Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 17: This Is A Serious Matter

Monday morning just began and here I am staring in disbelief at the contents of my locker.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid but at this point I think it’s safe to say someone is definitely out to get me. That sounds so dramatic even for me, but seriously.

I guess I should have figured that the first time I received a threatening letter in the mailbox or maybe even after the hundred time but I was just being hopeful that it was all just a prank. Now things have just gotten too far for me to try to disregard this.

My school books are completely destroyed- the pages are all torn out and spread in pieces inside my locked and the picture of Levi and me that I had taped on the inside of the door is gone and replaced with a sticky note that says the word “whore” on it in big red letters. Of course those details aren’t the part that I find unforgivable.

No, the unforgivable part it that there’s whats looks like and smells like chocolate pudding poured out all over my already destroyed text books.

Both Levi and Silas stand next to me. Levi’s carrying my backpack since I’m still on crutches, on the other hand Silas is just here for some reason. He just tagged along uninvited, but what’s new with that?

“What the hell.” Silas says as he goes to shut my locker door as if he can’t stand the sight of it.

Levi looks horrified. “That’s not right. Who would do something like this?”

“I know. How dare someone waste pudding like that!” I exclaim. “What kind of monster does that?”

Levi’s express changes quickly. He’s staring at me as if he’s so done with my antics. He lets out a long sigh as he presses his right hand over his eyes for a moment. “Rin, no...” That’s all he says but I can read between the lines or well not really between the lines I guess since it’s pretty obvious that he can’t understand how out of all things I’m the most worried about pudding.

I hear Silas laugh loudly from the left side of me. I look over to see he’s hunched over with his arms wrapped around his abdomen. “That’s so like you to be more upset about the pudding than anything else.” He says in between a fit of laughter. “I’d be much more worried if you weren’t like that though.”

I nod solemnly. “Crimes against pudding are top priority.” I say which only makes Silas laugh even harder.

I smile as I watch him, seeing his eyes tear up and his face flush from laughter. Times like this he looks so boyish and cute. I can almost forget that he’s actually a perverted jerk.

“Knock it off. This isn’t the time to joke around. This is serious.” Levi mutters out in a low tone.

“I know the puddin-”

Before I can finish what I’m saying Levi slams his hand against the closed door of my locker door making a loud bang that instantly shuts me up. “I said knock it off!”

His face looks scary. I’ve never seen him look his angry before.

I instinctively advert my eyes and tilt my head down. “I’m sorry.” I mumble under my breath.

I see my backpack drop to the floor and Levi’s legs as they move closer to me. He gently uses his right hand to lift my chin up to look at him.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I just... don’t like seeing you joke about something like this. You’re acting like this is something you’re used to.” He speaks so softly that my heart rate speeds up for a split second.

I want to tell him that I kind of am used to this but I don’t. I don’t want him or Silas to know about all this.

I opened my mouth to say something but I don’t get a chance to speak, as Silas who must have recovered from his laughter by now pulls Levi away from me. “That’s not allowed.”

They decide to have another of their infamous stare downs like they’re ready to fight, however the closer it gets to class time the more the halls become crowded so they both step away from each other.

Silas picks up my backpack from off the floor where Levi had dropped it. “You can borrow my text books. I never use them anyways.” He tells me. “I’ll go get them and bring them to the classroom, so just make your way there now so you’re not late.” He then glares towards Levi. “Walk her there without touching her, you hear me?.”

“You’re the last person who should tell me not to touch her.” Levi points out while rolling his eyes.

Well, he’s not wrong, but I’m staying out of this one...

“Whatever, just make sure she gets to class safely.” Silas grumbles as he goes to walk past Levi, bumping his shoulder as he does.

“Shouldn’t we report the vandalism of your locker?” Levi asks as we walk towards my first class.

I shake my head. “No. I don’t want to.”

“But that was too far. It’s bad enough someone spread rumors about you before but to do that to your locker is an actual crime. I mean that’s all school property that was destroyed.” Levi sounds concerned.

I wonder what he would say if he knew about the letters in my mailbox that I’ve been getting?

I open my mouth tempted to tell him “Actually-”

The warning bell rings interrupting me. I let out a sigh of relief. Maybe it’s better if he continues not to know?

I have to stop moving for a second to catch my breath. The classroom is on the far end of the hall. Usually it would be an easy distance to walk but getting their on crutches is not an easy task . Levi’s sure to walk slowly and match my speed but I keep trying to rush myself which result in me being out of breath.

Crutches might seem fun at first but I promise they’re not. It’s not easy getting from point A to point B. Also, after a while they tire me out and they hurt my underarms and my hands.

I’m not anywhere near being close to making it to the classroom.

“Levi, I’ll make it the rest of the way myself. Just go or you’ll be late too.” I tell him. I don't want him to be late just because of me.

Unlike Silas or I, Levi has a perfect attendance with no tardies either. I don't want to be the reason his next report card is tarnished with a tally mark under the tardy column.

Levi shakes his head. "No, it's okay. Take your time. I'm not going to just leave you. It doesn't matter to me if I'm late or not. As long as I can walk by your side a little longer and make sure you make it to your class then that's fine with me."

Ah. This is more like the Levi I know, gentle, secure, warm. When we got angry at me earlier it was so unnerving to see him like that but in the end Levi hasn't changed at all.

"I feel like my baby blanket is walking me to class." I accidentally voice my thoughts out loud.

Levi looks at me oddly. "What?" He furrows his brow and blinks quickly in confusion to what I just said.

My mind races trying to figure out what to say. I can't straight up just say that I compared him to my baby blanket just now. I open my mouth about to tell him that I was just babbling to myself about nothing and to ignore it, but I close my mouth as soon as I feel a hand touch my waist from behind.

"You're so slow." A raspy voice grumbles right next to my ear. "If you don't hurry up we'll all be late."

I don't even need to turn my head to know that it's just Silas. He caught up to us already? "Hey, I can't go any faster right now." I defend myself.

Silas moves into my line of sight as he hands Levi my backpack which is now filled with what I assume are his text books. He then ever so quickly moves behind me again, his hands touching my waist again. "I guess it can't be helped." Without warning he lifts me up to cradle me in his arms.

I let out a yelp as I nearly drop the crutches, but as if by instinct I hold them tightly and out to the side to I don't accidentally smack Silas with it.

"What are you doing?!" Levi sounds and looks more shocked than I am. "Put her down now!"

"Shut up. Take her crutches." Silas commanded.

Levi doesn't look happy but he doesn't question Silas as he takes my crutches from me.

As soon as my hands are free I wrap my arms around Silas' neck, suddenly conscious of how easily he could drop me if he's not careful.

I look up to see him smiling brightly at me. "Hold on tight." Those three words barely leave his mouth before he's already quickly carrying me down the hall.

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