The Scythe

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Followed by a Woman

When Phalanx approached the castle, he found the bailey gate already lifting.

Inside Disseus and Lonnix stood waiting for him. Bodies of Battling guards surrounded their feet.

Disseus’ cloak was carefully in place and Phalanx would never recall a time it hadn’t been.

Beside him Lonnix looked decidedly worse for wear, arms hanging limply and shoulders slumped in exhaustion.

Dismounting slowly, Phalanx shook his head as he began to laugh. “You took the castle. The whole damn castle...with only Lon here for help.”

“He’s rougher than he looks.” Disseus defended blandly.

“It’s true. I am.” Lonnix passed the sheath with his sword twice before managing to land it.

Phalanx eyed him askance, willing him not to cut off his own leg in the process. Thrusting out a bag, he offered it to Disseus who refused to take it.

Hearing the distinct jingle inside, Lon snatched it.

“A man’s got to eat.” He shot Disseus a fierce look.

Seeing his friend’s glower, Phalanx laughed. “He tells the truth. Even you have to eat. And I can’t offer you enough thanks. Take my coin. Treat yourself to a warm meal, hearty amounts of ale and perhaps a woman on my coin.”

Lonnix nodded vigorously, eyes alight. But he could tell Disseus still considered refusing.

Phalanx lifted a hand. “No objections My Friend. Go.”

If I deprive Lon of the meal he's already envisioning he's like to part ways with me.

“Fine than. I leave you to your castle, My Liege." Dissues said. Adding, "I’d bow but-”

“I recall your aversion.” Phalanx interjected.

Bit more than an aversion. Disseus strode from the bailey.

Lonnix guided their horses to the nearest tavern enthusiastically.

Likely considering eating the horse as a snack at this juncture.

They had eaten in days.

“You know we’re being followed, right?” Lonnix mentioned.

“Is she beautiful?” Disseus asked. Already suspecting he knew the answer.

Lonnix looked at him and than looked at him again, this time as though he’d been slapped. “I thought it was a man!”

Eying Disseus he ascertained his friend wasn’t jesting. “If that’s a woman she’s well-versed.”


“I’ve barely heard her.”

“I haven’t either. But I can smell her. A woman. Likely a beautiful one.” Disseus added.

“What does a pretty one smell like?” Lonnix asked in awe.

Disseus spared him only a quick glance. “Like a woman.”

“Helpful.” Lonnix muttered, disappointed.

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