Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 28: Public Indecency Leads To Being Stranded

Yesterday if anyone had told me that I would be initiating a kiss with Silas I would have called them a lunatic.

Today I’m apparently a lunatic.

What on earth am I doing?

It’s so hard to think with the loud sound of blood rushing to my eyes and the uncomfortable feeling of my heart beating so fast like it’s about to pop right out of my chest.

Adrenaline. It’s just adrenaline, right?

My lips barely pressed against his before I move away.

I take a deep breath as I wipe my hand, getting rid of whatever tears remain on my face.

I finally feel able to speak now.

“Sorry. I don’t know why I just did that. I-” I’m not able to finished my sentence before Silas is pulling me back to him, quickly pressing his lips back against mine.

Why is it that both him and his brother like to cut me off before I finish saying something important?

I try to remember what I had just been about to say but as Silas’ lips fiercely mime. it all melts away, completely forgotten.

Before I know it, Silas moves me over the middle console so I’m practically sitting on his lap

This kiss isn’t gentle at all as Silas seems to kiss me with so much urgency that I’m worried my lips will split if it goes on for much longer.

A knocking sound causes me to push Silas back a bit, breaking the kiss.

In confusion I look up to see a middle aged woman standing next to the passenger side of the car, her face nearly pressed against the window and their hand still in raised from when she knocked on the window.

She motions with her hands for Silas to roll down the window. Since the car isn’t running, Silas instead open the door, causing the woman to step back

Glancing at her I notice she’s wearing a uniform indicating that she’s a staff member of the hall.

She looks annoyed as she says, “Sir, this is a parking lot not a motel. I’m sorry but due to complaints we’re doing to have to ask you to leave for today.”

I glance around to see there’s also a small group of group glancing at our car from a small distance.

Oh sweet baby cheez-its, end me now.

I cover my hands over my face in embarrassment.

“Oh. Sorry about that. No problem. We’re leaving now.” Silas voice sound so casual and relaxed, as if getting caught making out and then asked to leave is some mundane situation for him.

Knowing Silas it probably is...

I’m too embarrassed to move my hands from my face but at some point Silas must have gotten out of the car and went to the drivers side because I hear the car start up.

It doesn’t take long before we’re driving away from the mall.

I slowly peek through my fingers, peering to the side to see he’s grinning as if he’s trying to hold back laughter.

Gosh, how can he be this shameless while I’m over here mortified?

As I finally remove my hands from my face, I lean my head against the window watching the passing scenery.

At first I thought Silas was driving us back home, but the more I look out the window the more I realize that this isn’t the way back home.

“Where are we going?” I say as I turn to look at him.

“To a motel of course,” Silas deadpans.

Did he just say what I think he said?

“WHAT?!” My voice is so loud that Silas jumps causing the car to slightly swerve partly off the road and onto the dirt for a moment.

“Relax! I was just kidding. I just want to drive around a bit since I don’t want to head back yet.” He says as he maneuvers the car back into place.

I feel a little relieved but also still a bit skeptical. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually was planning to drive to a motel since he’s such a pervert after all.

It's quiet as Silas drives. I close by eyes for a moment.

Or at least I thought it was a moment but when I open my eyes the sun is setting and the sky is starting to darken.

The car is stopped on the side of the road, half in the dirt on what looks like an old back road with the closest place being miles away.

Realizing I'm alone in the car I instantly start searching for any sign of Silas.

When I get out of the car I instantly spot him. He's down next to the rear tire on the passengers' side of the car.

Worry washed over me as I ask, "What's wrong?"

Silas gets up from the ground. "Flat tire" He replies as he walked towards me. As he gets closer I can hear him cursing under his breath as well as muttered something along the lines of, "If mom and dad find out I'm even more dead".

He pulls out his phone and quickly presses the screen a few times before putting it up to his ear. "Levi," He says, causing a pain in my chest and a weird flippy feeling in my stomach. I immediately tense up.

As if sensing my tenseness he wraps an arm around my waist which only succeeds in causing me to tense up even more.

I try to wiggle out of his grasp, but he only wraps his arm around me more not allowing me to move from his reach.

"Listen, I need you to come where I'm at now him a spare tire. It's life or death." He pauses for a moment, possible listening to what his brother is saying.

"No, I'm not hurt." Another pause. "Just because I'm not hurt doesn't mean it's not a life or death situation. Look, I took the Camaro out for a drive and now it has a flat town. If you don't help then you're going to end up being an only child because mom and dad will surely murder me."

There's yet again another pause, however this one is twice as long as the other ones and I can see Silas' expression visibly darken as if he's slowly become frustrated or angry. "Yeah, yeah, I know. You're right. How dare I call you when you're having a short break from baseball practice. It's not like it's an emergency or anything that I'm stranded out of town." His tone is so sarcastic that I flinch even though it's not even directed at me. "Look, I can wait. Once practice ends please just go get the spare tire and bringing it to me."

There's an even longer pause in which Silas looks even more angry than he did seconds ago.

I try again to move out of his grasp but his arm is wrapped around me not tight enough to hurt but tight enough that I can't move even an inch away.

"Silas, please let go." I murmur out as I peer up at him from beneath my eyelashes.

Silas' attention casts towards me. The expression on his face almost instantly softens. "Wait, stay put right here Rin."

Right after he says my name his expression instantly darkens again. "Oh, so now that you hear me say Rin's name you suddenly care?" He practically growls into the phone, his tone rough and bitter sounding. "Wait, what did you just say? Fuc-" He stops short.

He peers at me for a moment before finally letting go. He then starts to walk away from me to continue his call with Levi.

I tug at the loose strands of hair that must have fallen out of my bun at some point today as I stand there for a moment longer watching Silas' back.

After several moments I see Silas hang up his phone before turning to walk towards me again.

As he gets closer his expression is unreadable.

"Levi's leaving practice now and will be on his way after stopping home to get a spare tire." As Silas speaks, there's an edge to his tone that I can't quite place. "Come on, lets wait in the car." He says, grabbing my hand and tugging me towards the vehicle.

I can't help but feel like something is off but I ignore the warning signs going off in my head as I follow him.

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