Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 22: Don't Misunderstand

It’s quiet as Levi drives. He doesn’t speak nor does even have the radio on.

Usually I feel comfortable around him but right now he’s giving off such ominous vibes that make me feel nervous.

My phone dings notifying me that I have a new text message.

I don’t even have to look at it to know that it’s most likely Silas since him and Levi are usually the only ones who text me.

I glance down at my phone to read the message which of course is from Silas, “Is Levi mad?”

I blinked in awe. How does he know? Is this some twin telepathy or something? Like if I where to punch Levi right now would Silas text me asking if I punched Levi? Of course I wouldn't do that because Levi is driving and I have no reason to punch him anyways, but the thought is still rather amusing.

“Yeah I think so, why?” I respond back.

Before I can blink Silas already sent a reply, “I think he overheard what I said to Colby.”

I just send back some question marks to indicate my confusion

Again Silas is quick to respond, “Pretty sure he heard me call you my girlfriend”

Before I can type up a response Silas sends another message, “& you didn’t deny it. He must be mad.”

Is that really the cause of Levi’s strange mood right now?

“This is why you shouldn’t carelessly make stuff up” I respond before sending another message, “Why do I always have to suffer from your dumb actions? Just like in middle school.”

This time Silas doesn’t respond so fast. The three little dots keep popping up as if Silas is either typing up a long paragraph or constantly writing then deleting what he wrote. I just continue to stare at those dot, waiting for Silas’ reply.

“What are you staring at so intensely?” Levi’s voice causes me to almost drop my phone.

I turn my head to see Levi staring at me with his head leaned back against the head rest of the driver’s seat. I then notice that we’re parked outside the entrance of the doctor’s office.

“Nothing.” I say as I quickly mute my phone before putting it in my pocket.

My visit to the doctor’s office doesn’t take long.

Usually people don’t come see their doctor to check on a minor sprain but usually people don't have a mother who overreacts to everything.

The doctor checks my ankle to make sure that it’s healing up properly. He then tells me to continue to elevate it and to use the crutches for another three days.

Once the follow up is done Levi helps me up into his truck and buckles me in just like he did before.

He's still unusually quiet as he starts to drive but he seems less angry than before.

While Levi is busy driving I decide to pull out my phone. As I take it off mute, I notice I have six missed text messages from Silas.

"About what happened in middle school..."
"It's not what you think"
"I want to tell you the truth but I can't"
"I promised I wouldn't"
"But just so you know I never meant for you to get bullied"
"If you can't trust me on anything else, at least trust me on that"

I furrow my brow in confusion. What? The truth? The truth of what? Everything that happened in middle school was started by that damn kiss he gave me so what does he mean it's not what I think?

I start to furiously tap my fingers against my phone screen using the digital keyboard to try to type out a whole essay of words to ask what he's talking about and why he's trying to divert the blame when it clearly was all his fault unless there's something else that happened that he's been keeping from me.

I'm still typing when I feel the truck yank off the road and pull to a jarring stop right onto the dirt path along the side of the road.

Before I can ask what happened, I feel my phone yanked out of my hand. I glance up to see Levi glaring at me. "Are you and my brother really dating?" He asks sounding hurt and annoyed all at once.

I can't believe he would really ask that. I guess Silas was right that Levi overheard what was said to Colby.

"Of course not!" -That's what I want to say but of course my stupid mouth works faster than my brain and instead I say, "If I say yes will you give me my phone back?"

Levi's expression is pained as if I just slapped him or something. I watch my phone slip out of his hands and bounce off the console landing on the floor right in front of my feet.

I unbuckle my seat belt so I can lean over to get my phone, but Levi stops me. "Don't." He says quietly.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?" I question, not able to understand why he's being this way.

This isn't the Levi I know. He hasn't been the same ever since the day he confessed to me. It's like I've slowly watched him turn into someone else. There are times he still resembles himself but at times like this I really don't recognize him anymore.

He narrows his eyes at me. "You really don't know?" He asks.

I sigh as I lightly knock my knuckles against my forehead in exasperation. "If this is about what I just said, I wasn't serious. I don't know why I said it like that but of course I'm not dating Silas. Silas just said that because Colby was bothering me. You're my best friend. If I ever decided to date anyone of course you'd be the first to know. Also, if I did date anyone it most likely wouldn't be Silas of all people."

Levi's facial features seem to relax slightly but there's still a strange edge to him that tells me he's still bothered by something.

"I still can't understand though why everything has become so difficult like this. Everything was like it always was and then all of a sudden out of nowhere you're telling me you love me and since then it's like you're always on edge of snapping. I can't understand. I don't want to understand this. I want it to stop." Without meaning to I pour out all the thoughts I've had bottle up inside for quite some time.

Levi's lips twist downwards. "I don't know why either. In the past never thought of you as more than a friend before but then one day I just started noticing things I never did before and then suddenly all I could think about was you." He mumbles out.

It's silent for a moment before he continues speaking again,"Maybe I'm just confused since you're the closest girl to me. Maybe I just need to get it out of my system. If I can do that then I think we can return to the way we used to be."

"Get it out of your system?" I repeat back feeling confused as to what he means. "How would you do that?"

“I think- I think I just need to kiss you. That would be enough. I can kiss you, right?” He says in a lower tone than normal as he leans dangerously close to me.

I hold my hands out to keep him from getting any closer. “Wait. I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” I protest.

It's not like we haven't kissed once before but back then it had just been out of curiosity. I had never planned on kissing him ever again.

Levi stares at me with sad eyes. “Just once, Rin. Let me kiss you just once, okay? Please. I won’t even kiss you again after this. It'll be the last time I swear.”

I feel torn. I want to say no. There’s no point in us kissing, but the look in his eyes paired with the shaky and fragile tone of his voice seems to have stirred something in me that makes me feel guilty for wanting to say no.

If this is what he needs to end all this then I can ignore my gut feeling about this being a bad idea but only if he's sure that this will work.

“If I let you kiss me will everything go back to normal?” I ask quietly.

That’s all I want is for things to go back to how they used to be.

Levi nods. “Yes, I promise.”

I chew nervously on my bottom lip before letting out a small sigh. “Okay. We'll kiss but it'll only be this one last time so-” before I can finish what I’m saying Levi’s lips press against mine, instantly stopping me from continuing my sentence.

The unspoken words I had wanted to say linger in the air, “-so don't misunderstand my intentions since this can't happen ever again.”

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