Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 13: Motives & Unwanted Surprises

It’s Monday morning.

Levi and Silas grabbed all their things that they had brought over and moved back to their house just in time for their parents and mine to get home.

Soon after both our parents are back we leave to go to school.

Today has been super boring and unexciting, though that’s typical.

Welcome to daily high school life with Rin; Silas bugs me in Chemistry. Levi and I pass notes in AP English. Colby keeps acting like we’re buddies every time I have a class with him even though I ignore him. Same old, same old.

After school I go to the music room to play the piano.

Silas has shut himself into the room with the drums and Levi is at baseball practice.

I just relax as I play different pieces of music.

I’ve said this time and time again, but I really love playing the piano. It’s a magical feeling.

When Silas is done drumming, he lurks in the doorway watching me.

After a few minutes of him watching I decide to quit playing. I don’t really like having an audience, besides he always interrupts me anyhow.

“Are you feeling better?” He asks as I get up from the bench.

I nod slightly. “I just… yesterday was…” I struggle to get the words out.

Do I tell him the truth that I felt lonely and risk him making fun of me or worst?

If it was Levi I would probably tell him since that would be much more comforting, but telling Silas about how I was feeling makes me so nervous I want to just curl into a ball thinking about it.

There's no way I can tell him.

"I can't really explain it to you right now..." I mumbled out weakly.

Silas offers me a small smile. “You don’t have to explain anything. It’s fine.” He tells me in a tone that sounds way too nice.

Since he tells me I don’t need to explain anything, I don't.

I just stand there staring at Silas trying to remember when the last time he’s ever acted even the slightest bit kind to me without there being some sort of a motive involved.

A motive.

That must be it. That has to be why he did that yesterday and why he's acting like this now. He definitely has to have a motive.

What is it though? What on earth kind of motive does he have now?

I narrow my eyes at him.

“What?” He says, noticing my narrowed eyes straight away.

“Just suspicious of why you’re being so nice. Last night and now today. This isn’t like you. Usually you piss me off every time you open that dirty insensitive mouth of yours.” I reply.

Silas narrows his eyes at me now. “Who’s pissing who off?” He counters. “Do I need a reason to be nice to the girl I like?”

I roll my eyes. “Do you actually like me?” I question.

“If I just merely liked you things would be so much simpler. If I just liked you a little bit, then this all wouldn’t hurt so much.” He snapped out before turning around and walking away.

I stand alone in the room now feeling like a huge jerk.

He was just being nice and I had to say something stupid like I always do because I can’t stand the thought of Silas being nice to me for no reason.

I guess back when we were best friends I never would have questioned him at all. However, things aren’t like they were back then. Things are different now and I can’t tell the difference between the genuine Silas and the Silas who only thinks with his crotch.

I mean how can I know for sure that he likes me? He says it with his mouth, but his actions have always been contradictory.

He treats me the way he does any other girl- or maybe he treats me worse than any other girl.

He kisses me without my consent and doing and saying things that drive me crazy with anger.

If he likes me- even loves me as he says- then wouldn’t he act in ways that make me happy rather than the opposite? I just don’t get him.

After several minutes, I leave the music room. I go to my locker to get out a book that I’ll need later for homework.

When I open the door to my my locker I instantly notice that there is a large rose on the top of my books.

I feel nerved as I pick up the rose to examine it. There’s no note. It’s just a single white rose.

Who broke into my locker to put this there?

“Hey, Rin. Need a ride home?” A voice says from behind me. I jump in surprise and my hand slips on the rose. I feel my finger slice open against a thorn.

“Ouch!” I cry out as blood drips down off the cut.

Without looking I already know who the voice belongs to. I drop the rose on the floor, cradling my finger in my other hand. I peer over to see Levi, who looks worried.

“Oh man. I’m sorry. Are you okay?” He says as he comes closer to me but as his eyes notices the blood on her finger his face pales.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I lie.

My finger hurts like hell but I don't want Levi worrying too much about it especially when he looks like he's going to pass out from the sight of my blood. “I’ll be right back. Wait for me.” I then add before hurrying to the bathroom to wash off my finger and wrap tissue paper over the small wound.

When I come back, Levi’s still waiting for me. He tries to talk to me about what happened, but I don’t feel like talking.

Levi gets the hint so we just go home in silence.

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