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Part 3: Nostalgic Action

The conclusion of Deidra's enjoyable memory that leaves a lasting impression. This is Deidra's POV...

On this bizarre day of days that I never in a million years would ever share with Amalea, I go up to Sterling’s hotel suite with him and his best friend, my boss Sam! Part of me thinks I have lost my mind. In fact, I know I have. There can be no other explanation for what I am doing or the thought of what I get into with these handsome men. Maybe I am in over my head, but I wanted this experience. I want Sterling, and if this is the only way to have him, so be it.

On the elevator ride up, I am pawing over their crotches to feel if what they’ve said so far is correct. Oh my God, it is! Both are hard as rocks and grope my full breasts finding the nipples easily to pinch through my clothing. Their other hands caress my sides until we reach the floor where the suite is.

They allow me to enter the cool room before them. I do while unzipping the back of my dress. Both are removing their jackets and ties as they follow me. There are two beds in the room and I turn to them with a smile. I do not let my dress fall until they have reached me. I am thrilled that I’m wearing my pretty lingerie set of soft blue lace.

“Damn, what a goddess you are,” Sam compliments as he drops his pants.

Sterling removes his shirt, pants, and underwear. His eyes are trained on me with the clench of his jaw. The lust he summons is fuel for my fire already burning me where I stand. I stare at him with a gasp at the turgid member bobbing before him. Sterling has girth to him that I can’t wait to feel inside me, but I go to my boss first.

Sam’s green eyes lure me over to him before Sterling can reach me. My boss’ hands reach around to my big round booty that he squeezes with a grin. My mouth meets his, and the kiss is surprising to me in that it is not awkward at all. Sam is a dynamite kisser in that he takes his time. He also tastes sinfully delicious, and I moan wanting more while unbuttoning his shirt.

I just manage to get it open when I feel the other man at my back. His warmth encompasses me, and his hard member pokes me from behind between my generous ass cheeks. Another gasp escapes me as Sterling turns me away from his friend. His mouth conquers on mine. Different than Sam but just as good. Where with Sam the kiss is sensual, with Sterling it’s unabashed and passionate.

My arms wrap around him, and soon I feel the strap of my bra is undone. My lace panties are pulled down to my ankles. I step out of them. When I break from my kiss with Sterling, he removes my bra. I see that Sam is now naked and sniffing my panties as he watches me with Sterling.

His friend’s mouth is terrific at my aching nipples. I cup his black head to me and reach to Sam. Whimpering I want to feel his mouth on me, too. He comes and joins his friend to suck me down and lick me into their mouths. I cry out at how lovely it is to have both breasts sucked at the same time.

Lost to the lust we create here; I have no regrets. Not even now as I remember the incredible time I have with two sexy men.I am carried away in the moment of the passion we share. It never happens again, yet it is a moment I will always relish.

Both men are gentle, yet different in how they explore my voluptuous curves with their fingertips. They share me with each other having shared a partner before since neither seems uncomfortable or self-conscious about what we are doing. One fingers me along my wet slit and the other slips a slick white finger into my dark rosehole.

I am not used to the ass play, but it is done so gently with their cooing and compliments on my beauty. I relax and like the feel of the digit going deeper inside my ass. Of course in the same instance, dark long fingers massage my dripping slit. They alternate between ringing my bell or plugging my wet hole. All are more than welcome and offer the teasing pleasure that gradually warms me up to increased satisfaction with their gentle kisses to my back and stomach.

Sterling is taller with a broader dick while Sam is shorter with a longer one. Either way, I have two instead of one, and both are amply gifted to give me the pleasure they promise. I begin to stroke two cocks at once loving the feel of the skin stretching taut in my fists. They moan with each motion I make that matches the speed of their fingers.

“Let us take care of you,” Sterling says edging us all down from the imminent climax as he lays me down on one of the beds along a corner.

Sam opens my legs, and whispers, “Relax, Dee.” My thighs rest on top of his shoulders as he kneels on pillows at the corner of the bed.

I try to breathe, but it’s so rough. Sam suckles my nub already stimulated by Sterling’s fingers earlier. My boss licks it like a juicy fruit he savors. Throwing my head back, I skyrocket somewhere else and run my nails of one hand over his scalp and through his blond hair. My other hand kneads my breast and fingers pinch my nipples.

Simultaneously, Sterling sucks my nipple again in much the same way Sam sucks me below the waist. Same intensity and licks of his tongue. The sensation of two tongues and two sets of lips at once is more than I can take without screaming my pleasure or trembling as I cum.

However, I sit up demanding a new pleasure while Sam continues to eat what I leak for his efforts as if his lunch was not enough and I taste far better. Sterling’s member I take in my mouth while he stands on the bed feeding it to me slowly with the thrust of his hips several times. Spittle drops out of my mouth and down my chin. His member is the biggest it's been in my presence and sopping wet. Sterling takes Sam’s place but not to eat. Sam lifts me and turns me over on my hands and knees. Slowly Sterling fills me with his meat.

“Oh, fuck!” I cry feeling him from behind. Sam is now on the bed and he fills my mouth with his beefy sausage.

“Damn that’s hot! Suck him as I fuck you!” Sterling slaps my big ass as his first full thrust feels to split me in two.

I’m moaning because the pleasure is pain. The sting of his large palm marks my other ass cheek in a bloom of excitement. It distracts how stretched I am taken this way. Sterling is so big! I love the burn of him as he picks up speed with my increased wetness trailing down my thighs.

I suck on Sam’s dick that is already slick with his pre-cum. It’s salty and sweet. I’m moaning louder in the deep thrusts made by Sterling and Sam pumping into me at the same time. I feel drunk as I grip the bed coverings trying to hold on. Not much longer can I hold off the knot forming low in my belly again. It is too good with these men, and I am cumming.

Sterling rams me like a bull trying to meet me there with his thumb in my ass. I have lost my breath with Sam’s own excitement. First Sam’s seed do I taste as his orgasm quakes. I suck it down so as not to waste it. Then Sterling follows me as I struggle to breathe and withers to the bed where he plants his own seed deep inside me.

All of us collapse on the queen size bed with little room to spare. Sometime later after room service for dinner, we have dessert on the other bed where Sam fucks me in the ass while Sterling fucks my pussy again. Now, that last affair is hot as hell.

Just when I begin to think that I could not possibly top the previous experience. I know they merely took it easy with me. The way they each coordinate the speed and depth of their thrusts into me… I am breathless as I cry out my pleasure until I am hoarse. Riding Sterling as he meets me and pushing back against Sam in my ass sends me over hurtling the edge somewhere unknown. I never feel anything like that before with two endowed dicks filling me at once. Pleasure rips through me as savagely as they do until we all come shouting.

It isn’t that I don’t like what happened that day like something out of a fantasy for sure. I feel more wanted and desired in a way I had never known before. Sam and Sterling gave me the experience of a lifetime, and I always will be grateful for how beautiful they made it for me. While it seems, they are used to that sort of thing; I am not. I prefer more one on one interaction.

Sterling more than Sam seems in line with that concept. It is he who took things with us a step further. Selfishly, the handsome black man confesses to wanting me all to himself although he’s still married but estranged from his wife. So here we are years later while I remember this time I share with two incredible men. We never speak of it, yet I do not miss it. Only on rainy days like this, I am reminded of it. In truth, I want what Sterling gives alone. His love and his heart are in everything he does. The very best of him is all mine.

I text him because I cannot get him off my mind. He’s a drug, and one I don’t want to stop. He still lives so far away, but we make it work. Things are much better now that his divorce is final. Settling matters with his ex was difficult. He was separated for years before meeting me, so I didn’t feel like I was invading his marriage or was the cause of its ending. They never got around to divorce proceedings, not until he met me. He’d been in and out of court ever since. The reason for this was the kids involved who stayed with her. He splits his time between them and me.

Sterling’s ex-wife is one of those types of people who could not let go and see him happy with someone else. Sometimes things are not meant to be. You know when they are. Sterling told me that they were very much in love once. They married young yet grew apart. It is his one regret, yet one that leads to me. That’s something he greatly appreciates out of everything he’s endured.

[Me: Love u.]

I do not even wait a full minute for his reply which pleases me.

[Sterling: Love u 2. Late lunch?]

I smile because I know well what that means. My man must have been thinking the same thing I was. Nostalgic on this rainy day. The difference now is that we’ll be making new memories. We always do whenever we’re together.

[Me: Same suite?]

[Sterling: Always. I’ll be waiting, my goddess.]

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