Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 25: I Refuse To Believe This Is A Date

The next few days go by in a blink of an eye.

Nothing unusual happens. School is boring, Levi and Silas stay by my side as much as they possibly can during school hours, they also argue like children as much as they possibly can too, Silas keeps wanting to carry me at any given moment, Levi always drives me home even on days that he has baseball practice, and I’m still receiving those stupid notes in my mailbox.

I’m finally able to go to school without those annoying crutches. My ankle is still slightly sore, but it feels nice to be on my own two feet again.

Even though I’m no longer on crutches, Silas and Levi still are by my side in between every class and at lunch period.

In my last class, the teacher gives us a free period. It takes me about half of the class time to complete the homework I have due for tomorrow. The rest of the time I spend playing games on my phone.

When the last bell of the day rings I remember something that I have been trying to forget for a the last few days...

It’s Friday which means I have a dreaded “date” with Silas after school today.

Even though I don’t want to go, I feel like I don’t have a good excuse to say no.

Compared to Levi’s request for a kiss, a simple request for a date shouldn’t be too bad right?

My face flushes just from thinking about the kiss I had with Levi not that long ago. Why did I kiss him back and why do I feel so embarrassed about it even though nothing like that has happened since?

I wave my hand above my head as if it will fan away those thoughts that I no longer want to think about.

The classroom has cleared out a bit so I grab my school bag and get up to leave.

Silas is waiting for me as I exit my classroom. My eyes seem to instantly search around for something else.

“The baseball team has an away game on Monday so Levi has mandatory practice and it’ll be until very late.” Silas explains, seeming to have realized that I was looking for Levi. “Besides, even if he didn’t have practice we were going to ditch him anyways. No third wheels allowed on our date.”

I let out a loud sigh. “Is a date really necessary? Can we at least call it something else? Let’s just say we’re hanging out. Yeah, hanging out sounds better.”

“Call it whatever makes you feel better but in the end it’s still a date.” Silas casually says as he grabs my bag from me, swinging it over his shoulder before starting off down the hallway.

Watching his retreating figure I can’t help but wonder when he grew up so much?

I think back to when we were in middle school. He was still the same height as me and his build was much more boyish. Compared to Levi he’s definitely not quite as broad or athletic but Silas still has his own charms with his height that is a few inches over six feet and his long legs and lean body type.

“Are you going to just stand there forever or are you coming?” He calls out, breaking me from my thoughts.

I blink as I realize I’m still standing in the same spot. “Coming!” I quickly follow after him.

We walk home together since Silas is insisting that we both should change clothes before our “date” and he wants to borrow his mother’s car. I need to get the mail for anyone else does so I have no real complaints with walking home first.

Silas silently judges me as I retrieve the mail, discarding of the hate note directed towards me. After that we both enter our respective houses.

As I slowly climb up the stairs I get a message from Silas, “Try to wear something semi-decent or I’ll change you myself.”

I scrunch up my face in disgust. What a pervert. I send back, “I'm starting to think you really want me to punch you."

No response.

Once I’m in my room I start to rummage through my closet.

I don’t understand why I need to change. What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now and what does semi-decent even mean?

After about five minutes of mulling over my options- or lack of options really since most my clothes are for bumming around my house- I finally get changed.

I grab a stray hair tie off my dresser, using it to tie my hair into a messy bun. I then make sure I have everything I need (aka my phone, my house key, and my wallet) tucked into my back pocket.

Walking out into the hall wall I take a moment to glance in the full length mirror that’s placed on the all across from my bedroom.

I don’t usually put in a whole lot of effort into my appearance but when I do you better believe I damn well appreciate myself for it.

The baggy white t-shirt I was wearing before has been replaced with a red tank top that’s more form fitting at the top and loose on the bottom. I also had switched out my old tattered blue jeans for a newer pair of black skinny jeans and my out of shape white tennis shoes for a pair of hardly even worn light grey converse. I also added a thin knitted light grey cardigan in case my arms get cold. I have it tied around my waist at the moment.

I look good but not like I'm trying too hard to look good. It gives off the same simple, causal, and comfortable vibes as what I normally wear.

When I leave my house, Silas is pulled up in my drive way in his mom’s 1999 Camaro. His mom never really drives it so I’ve never seen it outside of the Whittenbeck’s garage.

As I open the car door Silas lets out a low whistle. I ignore him.

“That thing still runs?” I say in awe as I get in the car.

“Of course it still runs. What did you think it was just for show?” Silas responds back in a sarcastic tone that makes me roll my eyes.

As Silas started to drive a ominous thought crosses my mind. “Hey,” I hesitantly speak up. “You got permission from your mom to drive her car, right?”

Silas’ just smirks as his eyes stay on the road.

That smirk is enough to let me know that he in fact did not get permission and most likely sneaked out of the house with the keys.

Not sure if I should applaud him for being so dedicate towards his bad boy role or if I should call him an idiot for always making unnecessary trouble for the both of us.

Instead I focus my attention else where. While I roll down the window I casually question, “So where are we going?”

“Out of town.” Silas says not really giving me a clear answer.

Of course we’re going out of town. It’s not like there’s much to do in this small town. I sigh as I decide not to question any further.

It doesn’t matter to me since I already let my parents know this morning that I won’t be home until later. Since it’s Friday, as long as I’m back before my 11 pm curfew then it’s fine.

Silas pulls the car into the parking lot of the huge mall located in the city that neighbors the town we live in.

I haven’t been here since I was a kid.

I take a moment to roll up the window and unbuckle my seat belt. Before I can exit the car, Silas is at my side opening the door for me.

I give him a strange look as a I murmur a thank you.

After closing the door behind me and locking the car up, Silas grabs my hand and starts to pull me towards the main entrance of the mall.

I stare at his fingers which he has expertly laced through mine.

...This really isn't a date, right?

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