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Part 1: Rival Ambitions

Sam doesn’t give up nor in as he seeks to teach this to Amalea. This is Sam’s POV...

The slender weight on top of me breathes in time to me before she shifts a little. The panties I’ve been sucking on are removed from my mouth regretfully. Amalea’s taste of arousal makes me so hard. Right now, it is the hot warmth of her satisfied pussy that still makes it difficult for me to leave not that I mind. Like everything else she’s done to me, I welcome it. Fuck!

I smack my mouth open and closed before I say, “Warn me again never to cause you a slight.”

Amalea chuckles with that soft infectious laugh of hers that I love as she releases my wrists and ankles from the restraints on the table. “You did piss me off at work remember? And then you kidnap me? What did you expect?”

My assistant confiscates the tiny clamps from my sore nipples and unstraps me at last from the table. Once she replaces the toys from where she takes them, she returns to me as I sit up on the bench a bit awkwardly because of the butt plug still shoved up my ass. Each nether cheek is also a tad bit tender from all the attention endured at her hand. Amalea sits beside me as we look at one another. I swallow hard because today has been more emotional for me than I thought, but it usually is this time of year.

I clear my throat. “I know it’s no excuse, but it’s a trying time for me.”

Both her eyebrows raise in disbelief. “Every single day is? Come on, Sam. Give me a fucking break. My brain hasn’t checked out, okay?”

I glance at her and sigh. The annoyance I read there is expected for my behavior. Amalea deserves an explanation. When I look away from her, I close my eyes hating to even discuss it. My voice lowers. “Ever since I lost them, yeah every fuckin’ day.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

I do not look at her. “Especially today. Today it feels more intricate and problematic. It should anyway since this is the anniversary of when that Knight Enterprises semi-truck jackknifed on the bridge. My wife and son sought to visit her mother. I would have been with them, but I needed to finish up work on an important project. I planned to join them later.” I laugh dryly, but nothing about it feels humorous to me. Recalling the event still stings worse than my ass because it feels it happened yesterday. “That was a common thing for us having to deal with work keeping me from them. In this instant, work saved my life. Like them, I would have had no place to go being directly in the path of the sliding truck during that storming night and died when crushed on impact.”

Amalea gasps with the swell of her eyes. “Oh my God. That’s horrible.”

I continue because I cannot stop it now, “Even after these 10 years have gone by since it happened, it feels as if I relive the loss like a Groundhog Day fuckin’ nightmare. Each new day I get to loop back through it all over again.” I sigh with the clench of my jaw because I don’t want to feel any of this, yet I feel too exposed to shut it down. “Fuck! I don’t mean to take it out on you and Dee. I swear to you. I’ve…” I shake my head and lower it more. “I’ve just never dealt with it well. This is the best I can do to cope.”

Amalea stands in front of me. When I brace myself for the slap I deserve for the fucked-up pervert I am, I find her small hands cup my face instead. I stare up into her sympathetic eyes. Her voice softens in question, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I shake my head with my scowl descending. I am not the kind of man to spill my guts although perfectly willing to spill my seed into a tight pussy like hers anytime. “I don’t want yours or anyone’s pity.”

She shakes her head. “It’s not something that I would offer. Comfort maybe. At the very least some understanding?”

I lift an eyebrow at her. What could she possibly comprehend about what I am going through? “Understanding?” I scoff and shake my head again.

“I don’t know what it is to lose your family like that. I wouldn’t even pretend. I’ve never been married or have any kids, but a dear friend of mine, well more than that, he is… was the only real boyfriend I ever had. He joined the military right after high school. He died in a combat simulation accident.” She snaps her fingers. “Just like that Jake was gone. Our dreams of a life together we planned since we were kids went poof!”

I really stare at her and see the rim of tears in her eyes. Frowning at her, I take her hand in mine and squeeze. She pinches the tears away and sniffles without looking at me. “Shit, I don’t know why I’m telling you this.” Amalea shakes her head in a forced chuckle. “I understand loss. Seems to have no rhyme or reason, you know. I tried to cope a lot of different ways. Some good but mostly all bad.” She shrugs. “Nothing helped, of course. Not even time.”

I stare at her for a long time and see the sincerity of her expression and sigh. We are quite a scarred pair. Amalea speaks a truth I could never articulate so well. It staggers me that anyone could feel as broken as I do.

Wrapping my arms around her, I pull Amalea close to me as much to comfort her as me. Absently, I rub the middle of her back. I feel her sigh as she brings her arms around me, too. Leaning her head against my shoulder, she turns it away from me saying nothing. We hold each other like that for a long time.

When I can’t take the silence anymore, I say in a voice thick with emotion, “I’m such an egotistical, fucked-up prick.”

Amalea pulls away from me scowling. “You really made me mad being so obtuse I couldn’t take it anymore, Sam! I actually wanted to go work for Andrews just to make you sorry, and so I knew it was time to go. He’s an even worse little shit than you are.”

I try not to chuckle, but I guess right that if my assistants could see through me the same had to be true of Andrews. “I am sorry, sweetheart. You can’t know how much I can’t stand that weasel anywhere near you or the thought of you leaving me.”

The residual of her anger at me still lingers. Amalea crosses her arms in front of her as she backs away from my touch. “Why? You never act like I’m important to you until I quit.”

Dee and Amalea do not seem to be the judgmental type, yet they put up with me being the worst piece of shit. I feel worse for it. She’s absolutely right. I never act like they are important to me. What neither of my assistants could know is how each day they save me from my own self-destruction.

I run my hands over my blond head. “You drive me insane.”

“Same here.” She frowns at me.

I stand to my feet while looking down at her. “Do you really want to work for him, Amalea?”

She makes me wait several excruciating minutes before she sighs but answers, “Of course not, but a little more appreciation from you couldn’t hurt, you know.”

Happily, I chuckle as I sweep Amalea up in my arms and walk her up out of the basement playroom. Even as I walk through my house that I used to share with my wife and son, I do not lower her. I only came to visit it on their death day, but there was a significant change. I wasn’t alone moping or feeling angry about what happened to my family. As I carry the woman who drives me crazy in my arms, I know that I’m finally ready to move on and see what the other side of life without them is like.

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