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Book 3: Winning Over the Alpha Series After being a prisoner for 7 years, Milo must integrate into pack life as if he was never taken at 12 years old. He has been robbed of his adolescent years and was ready to die. Now that he's back, how will he adjust to pack life? Every turn he sees pity in their eyes, even his mate's and it makes him sick. ~All Rights Reserved~

Romance / Fantasy
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A/N: It is important to read the first two books of this series: Book 1 is Winning Over the Alpha


Seven Years Ago

After being surrounded by nothing but highways and tall buildings, it was a relief to see the familiar wilderness of home. Milo could feel they were getting closer to their territory and he couldn’t wait to sleep in his own bed. It had only been a week since they left, but their time away caused him to fall behind in his warrior training for the exam. Training with the kids of Moon Rise was hardly a challenge compared to the drills his sister made them run and they didn’t have a children’s training class at his level. All week he had been stuck doing the basics with kids that could care less.

“Dad, I don’t get why I always have to come along with you and Mom whenever Tessa’s busy. Those kids wouldn’t leave me alone and all the Alpha’s son did was ask about her when we were supposed to be training,” he complained to his father from the back seat of the car. Milo was never one to entertain meaningless conversation and when he went on these visits all outsiders saw was a little kid, even though he was the son of an Alpha. When Tessa attended these meetings, she was received differently. At the young age of sixteen, Tessa simply had a way about her that demanded respect and attention, but a quality Milo admired the most was her kindness. She had the patience to listen and was able to turn meaningless conversations around into anything she wanted to talk about. She wasn’t afraid to stick up for what she believed in and Milo strived to live by her example.

His mother chuckled, catching his attention as she turned to face him with a playful grin. “Ronan is only curious about your sister, Milo. You never know, he may even be her mate when they come of age,” she sighed happily, earning a low growl of protest from his father. “There is plenty of time before that happens,” he grumbled, but Milo didn’t miss the nervous glance his father sent his mother. “She hasn’t mentioned wanting a mate yet, has she,” he asked nervously. “No, Alex. Your daughter takes after me and has her priorities in check,” she answered. Milo could see her eyes roll in the mirror and the atmosphere grew tense. ”This just became awkward,” Milo thought to himself, peering out the window at the passing trees.

A few minutes had passed, and Milo’s eyes began to grow heavy with sleep, but his father’s voice broke through the silence. “Milo,” he called, glancing back in the rear-view mirror. Milo looked to the front of the car to meet his smiling eyes. “All things considered, you did really well this week. If you keep this up and continue to train hard, you’ll be in the running for Beta. You’ll need to know how these meetings operate if you want to be helpful to your sister. That’s why we bring you along as much as we can,” he praised, and Milo could feel a blush rush to his cheek. He wasn’t used to his father’s blatant praise. His father’s attention was normally focused on his sister, and Milo was just along for the ride. “Thanks, Dad. I’ll make you proud,” Milo smiled, taking his mother’s outstretched hand as she gave him an encouraging squeeze, but the moment was short-lived when his father began to slow the car down to a stop.

“What’s wrong, Alex,” his mother asked, raising a questioning brow, but silence filled the car while they all looked out the windows. Strangely, there had been a fallen tree laying across the road and his Dad released another growl of frustration as he scanned their surroundings. “What’s wrong, Dad,” Milo asked, repeating his mother’s question, but his father’s grip only grew tighter on the steering wheel. “It’s nothing to worry about, hun. There’s just a tree down in the road, that’s all,” his mother answered, giving him a reassuring smile, but the crease in his father’s brow didn’t calm his nerves.

Milo began to shift uncomfortably in his seat as his instinct picked up a chill in the air. “I don’t know, Mom. Something doesn’t feel right,” he whispered. He couldn’t control his movements as his head turned to look out every window, mimicking his father. “I’ll go check it out,” his father announced quietly, looking to his mother. Milo had a feeling he was mind linking her about something he didn’t want Milo to hear, but that only solidified the fact that something was wrong.

The suspense was excruciating. His father had taken a stance in front of the car. Milo could tell he was searching for a scent by the slow rise and fall of his shoulders as he approached the tree. “Mom, tell him to come back. He’s going too far,” Milo cried with concern. His heart was pounding in his chest with each step his father took. “I don’t like this, Mom. Please,” he begged, but his mother remained silent. She didn’t move or speak until his father looked back toward the car. “Milo, get down and stay quiet,” she ordered, her eyes leaving no room for argument. Milo quickly did as he was told and lowered himself to the floor, hiding his small body out of sight, but he jumped when the door slammed behind his mother. He was now alone in the car.

As hard as he tried, Milo couldn’t help but feel afraid and he flinched when he heard snarling coming from outside the car. “I knew something was wrong,” he whimpered, using his arms to shield his head in the hopes it would conceal him further. “Milo, it’s Rogues. Stay in the car no matter what,” his father ordered through their link as the sound of yelps and growls filled the air. He tried to count how many Rogues could have been out there, but eventually, curiosity got the better of him.

He rolled over onto his back from the floor and sat up just enough for his eyes to peek over the bottom of the window, but he wasn’t expecting to find a familiar set of eyes staring back at him. He yelped in surprise and fell back onto the floor as he scrambled to get out of his vulnerable position. “John,” he cried out in relief when he noticed it was his father’s Beta staring back at him. John pointed down toward the locked door and Milo move to quickly unlock it.

John opened it quietly while glancing toward the fight, but as soon as it was clear Milo launched himself into his arms. “John, I’m so happy to see you. You have to help Mom and Dad,” he pleaded into his chest, but when he tried to look toward his parents, John kept his head still. Milo could hear the yelping of wounded wolves and his parents growls in the distance and felt thankful that they were still alive. “I can’t. Your father has ordered me to get you to safety. He doesn’t want you to see this,” John told him before rushing into the forest with Milo in his arms. ”Milo, no,” his mother’s voice shrieked in his mind, but it was too late. A pain shot through his neck and a cloth shrouded his world in darkness. The last sound he heard was his mother’s devasted howl in the distance.

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