Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 16: Needing Some Rest & Recovery But...

By the time the weekend comes, I’ve had enough.

I hurt my ankle yesterday getting tripped in the hallway before fifth period.

My mom had to leave work to come pick me up and take me to the doctors. Luckily it’s only a sprain. I have to wrap it up, stay off of it, and keep it elevated. So I’m rocking an ace bandage and a pair of crutches for the next couple of weeks. My mom makes me stay downstairs on the couch.

So my Saturday morning consists of my mom making sure I have everything I need downstairs and making me breakfast to serve to me on the couch. I eat my chicken and waffles smothered in tons of yummy maple syrup. My mom gives me a glass of water and takes my plate to put into the sink. She brings the snack bowl and puts it onto the coffee table for me in case I get hungry.

“Okay, sweetie, I have to meet your grandmother. I’ll be home late, but your father should be off work in time to come home and make dinner. Levi and Silas should come visit you sometime around noon or so. Bye, baby.” My mother tells me with a wave of her hand before she goes to leave.

“Bye.” I murmur out as I adjust myself on the couch, laying with my leg with the injured ankle, the left one, propped up on a pillow with the blanket covering up to my waist. I reach for the remote without having to move too much. I then turn the tv on, putting it onto the cooking channel.

Yes, I like food that much that I watch cooking shows in my spare time. Sue me.

I pull the blanket up over the rest of my body up to my mouth while I watch tv. After an hour or so I start to feel sleepy and my eyes start to close. Without hesitation I let myself fall asleep.

In my dreams there’s a little me, about five or six, cuddled up in a makeshift fort with Levi and Silas on either side of me. We’re watching DVD’s on a portable DVD player. It’s some animated kid’s movie.

Levi is absorbed in the movie, but Silas and I keep poking each other and giggling the whole time, barely paying attention. After a few minutes the scene morphs and suddenly the three of us are about nine or ten in the tree house playing the Pokemon card game. Levi watches Silas and I battle while he shuffles through his deck, preparing to battle whoever wins the game between Silas and I.

A few minutes later the scene changes again. This time we’re middle school aged. It’s just Silas and I walking home from the bus stop back before we had our falling out. His dad just bought him his first set of drumsticks which he uses to beat on anything we pass, fences, polls, trees, whatever.

Next the scene transforms into when Silas kissed me. It was a quick peck and Silas grinned at me right before I punched him and ran away with tears in my eyes, feeling embarrassed. Then it fast forwards to Levi and I hanging out on our own, ignoring Silas who seems to bring home different girls every day.

Next it shows me coaxing Levi to kiss me, because I wanted to forget about the kiss with Silas and know if it’s different to kiss someone else. Levi’s so nervous that I have to initiate the kiss. After we kiss I feel indifferent, but Levi’s face is red and he can’t look me in the eye.

The scene then morphs to a few months back when the first time Levi told me he loves me. He gets angry when I don’t take with seriously. After that it changes to when Silas confessed he loved me for the first time. I didn’t take him seriously either.

Then the image transforms into me in a wedding gown dancing with a man who’s face I can’t see clearly. But there’s a banner over us that says “Mr and Mrs Whittenbeck”. As the grooms face starts to get clearer and clearer, I feel something touch my face. I startle awake before I can see who it is.

When I open my eyes I have no chance to think about my dream and what is means because both Levi and Silas are standing over me.

“Personal space!” I yell out, causing them both to take a few steps back.

“Sorry to wake you up. I was worried.” Levi says softly.

“Yeah, yeah. Just give me what we bought her.” Silas says, causing me to realize that Levi’s hands are behind his back concealing something.

Levi makes a face. “We? I bought it.” He says.

Silas makes a face back. “I gave you half the money to buy it. Just because you purchased it yourself doesn’t mean you take full credit for it.” He retorts with a roll of his eyes. “Just because you’re older you think you can take advantage of my good will.” He adds.

“What good will?” Levi replies back with a laugh. “When do you ever-” before he can finish I let out a loud sigh, interrupting him.

“Stop fighting. Whatever it is, give it to me.” I tell them.

Levi and Silas look at each other for a moment before looking back at me. “Get well soon, Rin.” They say at the same time as Levi moves his hands to reveal a teddy bear holding a bouquet of chocolate roses. Levi hands me the bear and I go straight for the chocolate roses, taking them off the teddy bear’s hand and unwrapping one rose and chomping down on it.

Chocolate is the way to my heart.

Silas snorts as he watches me unwrap and eat every rose. Levi grins as he gathers up the trash on the table.

“Thank you guys.” I saw as I then hug the teddy bear to my chest. This week has been awful, so this really cheered me up a lot.

“You’re welcome.” The twins say in unison.

They stay for a while before Levi has to leave to do homework and Silas has band practice.

Once they’re gone I remember that I have to get the mail. My mom said she’d take over my duty of getting the mail, but I can’t let that happen because I don’t want them to see the letters I’m getting. So I get up slowly, grabbing my crutches and crutch across the floor to the front door. I make my way to the mailbox, open it, reach in, and grab a handful of mail. I then bring it inside. I put my parent’s mail on the coffee table before finding the letters written for me.

I don’t even read them. I immediately rip them up into small pieces and throw them away in the trash can my mom left by the couch.

After that I lie down again watching tv until my dad gets home.
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