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Amalea has had just about enough of her pig-headed boss, Sam. Sam though has other ideas. He's a winner in all things he means to have, including his assistant Amalea. Whether or not they want to admit it, things will come to a head for them that neither sees coming.

Romance / Erotica
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Part 1: Just Another Day

Just another day at the office. This is Amalea’s POV...

“Where the fuck is Neubalm!” my boss rants before I can even sit at my desk this afternoon.

Rolling my hazel eyes, I look at my compatriot in the trenches with me these last four years. Her desk happens to be bumped in front of mine. If not for her stabilizing element, I would have quit a long time ago. Working at Laum Cutterburg Corp is so fucked up with having to satisfy the biggest prick ever!

Strangely though, somehow in the view of others at the company, our boss Samuel North seems the exemplary employee. No doubt he’s the best change agent in the business. With the help of Deidra and I, no one else can work the magic the way he can in 90 days or less. Sam (and never Samuel or God help your soul) really knows how to downsize any new acquisition by cutting the fat and working with what remains to optimal efficiency in short order. A stronger parent company emerges drawing in higher yields on the stock market which makes those holding the purse strings so happy.

The problem then? Sam knows that he’s the best. Isn’t that why they’ve given him his own staff (us) and a private corner office? You bet your ass it is! We never hear the end of it either.

As a result, Sam acts like a fucking diva! Putting up with his insufferable tantrums and holier than thou attitude is prevalent. Upper management couldn’t give a shit about Deidra and I being treated worst than roadkill any given day. Deidra and I are collateral damage in their eyes in comparison with the bottom line amounting to thousands of dollars. So why would today be any different?

“For Christ’s sake, Dee, what is it this time? That girl in IT fail to blow him or something?” I ask out of the side of my mouth hoping Sam hasn’t seen me yet.

None of my business, but I’ve caught him a time or two with the resident hussy sucking him off in his office. Nope, I never let on that I knew the IT girl hid beneath his desk. Of course, that had been months ago, yet it never ceases to amuse me how on purpose I lengthed my stay in his office for as long as possible while watching him try not to cum.

Snickering, my friend shakes her head that clinked with tiny colored beads on the ends of her long individual black and red braids. Her flawless cocoa face grimaces with the newest yell we hear through his majesty’s closed door.

What a damn pain in the ass! No wonder he wasn’t married because if Sam was, his wife would strangle him in his sleep.


Awww, Fuck! How does Sam do that? Does he have X-ray eyes and can see through walls to know I’m here?

“Seriously, do you have any idea what’s crawled up his ass for a tickle?” I ask in a low tone while searching my friend’s dark brown eyes for some clue.

“You drew the short straw today, girlie. He’s adamant about wanting to see you about whatever it is.” Deidra points at me with the rise and lower of her shoulders.

Shrugging off my coat quickly, I set it to the side on a table against a wall behind me. In a lower drawer of my desk, I dump my purse. I’ve not tasted one sip of coffee yet today since I arrive late from my doctor’s appointment. My annual physical involves routine blood work and some other tests which means no food until its all over. A grimace dominates my face, too. Dealing with Sam’s latest lament is not what I sought to accomplish at the end of the day.

“I swear I need this kind of luck like a hole in the head.”

“Hey, Ama, it was your bright ass idea to come to work. If it were me I would've taken the whole day off.” Deidra bursts out laughing and dribbles coffee down her cream blouse. Serves her right! “Shit!” She starts coughing while wiping at her chest with a napkin she finds in her desk.

I shake my head, understanding how it all works in my favor. “You know karma, Dee.” I strut my bright ass toward the boss’ office hoping for the best. Knowing Sam as well as I do, the rest of my day won’t be an improvement.

“Awww, none of that shit, Amalea!” Deidra crosses herself with a frown. “You don’t know what kind of spirits are listening.”

As I touch the boss’ doorknob, I sigh knowing how superstitious Dee is because of her half Jamaican roots. Her grandmother was some prestigious Voodoo priestess in her day according to some of the stories shared. I try not to snicker at my friend since I don't hold the same sentiments for superstitions or religion although I grew up in a mostly Catholic household. However, I did hold out the hope that there were many paths to whatever came next after this life was done.

“No give backs. Sorry.” Glancing back, I stick my tongue out at her.

“Oh, that’s classy and adult!”

I snicker as I watch Deidra’s shocked face before she slings on her jacket trying hard to cover up the coffee stain. “Shit! I don’t have time to change before my date!” Angrily my friend takes up her purse to leave early. She’s been looking forward to seeing her man Sterling who traveled out of town for business last week.

Waving after her, I say, "I doubt he'll be paying much attention to your blouse."

Deidra gives me a smirk over her shoulder and nods as she slips out of the door. "I sure hope so."

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