Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chatper 15: Strange Happenings, Nasty Rumors

It’s been three days since I got the piece of paper saying I’ve been warned.

Strange things keep happening since then.

My stuff has been going missing from my locker. It’s just small stuff like pencils, pens, and a couple of notebooks. At first I didn’t notice it until I went to find my history notebook and realized it, along with other things, was missing.

I keep getting lightly injured, but nothing too big. Like people are bumping into me in the hallway too often. In gym class I keep getting hit with things like a basketball or a volleyball. There was a thumb tack on my seat in Spanish class one morning. Somehow the test tubes in chemistry class got mixed up and I nearly had a dangerous concoction blow up in my face.

These things all seem like a coincidence until you count all the “accidents” that are happening.

More seriously, I’m receiving a lot of letters in my mailbox. Hateful ones at that. The majority call me really nasty names and more than a few racist slang terms that I won’t mention, because they’re that bad.

And there’s rumors. A lot of rumors going on that aren’t true at all. For example, probably the biggest rumor going on is that I’ll sleep with anyone for the littlest amount of money. Which of course isn’t true.

I’m not sleeping with anyone and if I was I’d probably be expensive, because hey go big or go home. Joking, I would never sell my body to anyone. Seriously. This is stuff that no sane person who knows me would believe, but unfortunately the only people who really know me are Levi and Silas.

Levi’s been doing everything in his power to try to get rid of the rumors and has been defending me the whole time.

Silas is still kind of mad at me. However, despite being mad at me he’s protecting me in his own way. He beat up some guys who were talking trash about me and were saying disgusting things. He’s been suspended for a few days now.

So lately it’s just me and Levi at school, but after school I go over to Levi and Silas’s house to give Silas his alternative assignment since he’s not there to do the labs.

I’m in the Whittenbeck’s living room right now sitting on the couch with Silas, helping him with the alternative assignment for the day.

“I’m so mad.” Silas mumbles out as he writes on the work sheet.

“I’m sorry.” I say, thinking it’s my fault since I seem to make him mad a lot of the time.

“Not at you. I mean, I’m still not happy that you seem to think I can’t be nice to you without wanting something in return or you questioning whether I really like you. That’s not what I’m currently mad about though. I’m mad that someone started those bullshit rumors about you. Everyone knows it’s lies yet they spread it around and encourage it as if it’s true. It’s just not right. I don’t like it. If I find whoever starting those rumors I’m going to bust their head open.” He says as he uses his left hand to punch the table.

I shake my head at him. “Don’t. It’s not worth it. They’re just rumors. It’ll blow over soon.” I tell him. He doesn’t know about the letters though or the other weird things happening. I haven’t told him or Levi.

I’m pretty sure this is all Colby’s doing, but I haven’t had the opportunity to confront him for it. This is an extreme way to get someone back for rejecting you. Especially for someone who claims to have “fallen in love at first sight”. He’s the only person who I know would have a grudge on me so by default I’m a 100% sure he has something to do with everything that’s been happening one way or another.

Silas gives me a look, but doesn’t say anything. He finishes up the worksheet. Levi comes home from practice, he and I play video games for a while upstairs in his bedroom. I stay for dinner. Mrs. Whittenbeck serves us steak, baked sweet potato, and corn. After dinner Levi and I do our English homework together then when it starts getting late Levi walks me the short distance to my door.

“You seem a little off. I hope you’re not letting those rumors get to you.” Levi tells me as we reach the door to my house. “No one actually believes them.” He says. “Trust me.” He adds in with a smile.

I give a small smile back. “I know.” I say, because the rumors aren’t what’s bothering me anyways. It’s not the first time I’ve had rumors spread about me and I’m willing to bet a month’s worth of my mom and dad’s homemade cooking that it won’t be the last time someone spreads a rumor about me. Why my parents homemade cooking? Because I can’t live without my mom’s homemade noodles or curry and my dad’s chicken enchiladas. It’s good stuff. Like if I could only pick three things I could ever eat for the rest of my life it would be noodles, curry, and enchiladas.

Anyways, that’s how sure I am that this isn’t the last time people spread false rumors about me.

Levi looks at me like he’s unsure whether to trust me or not. “Take it easy, Rin.” He tells me before he turns around to walk next door to his house.

“If I could take it easy, I would.” I whisper to myself before entering my house.

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