The Scythe

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A Two Man Seige

The castle walls proved far easier to scale than Disseus had anticipated. It was poorly lit but well-guarded.

Thankfully with no moat. But the walkway atop the wall was bustling with guards.

Unlit torches provided Disseus the cover of darkness he'd need to take out the sentries, soundlessly. He hopped to another section of jutting stones, before launching himself up toward another. Loping up the wall at an unsettling pace.

Below him, Lonnix panted heavily. Fumbling for a foothold.

With him near to breaking his neck, and breathing like a dying horse, I'll have only a moment to handle the guards before they know of our presence.

“Next” Huff. “time you” Huff. “carry me.”

“I couldn’t lift you! Far less carry you!” Disseus paused to shout down in a hushed voice.

Shimmying up the last few lengths with the agility of a spider, Disseus tossed himself over the wall and onto the walkway.

There was chaos for a moment as he threw elbows, ran one man through, slapped another’s helm with the side of his blade and punched another with the hilt. Drawing his dagger, he saw the large Captain of the Guard pushing through the rest.

The Captain managed to land a solid blow to Disseus’ temple, as Disseus deflected a strike from the side. Collapsing abruptly, Disseus hit the ground with a dull thud.

Lonnix heaved himself over the wall. Kicking his short legs until managing to slide low enough to find footing. Drawing his short sword, he turned. Prepared to join the fray, he shouted. “Ha!”

But met the tips of countless blades instead. Squinting through the darkness, he spotted Disseus laying flat on his face. Unmoving.

Swallowing hard, he lowered his sword and used it to point to his friend. Murmuring with as much conviction as he could muster. “I’m with him.”

He was unsurprised when his voice broke.

Grabbing his arms and dragging Disseus’ limp body, they went down the many stairs. Then through the bailey and into the castle. Lighting several torches around the Receving Room. The guards held Dissues fast, a knife at his back.

A servant was ordered to wake the king.

In only minutes the imposing man stalked into the room, robes billowing. A dark glower twisted his features. Climbing the few stairs to his raised throne, he swept his robes back to take his seat.

“Who are these men?” He bellowed.

“Assassins, My Lord.” The Captain stepped forward and bowed as he spoke.

The king grunted.

As the servant returned with a bucket of water, the king tilted his head toward Disseus who hung limply between two guards. Feet dangling.

Upon chilled water making contact, Disseus shot to his feet. Jerking free of the startled men who’d held him. Reaching to his sheath, he found it empty.

An inconvenience.

“Who are you?” The king challenged. “What are you here for?”

“To kill you.” Disseus’ arms dropped as he relaxed, meeting the king’s look unblinkingly.

“Bold.” The King acknowledged before gesturing around him. “But rather stupid to think you could penetrate these walls.”

As Disseus had hoped, a procession of several more men entered the room. Hands on sword hilts.


“I just did.” He replied softly.

Trying not to smirk, he pulled the front of his hood more securely over his forehead. Willing his face to misshape and become mottled.

My disguise.

“Ha!” The king laughed despite the chill easing up his spine. He leaned forward threateningly. “Surrounded by my men, ready to cut you down.”

Lonnix stared at Disseus accusingly. Seeing now what was happening. He'd become suspicious upon seeing the speed in which Disseus leapt to his feet.

Perhaps a bit too alert for having been unconscious. Disseus realized.

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