Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 20: Throwing Crutches & Eating Paper

As soon as the door bell rings my eyes cast towards the door.

“Maybe it’s the person who’s been sending me those notes. What if they came here to finish me off?” I say as I reach to grab one of my crutches to use as a weapon just in case.

Silas rolls his eyes at me. “Why would they leave notes in your mailbox if they’re going to comeback and ring the doorbell?” He replies in a mocking tone. “That’s just stupid. Nobody would do that. Put the damn crutch down before you hurt yourself.”

I’m about to defend my logic when I see the door knob start to move. “You didn’t lock the door? Whoever it is, they’re trying to come in.” I say in panic as I clutch the crutch tighter.

My dumb logic must have gotten into Silas because he quickly grabs the other crutch and holds it in his hands like a bat as he gets up from the couch and starts towards the door.

He only takes three steps before the door swings open.

I scream.

Silas screams and throws the crutch

The person who just opened the door also screams as they duck out of the way of the incoming crutch.

It doesn’t take long for Silas and I to realize that the intruder isn’t an intruder at all.

Levi stands in the doorway still in his dirty baseball uniform. His hand crutches his chest and his face is red. “What are you guys doing? I rang the door bell first. No one came so I opened the door. Is this how you treat people? Screaming at them and throwing things?” He scolds. He moves to pick up the crutches that he narrowly avoided from getting hit by.

His eyes then move to me. “And you, put that down before you further hurt yourself or break something.” He says as he points his finger towards my direction.

I look down to realize I’m clutching on the the crutch for dear life. I try my best to nonchalantly prop it back up against the couch. “Oh, hey Levi.” I run a hand through my hair as I pretend to act natural or at least as natural as I can after what just happened.

Silas seems to shrug his shoulders. “Maybe you shouldn’t have opened the door then. We have these things called cellphones that you could have used instead. Also, I can smell you from here. You smell like clay and bad body odor. Hygiene man, hygiene.” For someone who just threw a crutch at his bother, Silas definitely seems very relaxed and unconcerned now.

“You weren’t at home so I worried that you were still here bothering Rin even though you were supposed to just get her settled in and then leave.” Levi says as he narrows his eyes at Silas.

“He’s not bothering me...” I say quietly as I tug at the ends of my hair.

Levi gives me a suspicious look like he doesn’t believe me. “Why do you have an ice pack?” He questions.

I shrug my shoulders. “My ankle was bothering me.” It’s technically not a lie.

As he starts to walk closer his eyes seem to naturally drift to the floor. “What’s that?” He asks.

I looked down to see the crumbled up note. My eyes widened in panic. What it Levi sees it?

As if feeling my panic Silas rushes over and picks up the crumbled up note from off the ground.

“Let me see that.” Levi says as he approaches closer. He puts the crutch he’s holding down and reaches his hand out towards Silas.

I try to take the note from Silas but he slaps my hand away. He gives me a half smile before shoving the crumbled up piece of paper into his mouth.

Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

“That’s dirty! Spit that out right now!” Levi yells at him, going straight into older brother mode. He grabs Silas’ face and starts trying to pry his mouth open. “What is wrong with you? Has hanging out with Rin influenced you not to think properly?”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean? I wouldn’t have put that in my mouth!”

I’m lying. I was totally going to take the note from Silas and try to eat it, but still that’s not something I would openly admit out loud. It’s scary how well Levi knows me.

Levi keeps trying to get Silas to spit out the paper but Silas refuses. He doesn’t chew it or try to swallow it but just holds it in his mouth.

After ten minutes Levi finally gets Silas to spit the paper out into his hand. By now it’s gross and slimy and you can’t make out what it says.

Levi looks disgusted as he goes to throw it away in the trash and then wash his hands.

“You owe me.” Silas whispers as he goes to sit down on the small section of the couch left next to my elevated ankle.

“Why? I could have easily done that myself.” I mumbled out as I cross my arms.

Silas lets out a slight laugh. “I know and you probably would have tried to swallow it too and choked or made yourself sick. That’s why I did it.” He says.

“Well then I don’t owe you anything since you did it of your own freewill.” I reply back.

He rolls his eyes at me, ignoring what I said. Instead he takes the ice pack off and sets it aside. “I think this has been on long enough. If you keep it on for too long it’ll do more damage.”

Levi comes back looking equally upset and confused. “What was on that piece of paper?” He instantly asks.

Silas and I glance at each other before saying at the same time, “Secret!”

Levi lets out a long sigh. “Okay, that’s enough for today.” He mumbled. He grabs Silas by the arm and pulls him up from the couch. “We’re going home. Now.”

Why is he acting so serious all the time anymore? What happened to the playful Levi that I know?

“Wait you guys don’t have to leave this instant. You just got here. Stay for a bit.” I try to persuade him.

Levi pauses for a moment like he's considering it. He then shakes his head. "I need to shower and then start on my homework, you need to rest, and Silas... I don't care what he does as long as he's not over here making a ruckus." He says in a stern tone as he starts to leave, dragging Silas along with him.

Silas sticks his tongue out at me.

I stick my tongue out too, mimicking him.

Once they reach the door Levi stops for a moment and peers at me from over his shoulder. "Oh, that reminds me. This morning my mom told me that your mother can't bring you to the doctors tomorrow after school so I'm going to bring you instead. Okay? See you tomorrow, Rin." His voices suddenly sounds much softer as he says this. He then leaves bringing Silas along with him.

It's so quiet now that they're gone. I suddenly feel so lonely.

Lonely and afraid.

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