Love is Not Only Blind, But Deaf Too

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Chapter 15

I’m not someone who believes in the predestined, ghosts, karma, psychics, astrology, past lives, fate, or anything of that caliber, but I do think that feelings and thoughts are strong and powerful.

Sometimes thought process can influence what happens. Sometimes it’s how we perceive things that make it so.

Or something like that.

If you think “Oh it’s going to be a bad day” usually everything following that seems terrible, and vice verse.

However when it comes to bad premonitions, I don’t feel the same way I do about them as I do about all the other stuff mentioned before.

I don’t get bad premonitions often, but when I do I know it’s not just me being paranoid or just thinking negatively.

The thing about bad premonitions, is that they’re usually right.

I didn’t sleep well last night. That text message from Demetri has me feeling paranoid. While I knew he wasn’t going to just crawl though my window and get me while I was asleep, I still couldn’t help but feel cautious about it.

I didn’t reply back to his text, but by ten am on this Sunday morning, I already had seventeen text messages all from what I believe is Demetri’s number.

They range from being sweet to being just plain psychotic.

“I miss you, please reply back <3” at some point turned into “You better not be seeing that asshole behind my back, you fucking bitch!”

Not only do I have a restraining order on this guy, but what he’s doing is just not okay.

I didn’t tell my mom.
I didn’t tell Skyler.
I haven’t gone to the police.
Not yet.

I feel like even if I did do that, it wouldn’t do any good. Demetri has money on his side while all I have is my word. He should have gotten in more trouble for what he did before, but his parents money had gotten him only a slap on the wrist. Even if I showed the police these text messages I feel like he’ll only get off on a warning. After all Demetri’s dad is pretty tight knit with the local police department.

Telling or not- things just aren’t in my favor.

Around noon the messages pile up even more. It’s to the point where I turn off my phone. I’m stupid for thinking that it will solve my problems, but it’s the only thing I can do to ease my mind at the moment.
Yesterday had been such a good day until I got that stupid text message from him. Why of all people does he insist on ruining everything?

I hate him.
I absolutely hate him for making me feel so terrified and angry.
I also hate myself for letting him make me feel this way.

I stay inside the whole day. I don’t dare to even go out or to even look out the window.

I just stay in my room with my phone off, hoping that this is all a joke.

When Monday morning comes I force myself to turn my phone back on, and to get up and ready for school.

My heart beats fast as I put my hearing aids on, grabbing my school bag off my desk. It’s probably past third period by now, but it’s not like I haven’t skipped my morning classes before.

Skyler’s not waiting for me when I open the door, but that’s my own fault for not contacting him, or getting up early enough to catch ride with him.

School isn’t that far away, so walking shouldn’t be a problem. Still I feel unsettled by the thought. I really just want to stay home, but I know staying home isn’t going to make me feel any better.

I walk as fast as I can. I make my way down the sidewalk and towards the main roads. I look in all directions. Right, left, behind me, in front. My eyes are constantly moving as I speed walk.

Several minutes later I can see the school from across the street. When I get to the crosswalk I relax for just a second.

Everything’s going to be okay.

I push the button a few times as I wait for the little person to pop up so I can cross the street. The red hand sign glares back at me, making me feel impatient.

Just as the little person pops up, a Cadillac blocks the cross walk. Before I can do anything the door quickly opens, and someone grabs me. I go to let out a scream, but a hand covers my mouth as I’m dragged into the car.

I can see Demetri in the driver seat, and I don’t know the person in the backseat who grabbed me.

All I can think to do is fight. I bite the hand covering my mouth. and I kick and scream and punch whatever I can.

“This bitch is crazy!” I read the unknown guys lips.

I lunge for the door, but a hand grabs my hair. Soon after that I feel my face being smacked hard against the window. My forehead collided with the window once, twice, three times. My vision begins to blur and my eyes begin to close.

Before I close my eyes all I can think about is just how stupid I was for not telling anyone about the texts.

When I wake up I’m not sure where I am. I try to move, but I can’t. As my eyes adjust to my surroundings I notice that I’m tied up to a chair. There’s something over my mouth, so even if I scream it won’t be very loud.

I’m frantic as I move despite my binds and despite the pain I feel throughout my head and face.

This situation cannot get any worse. I’m aware of that. It seems like something out of a horror movie.

I don’t want this!
I don’t want this at all!

My arms and feet hurt as I move against the tightly tied ropes. It doesn’t take long for me to feel worn out, but the scariness of the situation keeps me fighting to try to somehow loosen the ropes. I need to get out of here as soon as possible!

I struggle for what seems like hours, but is only probably minutes. After all this endless struggling Demetri appears in front of me. He leans in close so I can see his face. “I only wanted to talk to you, but you just had to choose the hard way, didn’t you? It would have been so much easier if you had just replied to my messages.” I read his lips, feeling disgusted immediately.

He removed the cloth around my mouth.

“Untie me now!” I scream at him.

He smirks in reply as I continue to struggle. “Why can’t you ever just do as you’re told? Things were perfect until you and that idiot ruined it. I’ve always been so understanding and lenient of you and your issues, yet you trample all over me as if I’m your doormat. I loved you. I still love you. I’ll forgive you this time. Okay? We’ll start over again in a new place, and everything will be perfect again.”

He’s deranged and out of his mind if he thinks I’m going to accept that.

“Go to hell!” I shout out before screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping that we’re somewhere where someone can hear me.

“Shut up!” His lips move angrily as he hits me hard across the face. It makes the pain even worse. I wince and hiss out as I force my mouth to shut.

I look at Demetri with pure hatred as I watch him pull out my cellphone from his pocket. “Someone named Skyler has been texting you a lot. Is that the fucker who you’ve been cheating on me with?”

I don’t reply, because even if I’m logical and explain that I didn’t cheat on him, I feel like it won’t do any good. Not when he’s like this.

“I won’t let him take you away from me this time.” He says as he shows me my phone screen. Skyler’s contact information is pulled up. He then presses the talk button before moving away so I can’t see him.

I’m alone for a while. Tears rush down my face as I try my best to struggle against my binds again, but the pain is getting to me. It hurts too much to move or to scream or to do anything.
I feel so fucking helpless.

Demetri returns looking satisfied. “Your lover boy is on his way. Let’s see if he’ll be able to play hero again.” He says, before he shows me a sinister smile.

I feel even more upset and terrified, not for myself, but for Skyler.

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