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Part 3: What Tomorrow Brings

Amalea seeks the man who has some making up to do. This is Amalea's POV...

I finish my bath, put on a warm cotton robe Sam leaves for me in the bedroom. It smells laundered and fresh. I snuggle into it and the soft, warm towels he must have pulled out of the dryer too. I blot dry my hair and gaze at myself in the mirror with no makeup. I suppose he ought to see the real me now sooner than later.

I walk downstairs looking at pictures of a man I don’t know. He looks like Sam but different. Happier than I’ve ever witnessed. A light shines in his green eyes as he gazes lovingly at his dirty blond-haired wife and a sandy-haired little boy.

I smiled at the other pictures I discover. Sam teaches his son to swing a bat. He lifts a squealing little boy in the air outside with trees in the background. Maybe a park? On the mantle I find wedding pictures of him holding his bride and kissing her on the balcony with the bright lights of a city in the background. Two wedding rings settle near the pictures. At another table are pictures of just Sam’s striking wife laughing as she picks flowers.

There are other shots with an older couple posing outside the house and other places. The parents are my guess. The one that gets me chuckling is of Sam arm and arm with a black man wearing casual clothing. The two grin at each other clinking mugs of beer with two women glowering at them in disgust. And loads more snapshots of the little boy playing, laughing and smiling up at his parents. His eyes are as green as his father’s.

Glancing around the space, I can feel the love in Sam’s home. Each piece of furniture or piece of art on the wall I am sure has a story to tell. Such a contrast to his workspace. It all pains him, which is why none of it exists in his office in the city. It’s scrubbed of anything warm just like his heart I used to think. Inside that man beat something passionate and craving release. It explained why he responded so exquisitely in his playroom.

Sam approaches me with a glass of white wine, and I immediately take a sip. I know grief never gets easier, it only changes. I wonder if it changed Sam into the shell of a man I know him to be today. Of course, I believe I already know the answer.

“She was beautiful. What was her name?” I inquire not wanting to pry, but I am curious.

“Tracy and my son was Lawrence named after her dad,” he states as he glances at the photographs and adds a glum sigh. “This farmhouse and the land it sits on was in the family for years. Tracey’s dad still lives, but he didn’t have any other kids to pass the family farm on to. He’s in assisted living with Tracey’s mom who suffers from dementia. I go visit with them at least once a month.”

“Beautiful family.”


I glance back at him when another curious thought pops into my head. I cannot catch it before it falls out of my mouth. “Have you brought anyone else here?”

Sam shakes his head. “Ready to eat?”

I try not to drool at him in a robe of his own with his hands in the pockets. “So hungry.”

Looking to me instead of the pictures, Sam reaches a hand for me. I take it with a naughty smile and allow him to guide me to the kitchen. The breakfast bar is where he sets up our meal of grilled chicken with stir-fried veggies. Once seated, I gobble down my food and watch him put away about as much as I do and two bottles of wine. We are both lost in our thoughts, and all is quiet except the sound of our eating.

I consider that Sam has brought no one to this house before but me. Why? However, he’s got that collection of freaky toys in the basement? What’s that all about? It makes no sense to have all that and yet no one sees or uses it? Well, until we do, of course.

Sam and I finish the meal in record time. Our eyes meet at the same time when we turn our heads. Before I can say a word, the dishes crash to the floor, and I find myself hoisted up on the bar. He tosses my legs over his shoulders while he kneels down between them and spreading my robe open in the process.

One hand rests in support behind me on the breakfast bar while the other dives into his hair as I stare down at how he hungrily feasts between my legs. He makes me so wet as I smother his face against my opening he dives his tongue for.

I guess Sam starves for something else other than food. Fuck, who am I kidding as I run my hand through his hair and moan? So am I.

“Oh, use that fuckin’ tongue and lick it good!” I order, “Oh! Lick that good pussy! Ohhh!”

He slurps my smooth lips taking up any honey I produce. It doesn’t take long for me to percolate or work my hips in time with his stirring licks. His tongue does languid laps over my clit. Hard and soft presses the tip, sucking it between his lips to the beat of my heart, kissing, teasing licks until my trembling thighs squeeze his head.

His cock does not take long to feed my purring pussy revving on edge to cum. It grew so wet in his denial of my cumming at his tongue’s play over my slit and clit. Sam snatches me off the bar and uses the stool that I sat in for my meal to rest me right where he wants me. It’s the perfect height for him to enter me with ease while he stands. Now he can drive me into him with the leverage the stool allows while he thrusts forward at the same time.

The feel of him like this is such a turn-on as I try to hold on. I cum quickly. As sensitive as I am after all the sexual activity I’ve sustained at his hands, mouth, and cock over the few days spent together, I know there is no way I can last long. Neither does he when Sam fires his cum inside me while my walls milk his impressive shaft.

Panting he stares at me seriously and says, “Work for me again, Amalea.”

I close my eyes and lower my head. “You talked to Dee, haven’t you?”

His breathing eases as he pulls out of me. He takes a paper towel and helps clean me. “Yes. She’s very pissed at me.”

“Good. She should be.”

He raises a blond eyebrow. “What more do I have to do to make this up to you? You know we’re a talented team. Why fuck that up?”

I shake my head with a frown. “I think I should move on.”

Sam frowns, too, and pulls away from me. “What?!”

I hold up my hands. “Now wait… wait...”

He pouts and retreat into that place I am too used to seeing and hearing. He raises his voice as he says, “But you said—”

“Hear me out, dammit!” I shout cutting him off.

Sam grumbles before folding his arms over his chest, “Explain then.”

“The more I think about it; I should move on.”


I cut him off again as he protests, “Job-wise, Sam. You can’t get rid of me that easily, you know.”

He frowns even more. “I don’t understand.”

“I could consult for you on a limited basis until I found something else and you find another assistant to replace me. Working together any length of time would be too distracting making our work suffer, don’t you think?”

Sam smiles as his eyes glitter. He gathers my point I think. “So on a limited basis, you will work for me again yet when not at work you do want me? Like we’ve been these last few days?”

I cup his face in my hands and kiss him as softly as I speak. “More than I can explain right now. That is exactly what I want. More.”

After staring at me for a long time, he almost shudders a sigh. His frown gradually leaves. “I want nothing to change.”

Shaking my head, I chuckle at him. “No one ever does. We know this most from the work we do. But, I’m sorry to break this news to you, Sam. Uh-mmm, it already has changed. Significantly. The kiss, groping, kidnapping, and fucking notwithstanding?”

Sam rolls his eyes at me. “Okay, okkkaaaayyyyy!”

My smile spreads wide at his surprising concession, and he smiles reluctantly in return. “Would you prefer I take Andrews’ offer?”

Sam pulls my hands from his face to glower at me. “Fuck, no! Don’t even kid with something like that!”

“I need to advance and grow in my career. You could not really expect that I would stay forever did you?”

“How about a job with my friend Sterling’s company? They’re always looking for new talent to grow, and he could put in a good word for you. They have branches in the city.”

I frown at him because whatever the issue between Andrews and him it seems personal. “What’s your problem with Andrews, anyway?”

“He fuckin’ wants what’s mine is my problem.”

I cross my arms over my chest and lift an eyebrow at him. “And I’m yours. Is that it?”

“I can live with a lot of things but not you working for that asshole.” He shakes his head. “If a choice between the two, I’ll pick the other company. Sterling vouches for them being good. You’ll do well there.”

I drop my robe to my feet. “Until I’m hired at the place of my choosing, I am sure I can help you with that process change that is so hard for you.”

Sam gazes at my athletic body with lust and visibly relaxes into a sexy grin. “You are welcome to try. Shit, I insist! Please do whatever you must.”

I step into his space once more and look up to him showing him with only my eyes and erect little nipples that I desire him. Sam drags me against his body in looping his arm around my narrow waist. He kisses me thoroughly while allowing my tongue to taste myself. I moan at the bit of sweetness before I break the kiss and his hold to lower to my knees on top of my robe.

His erection already peeks through his cotton robe I graze with my teeth. Sam gasps but holds very still. The tip glistens and pearls with his pre-cum letting me know his excitement is revved up like my own. I smile up at Sam wickedly and adjust myself to squat which makes it easier for my fingers to offer play to my goodies. A teasing flicker of my tongue at his tip tastes of us. As more of his pre-cum pearls off the tip, I catch it on my tongue before licking my lips.

Sam groans while watching me and runs his hand through my damp hair which he keeps out of my way, “Fuck! I can’t get enough of this… of you.”

“Say my name,” I command staring up at him.

“Amalea,” Sam replies with all the passion that I need to send me off.

I take him deep inside me working his cock with my mouth and hand in a fist to make his send-off as grand as mine earlier. I know we are works in progress, full of our own issues, and are bound for more fights I’m sure. With those challenges, I can only hope for a future we build on into something we could never imagine for ourselves. The thrill of it is, this is only the beginning.


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