Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 11: Saturday's A Mess

A few days pass by quickly.

Nothing too exciting happens besides the following: Silas tries to kiss me a few times- which I punch him in the shoulder for each time, Levi acts protective over me, Silas and Levi argue alot, and I avoid that weird new guy at school. Just same old same old.

Now it’s Saturday.

Their parents and mine come back Monday.

Because it is the weekend, I stay in bed until eleven before I finally get up, shower, and dress.

When I go down stairs I can smell bacon and eggs.

I walk past the living room, where Silas is watching what seems like an extremely R rated movie. A very explicit scene is playing out as I walk by.

Wow... What an awesome start to the day. Cue the sarcasm and urge to want to gouge my eyes out.

What the hell does he think he's watching in someone else’s house?

Resisting the urge to yell at him, I walk into the kitchen where the remainder of scramble eggs and bacon is on the stove. I turn the stove on to reheat it. Once it heats up for a few minutes I shovel it all on a plate. Without even sitting down I practically inhale the food. Could you tell I was starving?

After rinsing off the plate in the sink I go back out to the living room against my better judgement. There’s another rather unpleasant intimacy scene displayed on the screen. I’m quite squeamish to this stuff. I keep my eyes on Silas. “Is Levi at practice?” I ask.

Silas’ eyes never leave the screen. His lips are curled up in a filthy smirk. “Yeah.” He gives me a one word reply followed by a grunt.

I roll my eyes. “Whatever you do, keep it in your pants you pig.” I say before turning on my heels and heading back upstairs.

I go on my laptop, deciding to get done some homework that is due for next week. I like to be ahead of schedule when it comes to homework and projects. After I finish my homework I decide to play my keyboard since I haven’t been doing that very often since someone always seems to interrupt me, but now that said someone is occupied, now is the perfect chance.

I play the keyboard for hours, until my fingers start to hurt. I glance at the clock to see it’s nearly five pm now. I get up, stretch a bit, then go down stairs.

Silas is sleeping on the couch when I walk past the living room, snoring like a damn grizzly bear. It’s kinda funny. I stop to take a video of it so I can use it against him late. Cue maniacal laughter here.

After that, I go into the kitchen to pour myself something to drink. We still have tea left in the fridge. My mom makes the best mango spice black herbal tea. I swear it.

I pour it into my favorite mug, a black mug with a design of a white cat wearing rainbow colored sunglasses. So adorable. I stick the mug in the microwave, hitting the minute button. I like my tea to be hot.

After the microwave beeps when it’s done I take it out. I then grab the honey from the refrigerator, adding in two big spoonfuls. Honey is the best thing ever. I appreciate bees for making such a delicious thing.

I put the honey jar back in the fridge before going to blow on the top of my mug a couple of times. I then take a sip.

Pure heaven.

I’m so immersed in my tea that I don’t notice something is behind me until I accidentally smack back against it, dropping my mug in shock. It shatters on the floor in millions of pieces, splashing hot tea everywhere. Some gets on my feet, burning.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! My tea! My mug! Dammit!” I yell out in frustration as I hop around the kitchen, being careful not to get ceramic stuck in my already irritated feet.

“Shit! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sneak up on you. Are you okay?” A voice says.

I look over to see Levi. He’s wearing his baseball uniform and he looks tired, dirty, and sweaty. He must have just gotten here from practice.

“I’m fine… I think. Just- ugh! Why is my life such a mess?” I mumbled out as I go to the sink to wet a cloth with cold water. I hop to the kitchen table to sit. I put the cloth on both my feet, trying to soothe the red inflamed splotches.

Levi starts cleaning up my mess. “Don’t be so dramatic, Rin.” He says with a light laugh. “I don’t think breaking a mug and spilling tea is the end of the world. Just an accident.” He tells me.

“But it was good tea and my most awesome mug.” I say. I pout, because it’s not just about the mug or the tea.

Levi gives me a look as if he understands that it’s not just about what just happened. “Rin I-” He starts to say, but suddenly he’s interrupted as Silas comes in with a huge yawn.

“What’s happening in here? I woke up to Rin screaming.” He says. His eyes then go to the mess that Levi is cleaning. “Well, I guess it’s under control.” He then adds before noticing me holding the cloth to my feet. “Wait. What happened to your feet? Did you drop the mug on it?!” He’s loud as he walks over to me. He moves the cloth off my feet to examine them. “It’s really red.” He observes.

“When I dropped the mug, hot tea splashed on them.” I mumble before putting the cloth back on my feet. The pain is dull now so it’s not too bad.

Levi makes a frustrated sigh. “Come help.” He tells his brother.

Silas makes a face at him. “Aren’t you capable of cleaning up on your own?” He asks.

“Shut up. Go bring me a broom and a dustpan. Make yourself useful for once.” Levi snaps.

“I’m not your damn servant. Go get it yourself.” Silas snaps back.

They go back and forth, not getting anywhere.

Finally I’ve had enough. “Go back to sleeping on the couch, Silas! Levi, go take a shower. You’re stinking up the kitchen. I’m fine. My feet are fine. I can handle the rest of the mess.” I bark out.

“But-” They both say in unison.

“NOW!” I yell out in my best bossy tone.

Silas and Levi both go wide eyed before retreating out of the kitchen at the same time. I toss the cloth in the sink before going off to find the broom and dustbin.

After I clean up the mess, Levi comes into the kitchen to start cooking dinner. He’s clean now and dressed in a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. As I walk past him on the way out of the kitchen I catch the scent of my lavender soap. “Woah. Did you use my body wash?” I ask as I linger at the doorway of the kitchen.

“Yeah. Silas used up all the bar soap. I thought it wasn’t a big deal.” He says.

I let out a giggle. “It’s not a big deal. You smell pretty like a girl. Plus you’re cleaning and cooking in my house. Should I start calling you Leah instead?” I tease.

Levi rolls his eyes at me, but smiles. “Says the girl with a name that could get you mistaken for a guy.” He playfully taunts back.

I grin at him. “Whatever you say, Leah.”

He groans at the new nickname. “Please don’t actually call me that. Jeez, you sure know how to hurt my pride.” He says with a sigh.

I blow him a kiss. “Just doing my job.” I joke before walking fully out of the kitchen now.

I go to the living room to sit on the couch. Silas is hogging it as he watches Cops. I sit on his legs, not caring much about it.

“Damn you’re heavy.” Silas complains as he tries to pull his legs out from under me.

I lean over to punch him in the shoulder. “Shut up.” I reply.

Somehow we end up wrestling on the couch.

Levi walks in, gives us a dirty look as he says, “Dinner’s ready.”

“What’s that look for?” I ask as I get off the couch, following him into the kitchen.

“Yeah, what’s that look for, big bro?” Silas says in what I can only describe as a condescending tone.

They glare at each other. I ignore it as I go to shovel food from the pan onto a plate before sitting at the table.

Levi made hotdogs and mac and cheese. A great combination.

“I hate seeing you guys all flirty like that.” Levi grumbles as he joins me at the table.

“Oh please, we’re not flirting.” I say.

Silas laughs. “Well, I am.” He responds as he sits down on the other side of me.

Levi and I both give him a dirty look.

“Shameless.” Levi mumbles.

“King of illicit relationships.” I add in.

Silas only laughs harder. “Don’t treat me as if I flirt with anything with a pulse.” He tells us.

“But you do.” Levi and I say at the same time, which causes the both of us to burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

“Not true!” Silas snaps at us.

Levi and I share a grin, ignoring Silas. I then focus on my food.

“Hey, tomorrow do you guys want to go do something?” I ask after I’m finished eating. “We should go see a movie.” I add.

“Sure. Maybe we should make it a group thing? I could invite some guys from the team.” Levi suggests.

“And I can invite some of my friends.” Silas adds in.

I open my mouth to say that I meant just the three of us, but the words don’t come out. I feel a bit disappointed, but I just smile slightly.

“Okay. Sounds good.” I say before getting up and going to my room.

I don’t come out for the rest of the night.

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