Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 18: The Least Romantic Day Of My Life

Author’s Note: This chapter is shorter than I intended for it to be, but I promise the next one will be longer though it might take me a while because I have the flu (not the Covid-19 virus but just the common flu). I’m still supposed to rest but I had this in my drafts and while I was going to add more to this chapter, I decided to just wrap up the chapter and post it as is since it might take a few weeks for another update.
Hopefully everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves!

Princess carries may look so romantic in dramas or movies but in real life... Yeah, not so much.

I will admit that my heart beat was irregular. It would go from feeling like it would just near stop to beating like crazy though I would say that’s more because I have a fear of heights and the probability of Silas dropping me didn’t seem that unlikely.

As soon as he had carried me to my first class, Silas called me a baby hippo right in front of everyone as he dropped me down before Levi could even fully give me my crutches. Levi had to stabilize me to keep me from falling.

The rest of the day seemed to go in a monotonous direction since Silas complained nonstop since this morning.

In Chemistry class he complained. He also complained in the hallway in between every class period. Then as soon as school got out he quickly was by my side complaining again. Even the whole car ride to our neighborhood he kept complaining to the point that Levi had to turn the radio up to the highest level just to drown it out.

Luckily for Levi and unluckily for me, Levi just dropped us off before having to head back to school for baseball practice.

Now were sitting in my living room and he’s yet again complaining, “I think you broke my back this morning. Why are you so heavy?” He says for probably the thousandth time today.

I can’t help but roll my eyes. This it getting tiring. “Maybe if you were more athletic you wouldn’t complain so much.” I mumble under my breath. “You should have just had Levi carry me. He wouldn’t have complained.”

Silas’ eyes narrowed as he stared down at me. “Say that again,” He said in a low voice that spent chills up my spine. “I dare you.”

The logical part of me told me to keep my mouth closed but upon hearing the word “dare”, I was already mindlessly repeating my words. “Maybe if you were more athletic yo-”

Before I could finish a single sentence Silas pushed me down so my back is against the couch. One of his hand covers my mouth while the other one is wrapped around my left wrist.

“I don’t need to be stronger than Levi, I just need to be stronger than you.” His words sound dangerous but his grip on me is so purposely gentle and delicate, giving me the choice to break free if I want to.

If it was anyone other than Silas doing this sort of thing I would definitely be very scared right now; however, because it’s Silas rather than scared I’m just angry and annoyed. He’s always like this, doing whatever he likes but still not being overly forceful about it.

This is just another reminder to me that this is who Silas is- an impulsive and reckless person who’s constantly setting the pace and pulling me along as if it’s only natural. He’s confident in his actions but he pulls back just enough not to do anything too regrettable. It’s irritating and makes me mad because whether I like it not I’m always influenced by his pace in one way or another.

Regardless of it this is the type of person he is or not, I’ve had enough. I should have stopped putting up with this behavior long ago.

I use my right hand to move his hand away from my mouth. “Don’t be disgusting, saying things you don’t mean. If you really felt that way then you wouldn’t give me an opening to do this...” I trail off as I take my good leg and use it to knee him in the stomach. I don’t use all my strength but I still use enough force to the point Silas lets go, rolling off the couch and onto the ground cradling his stomach.

“Shit, did you have to do that? You could have easily just pushed me off.” His voice is hoarse since I most likely knocked some of the breath out of him.

Yes, I could have easily pushed him off and I technically didn’t did to knee him in the gut but if I keep letting him just do whatever he wants with little to no circumstances then it’ll only just continue on like this.

I point my finger at him as I start my lecture.“I’m trying to make a point. You’re seriously getting on my nerves with your lack of boundaries. I don’t know if that type of behavior usually worked for you with other girls but it’s not okay and I’m not tolerating it anymore.” I pause for a moment before adding, “Do it again without my consent and I’ll knee you in a more sensitive place and then proceed to never talk to you again.”

Silas’ eyes widen as he immediately gets what I’m implying. After a moment he tilts his head down in defeat. “I’m sorry.” He mumbles out. If I didn’t know him better I would say he sounds ashamed of himself.

He looks up at me with an expression I’m not entirely familiar with seeing from him.

Wait, no... Could he actually be feeling shame towards his actions now that I finally called him out on them?

I open my mouth to say something but Silas suddenly stands up really quick, tilting his head away from me so I can’t see his face. “The mail man should have come by now. I’ll go get the mail for you.” He mumbles before quickly walking off towards the front door.

I feel stunned. What just happened?

It takes me a minute to process his words before I shoot up from the couch, causing a sharp pain to shoot up from my injured ankle. “Wait!” I called out, but all I hear back to the front door closing.

I hurriedly grab my crutches and try my best to quickly maneuver my way outside.

I’m panting and my underarms feel sore by the time I’ve made it to the front door. I use the shoulder to push open the door as I turn the knob.

Unfortunately I leaned in too far so I stumble out onto the front porch, landing on the tiled ground with a hard thud that makes me clench my teeth in pain.

Silas’ head turns to look at me. The sullen and shamed expression he had moments ago is gone. Now he just looks angry and confused. I look to see he’s clutching the mail in his hand and on the very top I can make out a paper with my name written on it in big red dripping letters.

... At this moment I really wish life had a backspace option.

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