. “Is it too much to ask, My Friend?”

“No.” Disseus shook his head slowly. “Just enough to be...interesting.”

Smiling broadly Phalanx gave another hearty slap to his back before strolling away.

Rubbing his ample belly Lonnix watched Phalanx before leaning toward Disseus. “Do you think he knows?”

Disseus’ face was somber. “Phalanx Apociph is a man that respects the privacy of others. Don’t mistake that for a lack of wit. There isn’t a detail he misses.”

“Does he know the lore?” Lonnix was hesitant to ask.

Disseus grunted. “Everyone does anymore.” Sighing he added. “Let’s go take a castle for my friend.”

Lonnix groaned. “Didn’t he say we were just killing a king?” When Disseus only gave him a sideways glance he murmured. “Might I just watch from the trees?” Gesturing around him hopefully.

“And miss all the fun? Would you truly want to stay behind?”


“You may do as you wish but I hear there are Battling warriors in these woods that take men as prisoners and treat them as women.”

Wide-eyed Lonnix blinked slowly a moment but Disseus was already heading to denser trees. “Do not leave me!” Shouting as he raced after Disseus. “I’d prefer not to become some barbarian’s maiden.”

“You are rather lovely.”

“I am that.” Lonnix slowed as he caught up stroking his beard with one hand he rubbed his girth with the other.

Disseus grimaced.

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