The Scythe

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Everything I Taught You

The conversation was growing hard to follow for Lon and Nim.

“She sees images of the future.” Lon explained.

“How precious.”

Lon winced at her acidic tone and eased his mare further away. There was something completely feral about the strange woman when incited.

Nodding with a beaming smile at whatever Disseus had last said, Almora left. Rounding the cottage and vanishing from view. Only to return leading a well-fed mare. A blue cloak as light a shade as her eyes was now clipped around her shoulders.

Behind her the teenage girls swatted at each other as they furtively glanced at Disseus.

They're sweet. It was rather sad that they were so gangly and freckled it was obvious they held no promise of possessing their sister's great beauty.

Or her gifts...

“Why are these girls so cheerful?” Nim gestured, bitterness in her tone.

Lonnix looked at her, startled when he registered she truly was talking to him this time. “He takes care of them. He’s been like a brother to them.”

“They don’t look at him like a brother.”

“No...they do not.” Lon reluctantly admitted before defending. “He’s very generous.”

“Oh, I’ve no doubt.”

Sensing he wasn't helping the situation, Lon held his silence as he guided his mare further away. Putting some distance between he and the venomous creature.

Disseus assisted Almora onto her horse.

Curls pouring over one shoulder, she smiled prettily down at him. Reaching to trail a fingertip over a thin scratch marring his cheek. “What happened?”

His smile vanished. “I was dislodged” He emphasized. “from my horse.”

Glancing at Nim, he saw her look quickly away.

“You?” Almora looked taken aback.

Because I never fall off my horse. He was nearly growling in his throat.

He gave a slight nod.


“He’s been rather inept today.” Nim added, face impassive.

You...He gave her a black look that conveyed all the callous things he was refraining from saying in-front of Almora.

“Disseus?” Almora was stunned at the revelation.

Lon bit his cheek and avoided making eye contact with any of them. Peering back, he saw Disseus glowering at Nim unwaveringly.

She shifted uncomfortably before snapping. “Are we going to Battling today or not?”

“Depends.” Strolling to his stallion he hopped on.

“On what?”

“Whether you cease your complaining long enough we may make some progress.”

Hissing through her teeth she heeled the ragtag mount which resulted in him flipping his head to give her a quick bite before complying.

Disseus rode close to Almora.

After a time, Nim noticed them exchanging chunks of bread Almora held wrapped in cloth.

Riding to Lonnix, Dissues offered him a hearty chunk.

Almora turned her horse to meet Nim, bread in hand but Disseus’ voice stopped her.

“Don’t bother Mora she won’t take it. She thinks herself above Dreads and their gifts.”

An untruth perhaps but worth it to see the look on Nim's face.

Looking faintly wounded, Almora lifted her chin and turned her horse.

Oh, no. I didn't mean to hurt, Mora. What was I thinking?

Stomach grumbling, Nim watched her. Feeling the heated rage of an animal clawing just under her skin. Riding toward Disseus at a breakneck pace, she guided her nag into the destrier and launched herself at Disseus.

Landing in a tumble they both leapt to their feet.

Drawing a small dagger, Nim moved on him with legendary skill. Using the maneuvers that'd killed every one of her foes and won her countless battles.

Quick footing and a sure step drew her close while he watched intently, unmoving. Once in reach, she jabbed the dagger in a flash of movement that made Almora gasp.

He deflected with the flick of his forearm.

Moving to hit him with the other arm only resulted in another smooth block.

Snarling in rage, she came at him with rapid combinations.

Turning to the side and ducking on occasion, he calmly evaded every strike she made.

Increasing her speed did nothing.

Unflappably calm, he seemed nearly bored.

Until tired of playing. Hitting her forearm, he caught her wrist and gave it a twist which forced her fingers to relinquish the blade. He caught it with his other hand. Barely gripping it before tossing it over his shoulder.

Blocking more hits, he moved in on her. His eyes darkening with anger.

“Have you forgotten everything I taught you?” He demanded.

“I haven’t forgotten a word.” Her voice was soft as she focused on her attack.

“Then you’ve slowed down.” He snapped. Sidestepping a hit.

“I haven’t!” She shouted.

“You’ve gotten faster.” She reluctantly admitted.

Perhaps. Grunting, he turned his back on her and headed back to Onyx. Dismissing her as a threat.

Collecting a pebble she hit him in the back of the head.

Another god forsaken rock? Is she jesting? He did stop.

Seeing his back stiffen, she frantically looked for a larger rock.

Spinning on his heel he stormed back toward her. “Why exactly are you so mad?”

“You never came!” She yelled, hands fisting.

To rescue her?

“You never asked.” He was much calmer than either of them had been moments before as he pointed out. “And you were the one that ran from me.”

Teeth gnashing and eyes sparking, she lifted her chin.

“Tell me why?” His voice was barely audible but it was an order just the same.

Turning from him she collected her cloak, lifted the hood, and walked back to the nag so quick to bite her.

Refusing to answer me. Like always.

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