The Scythe

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She's Bolting

Lonnix somehow mustered his way up onto the mare, sweat marking his brow as he breathed raggedly leaning over.

Unsure if a heart attack was imminent, Nim reluctantly guided her nag closer. “Are you well?”

“No.” He huffed. “No, I am fat.”

He put his cheek to his horse and wheezed until managing to catch his breath.

Smile teasing her lips, Nim gave the back of his head a light reassuring pat.

When finally he straightened, she nodded toward Disseus. “Is he always so pleasant?”

Lonnix scoffed. “Only around you. Generally he is the embodiment of good humor. What did you do to him?”

She sucked in her cheeks and stared at Disseus’s back. “Hurt him, I think.”

“Oh…” Lonnix said. Before saying matter-of-factly. “He’ll likely never forgive you then.”

“That had been made clear to me.”

“Then why do you ask for his help now?”

She sighed heavily. “Because I’ve wronged my son enough. I'll do whatever it takes now to not abandon him again.”

Lonnix gave her a thoughtful look. “This is no ploy for him.”

He gestured to Disseus.

“No.” She shook her head. “No ploy. I need him. No one else can cut through Firoque like him.” She paused, lips tightening.

“I’ve fought their army and come out the loser more than once.” It was hard to admit the cold truth.

“I take it you are a warrior of some note.” Lonnix commented to assuage her wounded pride at admitting it.

She hitched her chin. “I am The Edre, The Missing Warrior, the greatest among my people.”

Lonnix’s brows snapped together. “Than what the hell is he?”

“Not one of my kind.” She said slowly. “He is what kills us when we are not as we should be.”

Lonnix shook his head in confusion before asking in a high voice. “What?”

Seeing her eyeing him warily he added. “I know what he is. So I am certain I know what you are.”

“Define more.” She ordered.

“Fey. From Enuchte.”

She shot Disseus’s back a quick look. “He told you?”

“I am unique.” Lon said proudly.

“Do you know about the kinds of Fey in Enuchte?”

“I understand what a Firoque is. In Ardae they’re considered demons or some sort of Dreads but in your world…”

“They're twisted fey.” She finished.

Lonnix nodded.

Giving a slight nod she said. “I am a Benu.”

He frowned.

“Few of us guard Ardae from Firoque, man, or those becoming Firoque.”

Lon nodded understanding. Though confusion was still written over his face.

“Than what is he?” He asked again.

Nim sighed, gnawing her lip. “He’s called a Harbinger in your tongue.”

“Dangerous even for your kind?”

She scoffed. “No. He’s what kills the dangerous ones...”

“We’ll break for camp.”

“But shouldn’t we-” She started.

“We’ll break for camp.” Disseus cut her off with a glower. Grabbing his bow he headed toward deeper woods.

Almora and Lon were already collecting kindling.

Movement toward the trees behind him caught his attention. Nim.

She was heading through the trees in the opposite direction.

Away from the others.

Whipping around he stalked after her and grabbed her arm. “What are you doing?”

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