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Part 2: Who Let the Freak Out

Sam considers his hostage and his actions leading up to this while driving through the night. This is Sam's POV...

I saw my assistant flirting with that young pretty-boy bartender at the pub tonight. Yuck! He's not the kind of man who can challenge her like I do. Just thinking about them together makes me grit my teeth. How the man looked at her as if he could have fucked her right on the bar! Given the chance, I would, too!

Hell, Amalea's turned every head of the men at the pub with her classic beauty. Very slender, athletic and short, she commanded attention. Her heels give her the illusion of height and show off her muscular calves. Groping her in my office tells me that Amalea’s as strong physically as she is soft. Her nipples feel like little pebbles in my hands, and I can imagine what the perky breasts their attached to look like naked.

Fuck! This is just why I hate getting involved with girls I work with! First Drew and that falls flat with her promotion. Then the threesome with Deidra and Sterling until the two cut me out of their fun! And now we come to the ultimate fuckin’ tease. Amalea. The two of us feel like chess players. Each of us looking to take the king, to win this game, but no matter how we try neither of us gets any closer to the goal even with the game board cleared.

My knowledge about this woman is the best that my money can buy. My assistant lives alone. A couple of friends she maintains in the city like Dee and the bartender. Others from her childhood live in Virginia along with her parents. Her sister with whom she is also close lives out west. They talk several times a week. Amalea’s active on social media with her loved ones to stay connected.

Her last post to Facebook occurred in the taxicab telling of her need for a drink to unwind after a day that makes her consider a new job. I know this because I have friends who owe me favors and are very talented with hacking digital hardware and online accounts. I have a smartphone that is currently paired with Amalea's device that reveals all this significant information. Knowing everything about her, I’m aware of just what pub she heads to because in that way she’s predictable.

Yeah, I get how this looks and even more how this sounds. That would be assuming that I fuckin’ care, which I don’t. I know everything about everyone I deal with because knowledge is power. Control and power go hand in hand in my world. I need both to function in keeping busy living.

At first, I think Amalea and Deidra must be lesbian interns. Neither of them succumbs to my charms from the start. Yes, that’s never happened before. No one turns me down. I am a man who always gets what he wants. Period.

At the annual Christmas party, I learn differently. Both women brought dates who were men! I start to review myself. In fact, I doubt my prowess to lure and seduce women into my arms.

Oh, when I test the theory, my doubts are dashed. During the party, I set a new record without even trying. While the spiked Christmas punch flows and everyone dances wearing their stupid red Santa or green elf hats, I fuck three dissimilar but cute interns who were on my naughty list.

Don’t quiz me on names. I swear that I have an excellent memory. I never think much about remembering names of interns I remove from my list of prospects by sexual activity. As I recall, all three find jobs elsewhere since their internship periods expired after the quarter at Laum Cutterburg. It’s just as well. Couldn’t say they were the best fucks ever anyhow. That day had been all about quantity I think to ease my ego. Even a lousy fuck is better in some cases than no fuck at all.

Now the first intern of the night admittedly was an exceptional blonde with big natural tits. I drilled her while standing up against the server. My understanding was she worked in the IT department like Lucy, my favorite pink-haired cocksucker. She didn’t do much more than stand there in silence and seemed like a dead fuck. A bit disappointing.

Another quickie occurred with a pixie-haired brunette at her cubical on top of her desk. It was particularly pleasant with pictures of her smiling beside her steady boyfriend who could not come to the party. His loss was my gain of her repeatedly cumming on my cock. Damn, it had been so cute watching her fighting not to cum. It only made me do her harder until she combusted.

The last down and dirty fuck of the merriest night ever had been with another dark-haired girl waiting for me in the garage stairwell leading to my SUV. She gripped the banister as she begged for it up the ass with so much class. She hollered and came with my name on her lips.

So with my prowess issue thoroughly debunked, my challenge involving the interns Dee and Amalea appeared an atypical issue. Therefore, I approached it with a new strategy. I told HR and my boss I needed a team and what girls amongst the interns I wanted should they apply. If Dee and Amalea could resist me, they were formidable and worthy to work with me. Already I heard about their work ethic in the other departments they floated through which impressed me. They seemed similar to me work-wise.

The request was granted, and the two girls applied as I knew they would. I assumed that they could see through me and would be the perfect assistants. I was right in my thinking, but I never imagined that my strong desire to seduce them would lead me down the paths it did.

Amalea is the last since I have tasted Dee, my sexy goddess. A very, very tough nut to crack even after all these years. Intelligent. Cunning. So fuckin’ beautiful.

Working late, I cannot help but take a moment to admire her dark brown hair with honey blond highlights. It drew more attention to her eyes that are a fainter shade of honey. Her tight body near mine wears fitted but professional attire, and I am tormented by the slender curves of her perfect ass I can see but not touch. Every time I seek to reach my hand out to touch her and satisfy my curiosity I am reminded that she hates my guts. Not to mention, we argue all the time.

I swear I never have as many problems with my wife than I do Amalea. Like me, my assistant detests being wrong or admitting that she doesn’t know everything. Okay, to be honest, sometimes I like to get her going just for the hell of it! Chuckling to myself, I realize that it’s our weird ritual. I would think something wrong with us if we don’t argue in some capacity every day, I guess.

While I’m honest here, that’s not the only thing I like about Amalea. Her laughter carries to me sometimes in my office while she jokes with Dee. If she only knew that hearing it always lightened my heart whether I want it to or not. It was infectious that sweet sound just like her smile.

No, I don’t mean the snide one she gives me at times, but the smile where she’s content with our finished product after weeks of intense work. The one where she’s proud of the money we’ve made for Laum Cutterburg in record time. Yeah. I look forward to hearing that merry laugh and seeing that pleased smile of hers every day. So, when she isn’t in the office, it puts me in a foul mood.

Admit to any of this? Fuck, no! I wouldn’t dare let anyone know that secret! Especially Amalea. That woman would only make me more fuckin’ tormented than I already feel around her.

My frustration with her only seems to feed my desire to have her more if that makes any sense at all. Probably not. Fuck! I sound like some insane predator, but I'm not. A little fucked up but who isn’t? We’ve all got scars. Some big and some small; they mark us in ways that no one can see. They cut deep below the surface. Others have not healed and still fester as mine do.

Point being here, I know Amalea wants me, goddamn her! The little looks she gives me when we are alone or when she catches me with the slut Lucy say it all. What she doesn’t know is that in those moments with Lucy, I want the face looking up at me while sucking my cock to be Amalea’s. And, the nameless young interns I fuck until they orgasm to be her cumming with me deep inside her.

I think I despise her little by little then. I know I abhor her now. How I fuckin’ hate her!

I run my hand over my blond head and sigh at the cacophony of my thoughts. No one in my life has me so turned around. I won’t allow it into my world, but this woman! She confounds everything.

Fuck! I resort to kidnapping now because this woman thinks she can get away from me. No one does unless on my terms. No one interferes with what is mine either without there being hell to pay. Not my boss and definitely not Andrews who wants my job and my women. He will not prevail. He can’t steal Amalea away from me. I don’t care what he offers. My assistants belong to me.

Amalea and I know this unspoken game of ours has gone on long enough. All roads have led us here. Everything is coming to a head as we draw closer to our destination. All or nothing and I play for keeps.

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