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Part 2: Nostalgic Action

Deidra reminisces on a key moment that changes her life. This is Deidra’s POV...

A knock sounds at the door. Without a moment’s pause, there enters the most good-looking black man I’ve ever seen. His skin is darker than mine, but his eyes are a lighter brown for a fantastic effect that renders me to swoon. Light facial hair matches the clean fade of hair on his head. His suit has that classic look in how it accentuates his tall but muscular features.

When the handsome man smiles as I stand and drop the file I hold, he leans down at the same time I do to pick it up. We grab it at the same time, and his large hand touches mine where I jump at the jolt I receive. I gasp and inhale the sweet alluring scent of his aftershave. Damn, I think my panties collect a dribble of wetness from me at my instant arousal to this gorgeous man.

Only the stunning black man could throw me for a loop after the boss reveals such a shocker to me that he was married. It sounds like Sam lost his wife and son to a car accident. How tragic! Does that explain then why he acts the way he does? I do not know what to think. Funny though that I never share this information with Amalea. The events as they unfold this day I share with no one in their entirety.

The gorgeous stranger’s smile grows as if he can see my instant attraction to him revealed in my eyes. “Excuse me,” he says while his thumb strokes my hand. “I didn’t see anyone out there and thought I should find my way in.”

“Oh, hey, Sterling! How are you?” Sam says as he comes over to us. His mood while brooding a moment ago in his nostalgia is now friendly as he smiles back at his visitor.

“Better since arriving.” The man’s eyes have yet to leave me wearing my favorite sheath dress of a royal blue.

“I don’t think you’ve met my goddess here have you?” Sam asks with a brighter smile.

I turn to stare at my boss. He’s never called me that before. Blinking in surprise, I open my mouth to say so, yet I’m speechless again because of the genuine smile beaming across his face. I gasp again. The smile even meets his green eyes as they glimmer like emeralds. Wow… be still my already rapidly beating heart! It strikes me again how handsome Sam is when he’s not yelling or being a jerk.

“So she is the one you have been talking about,” the attractive black man says as he reviews me from head to toe. I do not have braids then. My hair hangs to my shoulders in a neat style where the ends are softly curled around my diamond-shaped face.

“Yes, this is Deidra Brooks,” Sam replies with a look of pride, “Deidra, this is my best friend, Sterling Deveraux.”

I offer my hand, which the black man takes for a shake that leaves me hotter than when he first walks in. His hand is warm and smooth. I don’t want to let him go. “A pleasure.”

Sterling shakes his oblong head and strokes a prominent chin. “Oh, no, I believe the pleasure is strictly mine.”

I smile at the thought this gorgeous black man is flirting with me, and my boss just calls me a goddess in less than five minutes. I have learned a lot in that time, too. Most of it centers on my boss being a lot more complicated than I initially believe.

“Have lunch with me,” Sterling says while looking at me only.

“Oh well, I should be going,” I say and head for the door forgetting all about what I came in here for initially. Glancing at my watch, I realize that it’s lunchtime. I can’t figure out what the hell happened to the morning.

“Deidra, do you have plans? Would you like to join us?” Sam asks with a bright smile toward me!

My heart races and I swallow in a dry throat when I realize that both handsome men stare after me awaiting my answer.

I pause in shock but nod slowly. How could I turn this invitation down? I mean shit why would I? “Let me just get my purse.”

I know I have entered unusual territory before, but this?! If only Amalea were here! She would know what to make of all this. My friend is not here though, and I’m swimming alone in murky waters. I am followed by sharks it seems as they smile. Are they up to something? The thought is brief as both men gesture toward the elevators when I get my purse. Is this some sort of game?

A short taxi ride later has us eating at an elegant restaurant that both men often frequent for the host and wait staff greets them by name. Both men help me with my chair situated between them, and we start off with a bottle of wine. I even splurge on sips of it during work hours not to be rude and frankly at their insistence.

Sam charms with his smile that woos me. Unlike earlier in his office, in public, he’s animated. His conversation with his friend is light and entertaining. His laughter is warm and inviting me to join. I begin to see why some people in the company like him so well. When he does not yell and seems in a fool mood, he’s a different man. He is indeed one I wish Amalea and I see more of. This Sam I would love to know better.

Sterling is equally interesting in how he brings out this better side of his friend. He jabs zingers at Sam loosening him up and helps to keep the laughter going. His banter with Sam is just as light and charming. Together they are witty and humorous keeping me engaged with them all the while. I laugh so much my tummy aches.

I can’t stop staring at either one of these amazing men in my midst. It is the most extended lunch in history but neither of these two can stop telling me stories of their college days and how wild they were, and Sam dares say they still are the later. In fact, the one story that they dare tell me of is when they share an exotic dancer at a bachelor party for one of their mutual friends.

My eyes nearly pop out of my head, and my tongue is looser than it should be. I feel way too comfortable with these men after the wine I’ve drunk. I say what I’m thinking as is my dangerous habit when not paying attention, and I wish I haven’t said a thing.

“I’ve never been in a three-way before, but I’m sure with you two it would have been awesome.”

Both look at me with an expression of lust, and I swallow hard at my own reaction to what I see in their eyes. “Why say would have been?” Sterling questions as I stand.

“I think I should go back to the office. So much to do,” I comment while licking my lips. No way to put that cat back in the bag. Dammit, Amalea tells me I need to curb my mighty mouth more. Shit!

“We can take the rest of the day off if that eases your mind any. Answer the question please, Dee?” Sam urges gently and gestures for me to sit back down.

In time I do. I know now there will be no easy way out of this for me as I watch my boss drink his wine. Glancing back to Sterling, I see he stares at me a bit anxious for my reply. I wish I don’t.

I swallow and lick my lips again. “I would not dream that you two would want to do that with me.”

Sam tilts his head at me with interest. “Why? Don’t you believe you are the goddess that you are?”

I frown at him. “I-I feel like this is not appropriate. I should—”

“Stop.” Sam reaches a hand toward me and clasps his hand over mine in my lap. Our seating arrangement has me right between these two handsome men. At the moment, my focus is on my boss. “I am not your boss right now. Think of me as a man and you a woman who has enjoyed a pleasant lunch. And I tell you I do ‘want you that way’ from the moment I see your beautiful curves. I know it is the same for my friend. We would, in fact, love it if you want us ‘that way,’ too.” Sam glances up before meeting my eyes again. “Upstairs. Sterling has a room in this hotel. We could show you how much we want you.”

I think my eyes do nearly pop out of my head. What there was left of my wine in the glass before me disappears down my throat. My mind reels with questions. Did they plan this? Are they serious? Do I want this?

As I look back and forth between the two men, the desire there is genuine enough for me. Sam still squeezes my hand. He smiles in earnest with lust glittering in his green eyes in the same way lust glints in Sterling’s light brown eyes. I am burning up now because I know I want my boss’ friend. From the moment he walks into the office, I want him.

This is a package deal though. I can have Sterling but also must have my boss?! This just seems so crazy! When I look into his eyes, do I want Sam? His green bore into mine eliciting a response. Swallowing, I admit it to myself. I know what I want. I would do anything for Sam to smile again like he does today.

“Do you want us, Deidra?” Sterling asks as he leans and takes my other hand. It is big, warm and makes me gasp as I look into his eyes.

“Please say you do,” Sam says gently still.

I take a deep breath because I have never been presented something like this before. How can I turn down these gorgeous men who want me? Right? Hell, I want them, too!

I nod. “Yeah. Let’s do it.”

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