My Lover boy

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Chapter 3: Her story

Hunter’s POV


She hugged me by behind. I start to blush a little. “What’s going on?” Her hands started to shake and, she let go. I saw it in her eyes. Her body didn’t show it but, she was scared. What happened to her and Tyler? What did he do to her to make her like this? She looked at me with frightened but trusting eyes.

“T-Tyler... he...” She looks away, looking at her hands, fidgeting. I want to know what happened but, if I push too much, she might break. I hold her hands in mine. She looks at me. Then she looks back at her hands. I pull her hands towards me and look into her eyes. “You can trust me. I won’t tell anybody.” After I said that, she straightened up and looked at me dead in the eyes.

“Tyler...he is toxic...” I looked at her when she said that, my eyes widened. “What do you mean he is toxic?” She grabbed the blanket and hid half of her face. “He abused me and took what can’t ever be brought back.” She said breaking, eye contact. “What is that?” I asked, not knowing what she was talking about. She starts to blush a little, “M-my virginity...”

I looked at her with shock. The football quarterback, the most famous kid in our entire school, the gentleman did all this!? I started getting angry. “That little bitch!” I said irritably. She touched his shoulder. “You can try to tell people but, no one will believe you. Trust me... I tried.”

Her eyes told me everything. I calmed down and looked at her. I told her, “What he did to you is not okay. You have to tell the police!” She shook her head. “They’ll most likely believe the golden boy and not his ex. I would probably sound like a crazy ex trying to get revenge for him breaking up with me.” She responded.


2 hours later


She told me her entire story about her relationship with Tyler. I was full of anger, shock and, fear for her. I bet what I feel is nothing compared to what she feels. She was abused, raped and, used. That must hurt in more ways than one. I wanted to kill him! How could he do that to her than leave her like she was an old and used book?

She started crying when she got to the bad parts and, when we were done with the talk, she was still crying. I hugged and told her to let it all out. She cried for an hour on my chest and used my shirt to wipe her tears. I changed my shirt in the closet when she was done crying. I have never seen her cry before, not to mention sob as she did.

She went into my closet after I changed my shirt. “Uh, what are you doing in my closet?” She looked at me, then looked back at the closet and took something. What did she take? It looked like one of my sweatshirts. She took it and put it on and put her knees inside of it. She started to rock back and forth in my sweatshirt. “You can keep it if you want,” She looked at me ” I was gonna take it even if you didn’t give me permission.” I start to chuckle seems, like she’s back to her spiteful self.


Zeraphina’s POV


“Uhh, where is Pera?” Hunter asked. I jumped and looked at his computer, but she wasn’t there. “I... dunno.” “We should probably go look for her.” We went out of the room to look for her. “Where do you think she would have gone?” Asked Hunter, “I don’t know!” I replied, “What do you mean you don’t know? You’re her friend!” When he said that, I told him, “She’s random, somedays she’s smart, somedays she’s weird, and, somedays she’s just insane!” “You know what? Let’s go! I go left, you go right!” I nod and, we both go our separate ways.

I make it to the living room. I am still very amazed about how clean his house is. I left my phone upstairs for some reason. Welp, too bad might as well look around while I am trying to find Pera. As I walk, I see a trophy. I wonder what it’s for. I walk up to it and, it says ‘BEST SWIMMER OF THE YEAR, Hunter M. Ragle’

He was on a swimming team!? That’s really cool! I wonder if he can teach me better ways to swim. Well, that’s enough staring, let’s continue looking. Where could she be if I was that crazy Peramoon, where would I go? Let’s look in the kitchen.

I look in the kitchen to see it clean. HOW CAN IT BE SO CLEAN!? A tear of impression rolls down my face. I wipe it away and look in the fridge. I would believe that she’s in here, might as well take a look just in case. I look in there, and she isn’t there. I’m sort of surprised, to be honest.

I went back to the living room to see the back door open. Why is the back door open? Did Hunter go outside? I went outside and saw Peramoon. She’s in her bra and underwear in the jacuzzi. I walked up to her, and she saw me. “Oh, hey Zera! Want to come in?”

“Hell no! I ain’t going in a jacuzzi in my bra and underwear in someone else’s backyard!” I mean, at least there’s a fence, I guess. I hear the back door open. I turn around and see Hunter’s mouth dropped on the ground. “W-What is she doing in my jacuzzi, and why is she half-naked!?” He covers his eyes, and starts walking backward inside, and closes the door.

I tell Peramoon to dry up and get some clothes up. I leave her to get dress and go back upstairs to Hunter’s room. He looks at me and sighs in relief. “Thank god, I thought half-naked, Peramoon was gonna come in here.” “Nah, don’t worry, I told her to dry up and get dressed outside.”

After a few minutes, Peramoon comes back in clothes and starts playing Minecraft again. She walked in as if nothing happened. I start to laugh a bit, “Well, we found her, right?” Hunter, still blushing after he saw her half-naked, “Y-Yeah,”


I know it took me so long to update this chapter and I'm sorry about that. But, I hope this chapter is good enough for right now. I hope you liked this chapter.

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