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Part 1: Who is the Master

Amalea’s lessons with her ex-boss Sam continue. This is Amalea’s POV...

My arm grows tired with this heavy paddle, though compelling as I return it to its place. I know how stubborn Sam is, and this particular toy would bring my point home better than wasted breath on words. His ass is the perfect red of a pomegranate. Now, this is what my dreams were filled with literally every time this fucker whined or yelled some demand. Well, I am in control and have some demands of my own.

“I don’t remember giving you permission at any time to have a hard-on,” I mention with my mouth scowling as I walk around him investigating my latest work.

Sam’s balls remain tied in a noose of kite string I find amongst several types or rope. Some hemp. Others are nylon. All have various braids for thickness. This guy indubitably covers every base in this substantial collection I think would make the Marquis de Sade cheer.

Anyway, I tug on his balls left to right for my amusement. Sam groans in response, yanking against his bonds that trap his wrists and ankles. His hips pivot in the direction of my lead with the string. He has some slack in his arms and legs. Overall, he appears quite comfortable on the padded table besides laying on his raw hide I punish to my immense fun in what I like to think of as our warm-up to the major event.

Sam sweats spread-eagled for my eyes wondering what more I intend to do to him I can imagine. In no hurry to show him, I drag this out for as long as I can. It’s my wish to kill him with anticipation. I see it fill his eyes. I feed off it inwardly for my heart beats with rampant excitement.

“I cannot help it!” he snivels as he looks at his hard red cock sticking up like the mast of a schooner.

A disturbed sigh escapes me. I remove my panties and stuffed them into Sam’s pie-hole.

“Not another word, and if you fucking spit them out, I will fuck your ass with the biggest dildo I can find,” I say as I see him try to spit them out. “Nod if you understand my meaning, slave.”

His green eyes widen so largely I believe they might pop out of his bobbing head. “Uh-mmmm. Yesh, Muster.”

“Good slave.”

I review his toys to see what else I would like to play with. Going through some drawers, I look to see what’s stored in there. Top to bottom on the first shelf I visit, dildos are present. Another shelf houses vibrators. Some tiny rabbits are lined in the ready. Others appear lifelike monsters ready to show a good time. Shiny stainless steel is the feature of another drawer yet with each the apparatus grows bigger and more elaborate.

I examine all the shelves. They offer quite the blushing assortment of butt plugs, anal beads, nipple clamps and cock rings and cages. Each has its own shelf and vary in size and material. I never imagine Sam is such a kinky motherfucker. My grin grows wolfish. Sam could not know how well matched we are in kink, but he would find out soon I think.

His eyes glisten at me with a mixture of things. Anticipation, you bet. Fear, he better. I love and feed on it all as I run my dark nails over his chest as he jumps. I find the smallest of the nipple clamps and fasten them in place. He whimpers with his eyes rolling back in his head.

“If you dare cum before allowed, I will punish you. And you already know how I’ll drill your ass until my satisfaction. Nod, if you understand.”

He nods eagerly and muffles, “Yesh, Muster.”

I give him a winsome smile very pleased with how quickly he adapts to my wishes. Once more I decide to reward.

His helmet head is next to receive my attention. I suck it between my soft lips and into my mouth. It meets the roof of my mouth bluntly which makes him groan even with the minimal slide deeper. Sam tastes of things divine and salty. His tender ass lifts off the table either out of soreness or the desire to find more of his cock in my hot little mouth. I press down on the nipple clamps at my fingertips. This act eases his ass back on the table fast with whimpers.

I lick his dickhead like a kid savoring an ice cream scoop that will never melt. Slow but thorough passes of my tongue get to know his dick. Muffled moans from him accompany more pre-cum Sam dribbles for me to eat. I work my tongue around the veins that protrude from his base to the tip in my own sweet time. Sucking on Sam’s balls around the string I tug on, I jerk him off again paying particular attention to the tender underside of his cock. While groaning, faster I do stroke him. He works his hips sharply in tandem.

Sam’s coming for sure this time. I feel the pulse in the big vein of his cock and the tightening of the skin on his balls I fondle. So, I halt further action. Instead, I watch his expression of intense need rebound in the absence of my touch. Dolor replaces it as he cries a curse at me I think. Who can tell? My panties are still in his mouth.

I slap his cock and tug on his balls with the string. “Are you cumming? Didn’t I tell you what will happen if you do?”

Sam pants. At first, he’s shaking his head and then nodding. “Please…”

Kicking my shoes off, I climb on the table with Sam but turn my back as I hike up my navy skirt. I guide him inside me for a few shallow strokes that nearly make me crazy, but my focus is stronger. Fisting his cock at the base makes me go slower than I like but feels terrific against my honey walls. He tries to buck off the table, yet I allow no more of him inside me. Sam protests but is helpless to stop me. I tease him until I am worked into a frenzy.

When I unbuckle his ankles, I find a wedge pillow which I urge under his bum. With his knees curled toward his chest, I climb back on the table with him. Turned away from him, I lower my ass already slick with my juicy pussy onto his hard cock. In this siting position of dominance, I control the depth and speed at which he penetrates my rose-hole, and it is delightful! Both of us are moaning as I lift and lower my ass on his hard cock. I also strike his thighs with the flogger I pick up to his further groan.

With another strike of the flogger, I remind him, “You better not cum, fucker! Or I beat this ass some more and then fuck it good.”

I hear him moan some protest maybe, and I laugh. I do not play fair and never intend to. I pull the butt plug I hide between my boobs. Grinning from ear to ear, I stick it in my mouth and then slip it against his rose-hole. He tries to squirm, but I strike his ass.

“Hold still or I’ll get a bigger one,” I warn.

With his moan he settles down. Into his puckered hole, the toy goes. His ass is already warmed up due to the anal beads we play with before that stretched him out. The butt plug is not so big yet curves enough to reach for his prostate for a tease and make his cumming even more powerful for me.

I ride him for what it’s worth slamming down on the back of his thighs. Feeling his legs in the air and hearing the rough sound of his breath and cries intermixed at the sensations he endures with the butt plug and me working his cock into my tight ass was such a grand turn-on. My own climax rapidly claws at me. I’m not ready. A new position is needed. Besides, I can feel the effort it takes for poor Sam not to come at my command. He breathes hoarsely with a growing shudder. His body soaks in sweat.

After dropping back to the floor, I remove the wedge pillow along with the other toys that will simply be in the way of what comes next. Once more I lower his trembling legs to the comfort of the table and restrain them as before. Not finished with Sam yet, I climb back on the table facing him when I lower my wetter pussy back down on his stiff cock standing up waiting for my return.

Smiling with devilishness, I do so knowing full well he still has the butt plug inside him I have not removed. Oops! Sam bucks entirely inside me while I give him a rock. I grunt at his intrusion before I want it. My fingers pull on the nipple clamps as his cries muffle because of my wet panties.

“Who’s the Master?” I question with his meat trapped inside me, exercising my inner muscles while rising just to return to the thick feel of him filling me.

Sam tries to speak as his flaming green eyes burn into my light brown. I see the answer there. Right now, there’s the fire we grow and how alive we both feel groaning and grinding our final performance. Nothing but my best moves of slow and hard thrusting, rocking and pile-driving. What a thrill on the fast merry-go-round! We both hold off the feelings knotting inside us, geared up to explode. I’m prepared to take the fall, but I will not be alone.

“Come now! Right fucking now!” I scream and pinch the nipple clamps.

We find our peak of pleasure overtake us at last surrendering to its power. Nothing is like I imagine it would be when fired at the blaze released. The intensity of this scene is more than words could express as we see it playing out in each other’s eyes.

When Sam comes erupting like some great gusher inside me, I ride out my orgasm roughly. I love the engorged feel of his cock shoved in cervix deep, touching all the places that make me lose it and shriek. The clapping sound of my tight ass on his thighs also invites more excitement until I collapse into quivers upon his heaving chest I bite. His body violently shakes beneath me, inside me, and his cry mingles with my moan.

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