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There he is Hunter the one who keeps bothering me with a bunch of stupid things. I should tell you who I am right? Welp I am Zeraphina I go to Berilium High School and the guy I was talking about is Hunter he always comes up to me and asks me some stupid questions I don't know why but he does. *bell rings* Welp I guess it's time to go! Hey are you coming?

Romance / Drama
Satans Child_666
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Chapter 1: The Blossoming Friendship

A/N - just to let you know ′ : thinking ” : saying. have fun reading my book bye!


“Hey, Zeraphina!” Zeraphina slams her locker shut and turns to discern the vexing boy in front of her. “What do you want Hunter?” She said aggravated. He started to walk away when he said “Oh nothing! wanted to say hi!” She looked like she wanted to punch him when somebody taps her on the shoulder.

“Hey are you okay girl?” says her best friend Peramoon. “I am fine,” Zeraphina said through her teeth. “Come on Zera we have to get to class before the bell rings,” Peramoon says as she pulls Zeraphina towards their classroom.

As Zeraphina and Peramoon start walking towards their next class Hunter comes up to them. “Hey, guys how’s it going?” Zeraphina looks at him “It’s been great now to leave.” Hunter examines her and says “Zera why you gotta be so mean to me?”

She ceases and turns to him “Oh I don’t know maybe it’s because you are the most exasperating boy in this whole damn school! Now leave me alone damn it!” She resumes walking away as Hunter is standing there with a surprised countenance. He turns and starts walking away from the two girls.

Later that day, Hunter went to his friend’s house. “Sup Hunter!” Says one of his friends. Hunter walked in and sat on the couch. “Hunter, what’s wrong dude?” Another one of his friends said concerned.

Hunter looked up to see his concerned friends and says “Remember that girl Zeraphina that I always talk about?” “Yeah it’s kind of hard not to remember, you talk about her every day.” They all start laughing for a few seconds then stop “What about her?”

Hunter takes a deep breath and continues “Well Zeraphina got mad at me and said that I was the most annoying boy in the school” “Do you guys think that I am the most annoying boy in the school?” They all examined each other and one of them told him “No you’re not the most annoying boy in school, you’re irritating sometimes yes but, not the most annoying for sure”

“Well, that’s good to know!” Hunter says as he gets up. One of his friends grabs his arm “Why do you always talk about her though?” Hunter turns and begins to blush “N-no reason at all okay!” His friend looks at him and says “Wait do you have a crush on Zeraphina!?” Hunter looks at his friend and begins to blush even more than he already was. “M-maybe I do” His friends look at him with shock “So that’s why you always talk about her, I thought you were being weird but this makes more sense!”

Before they could say anything else Hunter yanks his arm back and runs. As he runs his friends yell at him and tell him to come back but, he keeps on running, and before he knew it the yells he heard were no more. All he heard was the harshness of his breath and his feet having the same rhythm with the pounding of his heart.

The next day was rolling in and Hunter laid in his bed wide awake so he couldn’t stop thinking about last night. His friends had found out about his crush. I can’t believe it I have had a crush on her ever since middle school and now someone knows I am in 10th grade now. I have had a crush on her and I never grew the balls to tell her I love her.′

Hunter gets up out of bed when his alarm went off. He went to the mirror and stared at himself ‘Who could love me?’ After staring at himself for a solid five minutes he proceeds to get ready for school. He went to school and usually the first thing he would do his go and say hi to Zeraphina but since yesterday she was mad at him, he thought that she would want him to leave her alone. He sees Zeraphina in her locker getting some books for her first class period but instead of going to bother her, he walked past her.

Zeraphina could hear someone walking towards her, so she closes her locker and sees Hunter who was looking at her. ‘Will this boy ever learn’ Zeraphina thought to herself. She was surprised to see Hunter walk past her ‘He didn’t even say hi or anything he walked past!’ She thought surprised. She thought it was weird and didn’t like the fact that he walked past so, she went to his locker to ask him what’s wrong.

When she finally got to his locker she looked at him and closed his locker. “Why did you walk past me and not say anything!?” He looked surprised when she said that. “What do you mean I thought that’s what you would have wanted.” He replied. “I thought since I was the most annoying boy in the school that you would want me to leave you alone!” He said again as he looked at the upset girl in front of him.

“No, I was upset yesterday okay!” “A lot has been happening lately and I have been more upset than usual.” She said as she holds her arm. He saw that she was upset with the fact that he walked past her. “Look I am sorry okay. I didn’t think that me walking past you would make you so upset.” He said meaningfully.

“Hug?” He asked. Zeraphina pulled him into a big hug. When, Zeraphina hugged Hunter he was surprised he didn’t think that she would actually hug him. He hugged back they hugged for a few seconds then let go. “I should be getting to class,” said Zeraphina. He nodded, and they waved before they went their separate ways.


Hey guys I know that usually my chapters are usually to short so I tried my hardest to make it long enough for you all! This took a lot out of me trying to figure out what I was going to put next. I hope you enjoyed it

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