Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 26: He's The Worst But So Am I

As soon as we’re inside the mall, Silas immediately leads us into the elevator pressing the button for the third level.

This mall has three main levels. Level one contains a variety on stores, level two is the food court, and level three has a movie theater on one side and an arcade on the other.

When the elevator opens Silas starts tugging me towards the side where the arcade is.

“We haven’t been here in such a long time, huh? I wonder how much it’s changed.” He says. He lets out a laugh that sounds so child like, almost reminding me of the way he used to be back when we were still friends.

It’s the first time I’ve gotten a chance to look at him properly now that he’s out of the car. Earlier today when we were at school he had been wearing a black t-shirt, a light acid wash jean jacket, dark jeans, and black sneakers.

Despite there being nothing wrong with what he was wearing at school he’s completely changed his outfit expect for his shoes. Now he’s wearing a ashy blue colored t-shirt, a white unbuttoned button-down shirt as an outer layer, a dark grey cargo shorts, and a black leather bracelet that I got him as a present for this birthday over five years ago.

I’d say that this outfit suits him, but to be honest any kind of style of clothing suits him anyways.

He catches me looking at him. His light green eyes dazzle under the bright lights and his smile is wide and boyish. He looks quite different without the leering look in his eyes or devilish smirk that I had grown disgustingly accustomed to in the past four years.

I can’t help but feel mesmerized by him right now.

I never knew just how much I missed this side of him until now.

Before I know it we’ve already entered the arcade area an Silas is holding a sack of tokens in one hands as his other hand grips mine tightly as he pulls me in every which direction, wanting to play practically every game that catches his eye.

After about an hour of constantly playing arcade games Silas says, “Isn’t this the perfect place for a date?”

I shake my head slightly. “This isn’t a date.” I mumbled under my breath.

Suddenly he gets close to me, so close that I can smell a hint of mint and lemon. “You’re just shy because this is your first time, right?” He whispers in an almost suggestive tone. “Your first date that is.” He then adds after a moment.

“I-” I feel flustered as I struggle to try to respond back. As I try to string together a cohesive sentence I feel a tug at my hand again as Silas starts tugging me across the arcade again.

In no time at all he’s pushing me inside of a photo booth that’s located towards the back of the arcade. The space is so small that the right side of his body presses lightly against the right side of mine as he inserts tokens and starts pressing at options on the screen.

Silas snakes his arm around my waist, lopping it under the cardigan tied there as he gently nudges me to stand in front of him. His head leans down to rest against my shoulder. I turn my head towards him in surprise

I’m still looking at him when the camera flashes, disorienting me.

While I’m still recovering from the flash, he moves me more towards the left of him so I’m now close to the exit of the photo booth.

He pulls me as close as possible. “I just want to give you a fair warning now. If you’re still by my side in ten seconds then I’m going to kiss you.” He whispers as the camera flashes again. “What are you going to do? Stay or leave?”

My eyes widen as I quickly process what he just said.

My thoughts instantly become conflicted.

The seemingly logical side of my mind screams: LEAVE! Get the hell out of this photo booth right now!

The part of my mind that’s probably gone insane shouts even louder: Don’t ruin the mood. Stay you freaking coward! STAY!

Unsure of what to do my heart beats at an uncontrollable pace as I feel the end of the ten second time period get closer.

After being frozen in place for what seems like a long time but in reality is only ten seconds, I start to inch to move out of this small suffocating space, making my decision. However I don’t get far before Silas is pulling me back to him. “Too late, time is up.”

His lips press against mine just as the camera flashes for a final time.

The kiss only lasts a few seconds before I feel my hand smack hard against his face.

My face heats up in embarrassment as I rush out. “I have to pee!” I make an excuse so I can go hide in the bathroom that's located in the area inbetween the movie theater and arcade.

As I stand in front of the bathroom mirror looking at how red my face is I have to fight the urge to want to bang my head against the counter.


So stupid.

Why does my face had to get so flushed and red like this and why did I have to go and say something so embarrassing while running away?

I run the faucet before using my hands to splash cold water on my face. I do this several times.

After using a paper towel to dry off my face I glance in the mirror again. Without meaning to my eyes look towards the reflection of my lips. I reach out to run my thumb across my bottom lip.

This was the third time Silas and I kissed. The other two times were suddenly, and while this one was a bit sudden as well at least he had warned me first.

I hadn’t meant to slap him but I guess it’s just become a reflex at this point since I’m always on guard when it comes to him.

Once I feel like I’ve calmed down enough I finally leave the bathroom.

Silas is standing across from the bathroom area obviously waiting for me.

I instantly notice that the left side of his face where my hand had previous made contact is red and sore looking.

“Rin,” he says as he holds up a hand like he’s worried that I don’t see him even though he's standing right in front of me. “Over here."

I feel confused because he seems so calm.

Shouldn’t he be angry at me?

As he walks towards me he reaches his hand at first like he’s going to grab my hand like he has before, but then he seems to think twice about it as he lets his hand fall down to his side instead.

"Let's go get some frozen yogurt." He gives me a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes and then without waiting for my response he turns to walk towards the elevator.

Part of me feels bad and another part of me doesn’t.

He’s the worst for kissing me even know I was trying to avoid it; however, I’m also the worst because I didn’t dislike it yet I still slapped him anyways.

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