The Scythe

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A Bit of Harshness

How had Lonnix’s ever-composed friend gone from quiet but blatant admiration to shouting so loudly everyone in the Main Hall, a floor below, had ceased drinking to stare up at them.

Lonnix had an overwhelming urge to stop the conflict. He preferred open war between men bent on killing each other, over this enraged yelling.

Against his better judgment he asked. “Are we going to help her?”

His voice sounded childlike and small. And he instantly wished he hadn’t said anything.

As he’d feared, dual gazes landed on him. So close they were nearly cheek to cheek. He’d not expected what’d happened to their eyes though. Both pairs glowed in shadows as if fire burned behind them.

His blue.

Hers vivid green.

Taking a large step back, Lon eased from the room.

They tracked his movements until Disseus abruptly spoke turning back to her. “Yes. We’ll help the pathetic little creature find her child.”

And I can get my revenge.

Chest heaving, fire lit her eyes at his provocation.

Lonnix’s widened. After this interchange, he’d been sure Disseus would say no.

Lonnix thought he’d offered his friend the chance to extract himself from being entangled with the woman at all.

Disseus hated complex women and Lonnix could already tell this slip of a woman was definitely one of those.

Giving her a long study, Disseus spun on his heel and headed to the door.

Turning to watch him go, her face was expressionless. She couldn’t see Disseus smiling broadly as he slowly pulled the door until the latch clicked.

It turned to full laughter as the first object hit the door where he’d been.

A concession followed of banging furniture and objects was chased with growled profanity. Words so vile they apalled Lonnix who’d been around roughened men for years now.

“What’d you do to her?”

Nothing. Yet.

“The least of what I’m going to.” Steel glinted in Disseus’ eyes and a muscle in his jaw ticked.

“That’s why you agreed to help her?”

The way his face brightened was confirmation enough.

“I’m going to make her miserable.” He vowed.

Lonnix eyed the door. Still crashing, as things violently struck it. “Looks like you have a good start.”

Disseus smiled brightly. “Aye. And that was when I agreed to help her.” Turning he tossed over his shoulder. “Get some good sleep.”


“Cause that woman hates early morning.”

Lonnix blinked dumbly.

“I want her on a horse and riding before the sun crests the horizon. I want birds singing to her as the day begins.” His voice had a razor’s edge. As he twirled his hands in a sing song way.

“That seems rather harsh.”

Whipping around Disseus snapped. “She nearly killed me once.”

Lonnix was silent a long moment before saying softly. “I meant harsh toward me.”

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