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Part 2: Rival Ambitions

Sam teaches Amalea. This is Sam's POV...

At my bedroom, I stop walking to look at Amalea gazing up at me. I wonder what goes on in her devilish mind with her arms looped around my sweaty neck. Her fiery hazel eyes are fixed on me in study the way I catch her sometimes at the office, but she doesn’t look away. Her eyes are mysterious.

Coming to these realizations of what a prick I am and how much I want this woman in my arms is scary as hell, but I refuse not to see this thing between us through to the end. I owe it to her and myself. Dammit, I don't want to fuckin' lose her now that I know there is something here worth risking everything for.

“How about I start working on that appreciation you deserve soon, but first…” I enter the room and then the master bath before I settle Amalea on her feet. There is a freestanding shower and a deep soaking tub. Turning on the hot water, I adjust the cold for the shower before I close the door.

Amalea giggles as I pull her blouse out of her skirt and unbutton it. I am serious about my seduction and to, of course, finally see her delicious body that has tempted me year in and out, totally naked.

“I think I need to remind you who the master really is,” I say as I toss the blouse aside and reveal the black lacy bra encasing those round orbs of hers.

Amalea raises an eyebrow and reaches behind to unclasp her bra as I unzip the side of her skirt. “Oh, you may try, Sam, but who’s to say that you may succeed?”

I grin down when she reveals her perfect breast to me. More substantial than my hand but firm with little areolas and pebble nipples, I reach for them and squeeze them together imagining my cock wedged between them. My thumbs toy with the nipples in delight as she moans.

“Half-way isn’t my trip, Amalea. You must know that by now, but if not, then it’s time you learned.”

She laughs and challenges with the shake of her chest at me, “And you ought to know by now that you can’t make me learn anything.”

Tugging down her skirt, I lift her naked body with me into the shower. I smile larger than ever. “Very well. I will enjoy every minute of this lesson since we both have ambitions of winning.”

With my hands cupping her ass, one of her athletic legs hooks around my waist exposing her most intimate parts to me. Amalea secures her arms around my neck. Steaming water runs down the side of our bodies seeking to dock. We both take gasping breaths. Pressing her back against the warm tile, I feel the pebbles of her breast rubbing against it. Slowly my cock pushes through the lips of her delicious pussy and teases her by not entering.

Amalea hisses at me, and I chuckle because I know just how this will be for us. I love every minute of the torment I bring to her as I seek to kiss her lips. She denies me though in the roughly yank of my hair.

“Is your dick too tiny you can’t find the fucking hole between my legs?!” Amalea insults with a blaze in her eyes.

This isn’t what I expect at all, but fuck! How her words tantalize me as much as the butt plug still in my ass! All according to her plan no doubt. I get more turned-on and harder somehow because by God I am determined to prove her wrong. However, that is her trap. Deliberately, I stab her pussy only once with the head of my cock. Amalea groans but is quick with her next remark when I pull out again.

“What are you an inch long? I barely feel anything?! Are you even using your dick or a fucking worm?” she belittles with a straight face.

Her rebuffs are empty. She is as charged as I am to fuck, but I am in control goddamn her! Me! Not her!

I try to stab her again with my cock, but her athletic legs wrap around me locking at the ankle like a vise and hold me close. I resist going all the way in, but she tries her best to rock and bury me in her pussy. Panting, she denigrates, “Clearly you don’t know how to fuck!”

When I slam into her deep giving her every inch that I hit bottom, she screams, “You know you can’t fuck this good pussy. It’s too much for the worm!”

Worm is it? Okay. I’ll show her what this worm can do.

Any restraint I thought to reserve I cut loose. With every ounce of strength in my body, I piston my cock into her juicy pussy without pause. The twinges of muscles gripping me from within her tightness and her hands tugging on my hair do not affect my hips aimed for vigorous and frequent thrusts. Amalea shakes all over in my arms, and she makes no sense to me in her rambling cries.

Still, I ram my cock deep and often. Her climax makes her eyes roll to the back of her head. Amalea clamps on me tighter than a cock cage, but I do not stop. She screams and shudders with the flush of blood staining her cheeks. Her cumming is sweet, but I’m not cumming with her as I back off on my speed finally while panting. No break to take. I start with the teasing head of my cock once more to her sensitive entrance where she groans.

“That damn worm again! I need a real cock to fuck my pussy, not a tiny one,” she snubs weakly with her eyes ablaze as she stares into mine.

Amalea will learn the master I am over everything in my world including her dammit even if it kills me!

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