Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

By AlwaysEly All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor


How would you react if your best friend said, "I think I'm in love with you..." or if the person you can't stand the most in the world tries to kiss? Seventeen year old Rin Rodriguez doesn't know much about romance and isn't interested in it to begin with but everything changes when her neighbors and childhood friends Levi and Silas begin to show interest in her. Her life is thrown into chaos when one confesses to her and the other tries to kiss her. Rin finds herself as the starring role in an unwanted love triangle between the twin brothers. *parody of love triangle romances* Warning: Lots of intentional cringe and awkward situations

Chapter 1: You've Got to Be Kidding Me

“Rin, I think I’m in love with you...” My best friend,Levi Whittenbeck, suddenly blurts out.

I had just taken a gulp of cola right before his sudden confession. Embarrassing enough Levi ends up with it spewed all over him. “Excuse me? What did you just say?!” I can’t help but raise my voice at him. My face feels hot so I assume it’s about as red as I think it is- which is really freaking red.

“You heard me.” Levi says as he shrugs off his shirt that used to be white before I stained it with diet cherry cola.

My eyes go to his bare chest. For the first time I notice just how muscular he is.

“Don’t just take your shirt off!” I scream at him,looking away quickly.

Why am I being like this? It’s not like I haven’t seen Levi shirtless before. Hell, we used to bathe together when we were little; however, back then he was just a pip squeak.

Without meaning to I end up sneaking another glance at him. Since then did he become so fit? Abs... Did he always have those? I think my head is boiling over just thinking about it.

I look away. This is embarrassing enough to make my face heat up even more.

“I’m all sticky now.” He complains obviously displeased by me having spit my drink all over him. “I’m using your bathroom to clean up.”

Quickly he’s gone walking out of my room and down the hall.

I go to pick up his shirt from off the floor so I can go throw it in the wash.I’m trying to calm myself down, but my face must still be about fifty shades of red.

Now that he’s gone I need to calm myself down but I imagine my face is still about fifty shade of red. Ha. Fifty shades of red. Sounds like a badly written smut book.

I chuckle at my own little joke as I walk to the washroom. I tossLevi’s shirt into the machine before adding the detergent. I then turn on the washing machine before making my way back to my bedroom.

When I get back to my room Levi’s already waiting for me.

I feel much calmer now. I think I can face him without continuing to turn as red as a creepy clown’s nose.

Levi’s still shirtless of course but this time it doesn’t phase me at all.

It’s just the same old Levi who I’ve known since we were in diapers. My best friend. Or more like my only true friend.

“So?” He says as he sits on the edge of my bed.

“Is this another one of your pranks, because it’s a little...” I trail off.

Of course he has got to be joking. It’s Levi after all. He’s always goofing off all the time.

Though one look at his gray eyes tells me that my words have hurt him a little bit.

He gets up from my bed and storms past me. “Yeah, it was just a joke, so forget I said anything.” He grumbles sounding upset.

I grab his wrist just before me can reach the door. “Levi I-“I pause, not knowing what I can really say to make things better.

His words about possibly loving me are so random and unsure sounding. Besides, I have never looked at Levi in that way before. How could I take him seriously?

The thought of him liking me seems weird and uncomfortable. I don’t want our relationship to change into something romantic,because I honestly don’t think I can like him like that. Not ever.

He’s just the boy next door who I grew up with and befriended.

Sure, he’s attractive with his light brown hair that he keeps cut short, sun kissed skin, eyes that look like the sea during a storm, an athletic build, and his dimple that shows on the right side of his face every time he smiles.

Yeah, I’d be lying if I said his looks aren’t totally my type- but I’m too close to him to ever risk losing him on some impulse confession. I also know way too much about him to the point that the things I know turn me off to where he has no chance in hell of me returning any hint of romantic feelings for him.

I just can’t do it.

But how do I get out of this situation? It seems like whatever I say will ruin our relationship either way.

I don’t want that.

As long as I can remember it’s always just been me and Levi.

Levi’s the only one who’s never misunderstood me

I have no other real friends besides him.

People often judge me before they even got to know me. It was lucky for me that we’re neighbors and our parents are friends. If it wasn’t for that, maybe I’d be completely all on my own.

It seems like ever since I was young I attracted too much attention and too many rumors.

My mom’s of Japanese descent and my father’s family is from Puerto Rico. So I’m half Hispanic- half Asian. Which shouldn’t matter but in a small southern town I happen to standout among a majority of the residents.

So, yeah. It’s meaningless to say this again, but that’s why it’s always just been me and Levi.

When I snap out of my thoughts I realize Levi is staring intently at me waiting for me to finish what I was saying.

“I-” I start again, but before I can say anything else my bedroom door slams open hitting Levi right in the face.

He curses under his breath as he moves his hand to cover his nose which is already bleeding heavily from the impact of the door. Without saying anything or giving me a chance to check the damage he quickly pushes past the person in the doorway before making his way back to the bathroom.

Today just isn’t his day, huh?

I peer up beneath my eyelashes to cast a look in the direction of the intruder.

Silas Whittenbeck stands there with his eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face.

“What were you two doing? Looked kinky.” He says in atone that makes me feel repulsed.

Stupid Silas. Always coming into my room as he pleases even though I clearly don’t want anything to do with him.

I flip him the bird. “What are you doing here? I thought you had practice with your band?” I mumble before turning my back to him. “Jeez. Couldn’t you have at least opened the door more carefully. You better hope Levi is okay.”

Two strong hands touch either side of my waist as I feel a pair of lips brush against my ear. “Levi’s shirtless and your cheeks are flushed. You two finally do it or what?” He whispers.

My face starts to heat up again not only because his words are embarrassing but also because they piss me off.

What is wrong with him?

I turn around fast and punch him hard right in the shoulder.“You’re such a jerk! You just slammed the door into his nose. What if you broke it? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about that? Besides, we’re not like that. You’re just misunderstanding the situation. I accidentally got cola on his shirt.That’s all. Nothing else happened you weirdo.” I seethe out at him.

Silas smirks before looking over his shoulder. “She’s so dense isn’t she?” He says.

I direct my gaze over to Levi who is standing there with bloody tissues sticking out of the nostrils of his nose.

“Levi...” I murmur. “Are you...?”

“I’m okay. It’s just a nose bleed.” Levi gives a sad smile before shaking his head. “I’m heading back to my house. See you later, Rin.” He tells me as he seems to be trying to keep his voice even but fails since I notice it.

Silas gives me a wicked look before taking a step back from me.“You’re both idiots.” He informs me before moving to follow after his brother.

Remember when I said it’s always just been me and Levi?

Er... actually, scratch that.

It’s actually always just been me, Levi, and his asshole of a twin brother, Silas.

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