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Part 1: Don't Disturb My Buzz

Amalea is in need of a release in more ways than one. This is Amalea’s POV...

First on my agenda is the toilet after exiting my taxi and entering my favorite pub. Oh my God! Fuming over my interaction with Sam, I leave that jackass at work forgetting to use the bathroom! For the last several minutes of the cab ride, my bladder fusses at me big time. My legs make a break for the ladies’ room to release the dam so to speak.


There’s a line coming out of that bitch! This here girl is not in the mood. Gotta go right now! I don’t even hesitate or stop my stride. Into the men’s room I storm to the shock of the one geeky guy in glasses at a urinal who turns towards me peeing on his shoe. It should have been funny watching his mouth drop open as he follows my progress while peeing on the floor. I’m way too busy hitching up my skirt while walking trying to keep my thighs together in the process.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before,” I say over my shoulder heading to one of the several free stalls.

I hear the flush of the urinal ahead of me followed by the shuffle of feet as the guy gets the hell outta here fast. Shit! I already forget the geeky guy I passed on my way to the bathroom stall because I’m so focused on my immediate issue. Luckily, no one gets in my way, or I would have mowed him down. I slam the stall door behind me, shrug out of my coat, drop my purse at my feet, and get my panties down in the nick of time.


Not a girly tinkle or a sprinkle in the commode but a flood of piss comes gushing out of me. Niagara Falls has nothing on me today apparently! I’m panting like a race horse in a dead heat. It feels so good to let go. Closing my eyes, I let the massive relief I feel wash over me while I continue bracing my hands on each side of the stall walls.

I finish up my balancing act above the toilet when I hear the bathroom door bang open. Urgent footfalls echo along the tile floors. Moaning with smacking sounds grow louder. As I wipe myself with a wad of toilet tissue, I note through the narrow gap in my stall door and lock two people pressed in a passionate embrace hungrily kissing. I gasp as I drop the used tissue in my hand to the toilet and watch the two in their weird dance cross the bathroom to the wall.

The two are out of my immediate sight, but in the reflection of the mirror, I can see how the black-haired guy in the suit grabs the woman by the throat before he kisses her again. Moans follow by both of them. His hand slips from her throat in favor of pulling up the thin woman’s mini-dress over her small ass. He slaps one of her ass cheeks before the same hand grips and rips her tiny scarlet thong that matches the red lace of her clingy dress.

I gasp when the blonde does, but neither of the couple hears me as my breath escapes me. At first glance, it appears the two are in a fight by how rough the guy seems to be with his girl. By the licentious way they gaze at each other and exchange inflamed kisses, the roughness perceived only seems to heighten their arousal. It lets me know that this battle would have two winners.

Long red nails trimmed to points pet the tenting bulge at his crotch. “I want it,” the blonde begs and flicks her tongue at him before licking her red lips. “I need it so badly. Can I have it? Please?”

The guy smiles and offers his tongue in return for a teasing display of kisses. When he pulls away from her desperate mouth, she whimpers with need. He watches her plead some more as he strokes her face tenderly.

With a slight nod, he orders in a velvety voice, “Take it out.”

Grinning she quickly unbuckles his belt and unzips him. In a second, she’s hoisted up in his arms. The man flips them around. The thin blond woman wraps her legs around his waist and crosses her ankles. When her back meets the wall with her grunt, the dark-haired man’s thrusting into her fast. His hands have captured her wrists where he holds them beside her head.

“Oh! Fuck me with your big dick! Oh, oh! Fuck me good!” she breathes.

My jaw drops at how fast this is all happening with me watching no less! I’m panting like she is each time he stabs her deep with his big dick. Rubbing my clit, I cannot resist how hot this little show makes me for some action of my own. I don’t think the couple even care that they have an audience and neither would I if getting it this good. Damn!

Nothing like this ever happens to me before. I am feeding off their excitement and raw desire. The sound of their wetness, thrusts, harsh breathing, and moans of pleasure surround me. No porno I’ve ever watched can match this live show I see up close and personal.

The thin blonde comes fast as she erupts and moans, but it seems that the guy doesn’t cum inside her by his reaction. Other than harsh breathing, he’s quiet and still very much in control. Instead, he releases her so that she slides to her knees before him. His big dick glistens while pointing up and away from him. It pulses with a life of its own. An expression of gladness on her face, the blonde chases after the bobbing cock using only her mouth to finish him up. Who can blame her?! Damn! The man is hung and slick with her cum juices!

“Mmmm, mmmm!” is all that can be heard from her echoing around the bathroom.

Taking the big prize in her mouth, the thin blonde sucks away at the dark red head and then licks down the thick trails of veins along his pole. She takes the suited man down in a gulp as he pulls back her blond hairs to have an unobstructed view of her pretty face staring up at him with adoring eyes. Her head passes over him multiple times before he takes over.

His thrusts are very assertive and dominate her mouth repeatedly. Still moaning her desire, she relaxes and takes his offering until he stiffens in his orgasm. Her face is shoved into his pelvis as she gags a little. Taking a deep gasping breath once he releases her head, smacking sounds moments later from the thin blonde who takes every spurt of the dark-haired guy’s cum while he groans. With her stroking little fists, she milks his cock until he’s done.

As the lovers recover by the sound of their panting, I come in silence, gripping the side of the bathroom stall, and rubbing my clit a bit slower now. My body trembles in the aftershocks with my panties at my ankles. With a smile, I come down from the high. God knows I needed more than one kind of release after the day that I’ve had, but I had no idea I would cum like this. Shit!

The sexy couple straightens up their clothing and then walks out of the bathroom together as if nothing incredibly naughty happens. Leaning my head against the door now, I try my best to get my composure before I head out, too.

“Fuck! That was so hot!” I whisper as I take more toilet tissue and clean up my weteness as best I can. Afterward, I flush, slip my coat back on, grab my purse and then wash my hands.

A man comes in the men’s room as I head out, but I pay no mind to his baffled gaze. My spot at the bar is all I can think about right now. After all that, I’m mighty thirsty!

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