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As if life wasn’t hard for Avalynn Hayes already, fate decided to add an affair in her growing pile of problems. After losing the person she thought she was in love with for years, Ava decides to move on with her life but things take a nosedive in the wrong direction when she gets hung up on a mysterious enigma that is Andres Russo. Still hoping to have something good coming in her life, she starts an affair with Andres, in hopes of forgetting her dreadful reality. But what she doesn't know is that Andres is damaged in every emotional way possible. Then there’s her past that keeps looming over her head, torturing her every single day. With everything at stake, will things grow better or will it all burn down into ashes?

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**This book is a work of fiction. Any reference to historical events, real people are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, and events are produced by the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual events or person living or dead is entirely coincidental**

English is NOT my first language so please forgive me if there is any sort of grammatical mistakes and try not to charge at me like a grammar nazi.

All rights reserved, CopyrightΒ© by Anushka_173 since 8th November 2020.

No parts of the book should be reproduced or copied. Every plagiarizer will be punished accordingly. I won’t tolerate any form of hate speech or false accusations. The responsible profiles will be instantly reported to the authority and legal action will be taken against them.

*This book is the spin-off of the book, β€˜Fatal Infatuation’ and can be read as a standalone novel*

**Warning- This book contains explicit mature scenes and mentions physical abuse, mental abuse, and discusses mental health. This isn’t a typical cliched story so be warned**

Try to bear with me and I promise that I won’t disappoint you!❀


P.S - Drop down your country names. I would love to know where my readers are from!❀

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