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Part 2: Just Another Day

Just another day at the office takes a turn. This is Amalea’s POV...

Shaking my head again, I enter my boss’ posh office with a chuckle. It glints in a chrome design. Everything’s sterile and metallic. No warmth in the minimalist space yet stylish and impersonal all the same. Maybe because Sam has no personal effects around him gives it that cold feel like his nature.

The boss sits behind his big modern desk in quite a mood by the furrow of his forehead and blond eyebrows meeting. Without looking up at me, he stares fixed at the three large computer screens before him. Muttering incoherently to himself, he types hard at his keyboard with the random click of the mouse.

“How nice of you to join us, Neubalm. Where have you been all day?” he inquires almost sweetly. After what I heard before entering, I don’t believe his tone an iota.

“Told you a week ago and even put it on your calendar that I would be in late today. Dee would help you prep for the meeting with our department head and the CEO.”

Sam stares up at me with his chilly green eyes. “Bullshit!”

I shake my head and approach his desk with the clench of my jaw. Snatching his wireless mouse off the mouse pad, I click over to his apps and pull up his calendar. I scroll through today’s activities. Then I highlight my addition to his schedule as big as the aquiline nose on his handsome yet brooding face if he had the nerve to open the damn app himself.

“And there you have it,” I say with the sour downturn of my mouth. As usual, I have to point out the obvious.


“Yeah, I have to agree all the way,” I say with my nod when.

Sam glares at me standing next to him in my narrow pinstripe skirt and ocean blue blouse as he sits a little straighter in his management chair. He loosens the Tattersall tie around his neck. Sam snatches the mouse out of my hand not quite pouting, but it sure as hell looks like it.

“The meeting would have gone better had you been there instead of Dee. You know how nervous she gets speaking in front of the department heads.”

I wave a hand at him in dismissal. “She just needs more practice, and you exaggerate as usual. You did fine.” I hear that straight from the CEO’s assistant with whom I am friendly. I texted him in between tests at the doctor's office while also communicating with Dee the same way.

“And how would you know? You weren’t here!”

I face him leaning forward on his desk. “I know everything! They loved the presentation. The fact that Dee was nervous only endeared them more to you as you swept in and saved the day. You killed it as usual and managed to come off human while doing so. Who knew you could be?”

He pouts more. “Next time be here.”

“Ahhh, it almost sounds as if you need me, Sam, when we both know how untrue that is. So why don’t you try telling me what this is really about?”

Sam glares at me colder than ever somehow. “I’ve heard rumors that Andrews tries to recruit you.”

Standing up straight, I fold my hands across my chest. “And you thought I went for an interview? Is that really the reason for your rapier attitude right now?”

Sam shifts uncomfortably in his seat. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine regardless. “He extended the offer that you become his executive assistant and threw in an extra 10 grand a year,” he states with the clench of his jaw.

I offer a smirk. It’s one of the best offers I receive since coming to work for LC Corp. “It sounds like I’m not the only one around here in the know.”

Sam stands and leans into my face. I don’t move as he glowers down at me. Even in my heels, he’s taller than me. Wider in the shoulder, too. I feel the menace rolling off him in waves of discord, but for once, I could not really give a damn.

The days where I’m intimidated by his verbal actions and body language are long gone. I’m a different woman now. I know too much. More than Deidra ever would, and it’s not something I would ever share with her either.

“Fuck! You don’t even deny it?!” Sam yells while narrowing his eyes.

“Why the hell would I ever lie? Or does loyalty mean nothing to you anymore?”

Sam tilts his head at me looking even more incensed than before with his flaring nostrils. “You’re fuckin’ lecturing me about loyalty when you’re fuckin’ interviewing with that sack of shit Andrews behind my back? I thought you, Dee and I were a team?”

I chuckle at that ironic question. How convenient for us to be a “team” when it most benefits him! What nerve! “Where you get all the spoils, huh, capt’n?” I mock with my fists sitting pretty on my slim hips now.

Sam grits a sneer at me. “That I share with you and Dee! So at least give me a fuckin’ break for seeing what’s right in front of me!”

“Sure, okay! Andrews offered all you said, but that interview was not today, smartass.” I smirk at him even more. “It was last week on my own time.”

His green eyes widen in disbelief. “Were you ever going to tell me? You fuckin’ accepted what that weasel’s offered you, didn’t you?” he growls in my face.

“Is that what you want to hear? Huh? Or that you’re the one pushing me right out the door to him?” I yell right back in his face.

Sam snatches me into his arms after he tosses off his reading glasses on the desk. Astounded, I gasp when my back meets the glass of his floor to ceiling windows roughly. I’m jarred by the heat and violence of his proximity. It makes me grunt when his hand holds my wrists above my head. His mouth swoops over mine, and his tongue invades me stealing my breath. Long delicious sweeps of him taste me with care. The shocking thing is that I let him.

My confusion mounts. This perplexing boss of mine kisses me. It's nothing revolting like I think it should be. Sam seems like a man who wants me for more than the verbal punching bag I feel before this act. The real question is, do I want him?

During the rare occasions Sam acts like a human and not an asshole I want to drop kick, he respects Deidra and me for the opinion we give about our shared work. In that way, he looks to us as equals... almost. Sam doesn’t express it often enough (because he’s a self-absorbed prick!), but he’s fair to us the majority of the time. Aside from his moodiness and temper, we learn to work around these... shortcomings.

Passion blankets me with the continual brush of his soft lips. How can Sam conquer me so effortlessly from one amazing toe-tingling kiss? How can the press of his hard body against mine make me more aware of his maleness, growing below or the heat that rushes through me scrambling my thoughts?

Sam’s lips pull slowly away from mine. Face to face, we pant sharing the same air. Its sound through our mouths is all that is heard other than my rampant heartbeat. His green eyes stare into my light brown for stretches of moments where neither of us says a word. A gradual smirk twitches at the corner of his wicked mouth like he can read every emotion from my face.

Brazen hands draw down my arms, shoulders and over my collarbone, to squeeze my firm tits through my blouse. My breath stutters from me again with a heartbeat that ramps up for another race. Their daring do not stop at caressing my tiny waist. Around my slender body, his big hands cup my tight ass forcing me into greater contact with him. A sharp intake of breath at the grind of his hardness growing below, I feel scorched by it and the mold I make to him.

I don’t like how unsettled my thoughts are and shove him away from me. “Just who do you think you are? Huh?”

“I’m the one taking what I want,” Sam replies wrapping an arm around my waist while his other hand reaches into my pinned-up brown hair with golden highlights.

“Oh, no you won’t!” I knock his hands away as I pant with more excitement.

Sam realizes this reaction as he lifts his blond eyebrow at me. “I think you want me too, Amalea.”

I cross my arms in front of his heaving chest so that there is some separation between him and my hardened nipples in the thin nylon cups of my bra. “I think you’re disillusioned! You think you can insult and fuck me? Not even on a good day, Mr. North.” I storm away from him heading for the door.

I nearly reach it when he grabs my arm. “I bet I can!”

I hit Sam hard at the shoulder with an open palm when he looks once again to try and kiss me. Yeah, the first one may have been free, but he would pay dearly for any more of me. “No, you can’t! I am sick and tired of your chauvinistic temperament. You can take it and this job and shove it up your jackass! I quit!”

I turn on my heel and strut away leaving his office door open on my way out.

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