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Part 2: First Impressions

Sam is reeling after the latest fight with Amalea. This is Sam’s POV...

From our first meeting until now, only near contempt do I detect in Amalea. When does that happen? I am who I have always been. A perfectionist in everything I take pride in, especially my work. My interests are many for I do grow bored easily. I obsess over things, to a fault, but I’m a passionate man, too. Perhaps it doesn’t always translate well in the view of others. At times when I work at it, I can be charming, but that’s dull and for losers. More often, I’m the worst kind of company.

One of my true friends, Sterling knows me well and doesn’t care about my moodiness. He thinks that I’m crazy. Too many women, in his opinion, make me that way. He believes that I should slow down. Cutting the vast multitude of them out of my life would do me good. I’m not getting any younger.

Cut out, women? Humph! He’s the one that’s fuckin’ crazy!

However, Sterling didn’t always feel that way. He was much like me, fuckin’ his way to a happy orgasm. Now that love’s found him with my other assistant Dee, he’s given up on other women. The poor fool! Part of me thinks from the moment he sees Dee he’s smitten. My lovely cocoa-skinned goddess feels the same for him though. They cut out everyone and date exclusively now. I do not even want to imagine such a thing.

Instead, I snort with the shake of my head. Love is the last thing I ever want or need. My life holds plenty of complication without entertaining that particularly dangerous emotion in the mix. It never brings anything but misery in the end. So, fuck love! Lust… desire… hate? I’ll take those emotions I can stand behind any day.

All three of those enticing emotions rule me now as I consider Amalea walking out on me. They escalate at the thought of her taking Andrews’ job offer. That fuckin’ asshole can’t have her, damnit! She’s mine!

And what does Amalea feel? More than hate I bet. When I touch my lips to hers, there is no contempt in her reaction is there? I begin to suspect for some time that there’s more between us. I experience the spark of it more and more lately while working late on this last hostile acquisition. The subtle glances during our meetings. The sweet little smiles sometimes I catch as she stares at me hashing over plans late at night.

Don’t even ask me why I kiss her as we shout at each other today. The energy in the room is so charged. I act because it feels as if I should. My instincts are never wrong, and I try to trust them despite my doubts about involving myself with staff like that.

The way Amalea feels against me though, so soft, so warm makes my blood run hotter than it ever has when we argue. The heat in her fiery disposition sparks in our kiss. Her taste? God, I cannot imagine anything more intoxicating than how I savor her sweetness against my tongue. My need for more plays well with my growing appetite. When I stare in shock of what I’ve done and with whom, I’m confused. I don’t generally fuck with those I immediately worked for or with (Drew being an exception and one other).

Sex at work is not a new concept for me otherwise. My job is stressful, and a better stress reliever can’t be had than fellatio. Okay, a great pounding of an intern from another department on my desk ranks high, too. No one on my little black list organized by the ranking of sexual activity did I work with directly. Too distracting when I seek to get work done if a fine piece of ass constantly parades around, you know.

Amalea drives me crazy, though! How distracting is that?! However, she’s a part of my team. We work well together besides the arguments we engage. Okay, sometimes those are entertaining, too, but usually not.

As much as she pushes my buttons, I know there is no way I can just let her walk away from me. Andrews is a bigger prick than I am. He won’t treat either of my assistants as well as I do. Only worse. Over a week ago, the bastard dares to tell me to my face that he intends to have my job, my office, and my women.

Andrews laughs in my face as he drinks from the red solo cup at one of the afterhours get togethers at Drew’s place this time. Every few weeks these gatherings take place with the head honchos of LC Corp and its top managers. Sometimes it is at someone’s house, and other times a bar is rented.

“Yes, indeed,” the tall skinny man boasts turning to another male manager with whom he's chummy. “I’ll be fucking those sexy chicks every morning and evening. There’s nothing North can do about it either.”

“Oh, yeah?” I say as I fume, and the others around give us a wide berth.

Andrews turns while finishing his drink with a smirk on his rat face. “You still here?”

I punch his jaw and knock him right on his punk ass. His empty red cup goes flying. He rubs his stubbled dark jaw looking up at me with icy blue eyes. That smug smirk has yet to leave his face. Not a dark hair falls out of place, and I hate his preppy youth.

“Is that the hardest you can hit? Weak. Real weak, North.”

Drew puts a gentle hand on my shoulder before I can go after him again. Her look is one I know well. I should leave. Whatever. Without another word, I exit the party, but I’m still fuming all the way home. I don’t think I’ve stopped either. Sure, I’ve probably taken it out on my girls, but they know me. I’d think they would be used to my moods by now.

Some other things rule Amalea beside the repercussions of Andrews’ job offer. I want to explore more than her hate right now. That kiss we share in my office against the window opens up some things for me. The things swimming in Amalea’s eyes, I am intimately familiar with. They make me think that she’s wanted me to kiss her for a long time.

I stomp out of my office and search around. “Neubalm!”

Amalea steps on the elevator without looking back and is gone.

“Fuck! No!” This is not over.

I waste no time jogging to the elevators. One comes right away when I press the down button. As soon as the doors open, I hop in the empty box. I aim to catch her so that we may finish what we start in my office.

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