Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 3: Stealth Mode Doesn't Always Work

I have manged to avoid both Levi and Silas for two days now. This has been an almost impossible task to do. Emphasis on almost.

They both live next door ever since I can remember so they basically walk into my house whenever they feel like it.

That's pretty rude now that I think of it. They should just ring the doorbell or at least knock on my bedroom door before swinging it open. It’s not like I just barge into their home without a real reason...

Levi’s my best friend so usually I don’t mind when he lets himself in but there’s still a limit to that. I’m pretty sure he’s walked in on me changing at least a dozen times by now. I didn’t seem to care back when when he did but now I’m suddenly feeling self conscious just remembering about it.

It’s not that I am okay with him barging in my room while I'm in my underwear it’s just that I didn’t see the big deal before... Being in your underwear isn’t any more revealing than walking around in a swimsuit, right? However, I guess that all changes once the word love is mentioned...

Now I’m just hoping that he’s going to do weird things to himself to the memory of me being half naked.


Silas is more of a problem. Not only does he like to barge into places he doesn’t belong,but he also knows how to pick locks. Seriously. Who does shit like that? Is he aiming to be a career criminal in the future or something?

Even though in the past I never had minded when Levi walked in on me, Silas is a different story. He always receives a good punch to the shoulder every time he walks in while I'm changing or tries to pick my bedroom lock to do so.

That weirdo definitely would do dirty things while thinking about me.

Again, gross.

Anyways, I am careful to avoid any interaction with either of the twins.

My mom thinks I'm being rude the past two days for refusing to come out of my room when Levi comes over or for blocking my door with my dresser when Silas comes over.

I think I'm being smart though since my plan seems to have worked out pretty well..

Or at least it works at home.

At school I have to use the Avoid-Common-Hallways-And-Don’t-Go-Near-Anything-To-Do-With-Music-Or-Sports strategy.

I also skip three of my classes: Chemistry, AP English, and Gym.

I share Chemistry with Silas. Unfortunately he's my lab partner.

I have AP English with Levi. His assigned seat is the one directly in front of mine. Those classes are mandatory to skip if I want to avoid them both.

I have no real excuse to skip gym. I just don’t like getting all sweaty.

Alas, despite all my efforts Operation Avoid He-Who-Only-Pisses-Me-Off (Silas) and He-Who-Is-Probably-Pissed-Off-At-Me-Right-Now (Levi) has come to an end at this very moment.

And by has come to an end I mean it’s been foiled by my parents; mainly my mom.

As per usual Friday night my mom has invited the Whittenbeck’s over for diner.

I would hide in my room the whole night but my mom would probably break down the door and drag me out. If I ran she’d have no problem tying me to the chair all while managing to keep a perfect smile.

Yeah she’s that type of mom. No kidding.

Mom already warned me about my behavior. As punishment not only am I going to have to deal with the Whittenbeck twins but my mom went shopping yesterday and bought me a “nice” outfit.

Apparently she thinks a black high-waisted pencil skirt with a matching crop top and a pair of silver heels counts as “nice”.

I don’t usually complain when I’m bought something but this get up just isn’t my type of thing. I prefer jeans and an over sized t-shirt. Comfort over style. That’s the best way to go but my mom just doesn’t agree.

So, here I sit at the dinner table with Levi on one side of me and Silas on the other.

Levi’s foot keeps touching mine from under the table and Silas keeps trying to run his hands up one of my legs.

Are these two serious?

“Rin, dear, can you pass the mashed potatoes?” Mrs. Whittenbeck asks.

I fake a smile as I nod. “Sure, Mrs. Whittenbeck.” I say politely since my mom is watching me like a hawk. As I go to pass the bowl I stomp down on Levi’s foot and I use my free hand to slap Silas’ hand off my leg.

Levi lets out a groan as he reaches under the table to grab his foot. Silas just simply puts his hand back on my leg again as if I haven’t been repetitively removing it.

It seems Levi’s pain and Silas’ obvious up-to-no-good behavior goes unknown as the adults decide to have a conversation among themselves.

“Jeez, Rin. What’s wrong with you?” Levi whispers out sending a glare my way.

“Yeah, Rin. What’s wrong?” Silas whispers out in a mocking tone as he purposely leans in way too close.

If I wasn’t worried about getting in trouble I would punch them both right now.

“Nothing’s wrong. Just keep your body parts to yourselves unless you want to lose them.” I whisper through my teeth.

Silas lets out a loud laugh as if he thinks I’m joking. Levi seems to get the hint though since he knows I’m being serious.

“Wait- You said body parts and yourselves. That’s plural.” Levi says looking confused at first. Then his eyes dart to Silas.

They both narrow their eyes at each other. I feel a murderous aura beginning to brew.

No es bueno.

It’s not good at all. Especially not when I’m sitting right between them.

They better not try to kill each other right now. That’s just not okay. They should at least consider the fact that I don’t want to have to scrub their blood out of the cream colored carpets. Can’t they wait until they get to their own home? Common courtesy and all.

After we all finish eating, their parents and mine decide to have a conversation in the living room forcing us to go upstairs to my bedroom.

I rather not be alone with them right now but I don’t really have a choice.

I’m sitting on the edge of my queen sized bed with them sitting on either side of me just like at the dinner table.

I’m alone with a pair of hot twins who both seem to have interest in me.

Isn’t this a fantasy situation for most girls? Shouldn’t I be happy about this?

If so then why does this seem more like the start of a horror flick rather than a romantic scene?

Oh, right.

That murderous aura still hangs in the air like pollution and I don't have any romantic interest in either of them.

Silas leans over to brush a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Levi then leans over to shove him. They both then lean in uncomfortably close to me while they glare at each other intensely.

This is so damn awkward.

“Um... I’m going to go change out of these clothes.” I say as I get up from the bed.

Truthfully I just want an excuse to leave the room for a bit.

I quickly go over to my dresser getting out a large green t-shirt and pair of white shorts.

“Should you be wearing white? What about the mess you were blabbing about the other day?” Silas taunts me with a wicked grin.

I grip the clothes in hand tightly. “Shut up,” I grumble.

“You’re an asshole. Don’t make fun of her.” Levi scolds his brother.

Silas lets out a sarcastic sounding chuckle. “Like I want to hear that from a creep like you. You’re the one who keeps a picture of Rin under your pillow. God, I can’t believe you were-”

Before I can hear the rest of what Silas is saying I rush out of my bedroom.

…I don’t even want to know what he’s talking about.

As I walk down the hallway I decide to pretend like I never heard such a disturbing thing.

While in the bathroom I check myself out after I’ve changed.

My face still looks the same just as it did a few days ago when I checked it.

I reach my hands up to grope my own chest wondering if I secretly gained a cup size without knowing it. Nope. Still barely a B cup.

I then spin around to look at my butt in the mirror. It’s the same as it’s always been as well.

I mean, it’s fair to say that I have slightly above average looks.

I’m no where near being a supermodel or a southern beauty queen but I think I’m kind of pretty.

It’s not my looks that have me concerned though.

What I’m concerned about is the fact that two boys who I’ve known my whole life are suddenly advancing on me.

I just don’t get it.

I just don’t get it at all.

Am I releasing an overwhelming amount of pheromones or something?

Or maybe I’m just being overly sensitive?

Yeah, maybe that’s it. I’m just being too sensitive to the situation.

Levi’s probably just confusing his feelings of platonic love for feelings of a romantic caliber.

I can sorta understand why he’d start to think he’s in love with me. I’m the closest girl to him. I’m practically like a little sister. He used to say that all the time when we were younger. That must be what he means when he drops the “L” bomb.

He loves me like he would family but I don’t think he’s really in love with me in the other sense of the word.

Then there’s Silas. He’s like a walking one-night-stand.

He’s probably just playing around or something because he likes the reactions I give him. Either that or he just physically wants me with no strings attached because that's the kind of guy he is. He has no reason to be seriously interested in me. Not only does he have plenty of girls who are willing to throw themselves at him but we both hate each other.

Yeah. He’s definitely just messing around with me. That flaky bastard.

By the time I leave the bathroom I feel like I am able to calm myself down and think rationally about everything.

I’m ready to call them both out on their bullshit.

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