Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 30: Levi To The Rescue? Or Not...

Author’s note: Sorry it’s taken me longer than usual to update. I have a double finger fracture so typing to type up a chapter has been a bit difficult. I just had my splint removed on Friday but still have a soft cast and it my won’t fully be healed until February so I’ll try my best to update though updates might be a bit slower and shorter than usual. Just wanted to quickly mention this.
Hopefully ya’ll are doing good and staying safe!

“Ask Levi.”

Those two words hang in the air heavy and full of implication that I can’t quite understand.

Ask Levi? Ask Levi what? What does Levi have to do with that?

I’m both confused and worried at what that means. Not wanting to focus on those words, my eyes instead draw towards the headlights coming down the road.

It’s not long before the vehicle comes into view. Unsurprisingly, it’s Levi’s truck.

As Levi’s truck pulls up onto the side of the road right behind the car, I get out but Silas doesn’t.

As Levi exits his truck he’s still dressed in his baseball uniform, cap and all. Even though he had to stop home first, why didn’t he change? I don’t ask. I also don’t dare to ask Levi about what Silas said.

Instead I nervously smile at him, unsure what to make of this whole situation. If Silas knows Levi and I kissed, does that mean Levi also knows I kissed Silas? It’s just another question that I don’t have the nerve to ask right now.

My eyes focus on something as I step closer to him. He has clay smudged right on the bridge of his nose. Without hesitating I reach out to remove it, gently flicking my thumb across the bridge of his nose.

“Are you okay?” He asks. I follow his eyes as they seem to slowly glance down at my body from head to toe and then back up.

Feeling a bit self conscious I unwrap my cardigan from my waist and put it on despite not feeling cold. “I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” I reply back.

Levi smiles as he reaches out his palm, using it to ruffle the top of my head.

“Hey!” I shout in annoyance as I move to try to cover my hands over the top of my head to defend from having him mess up my hair.

I hear a soft sound of laughter which causes me to peek up at Levi.

He smiles widely for a moment, however not long after his eyes seem to land on something causing his smile to vanish.

“What is that?” He asks in a suspicious tone.

In confusion all I can reply back is, “What?”

He grabs my wrist, snatching it away from the top of my head and yanking it towards himself. I realize that his eyes are fixed on the piano key print slap on bracelet. “What is that?” He repeats again, his tone evolving from suspicious to accusatory.

I try to pull my wrist from his grasp, but I fail due to his grip being too firm.

I furrow my eyebrows as I give him a strange look. “What do you mean? It’s just a bracelet from the mall’s arcade. Silas got it for me with some of the tickets we earned from games to get it for me.” I tell him.

“I don’t like it. Take it off.” He demands.

Why is he acting all weird over a bracelet? I don’t understand.

“Levi,” I can’t keep myself from sounding annoyed as I say his name. “Knock it off. This isn’t like you to say something like that.”

Levi shakes his head at me. “If you don’t take it off then I’ll take it off for you.” He says as he immediately goes to remove my bracelet.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?!” I raise my voice at him. I use my other hand to attempt to cover the bracelet to stop him from trying to remove it. “Stop it!”

As I struggle with Levi over my bracelet, I hear the car door slam. I look over my shoulder to see Silas walking over to us with a blank expression on his face.

It only take that little moment of distraction for Levi to pry my hand free and easily remove the slap-on bracelet, letting it fall to the ground. He takes his foot and kicks dirt on it.

What the hell? Why is he being like this?

I’ve never truly been completely angry at Levi until this moment.

It was just a cheap arcade prize, but that wasn’t the point. The point is that it was my bracelet and I liked it so he had no right to decide to just dispose of it for whatever reason he has. I never once felt disrespected by Levi until now. It hurts. How could I not be mad?

“What-” I pause, not wanting to say something I might regret. I try again, “You-”

“That’s enough.” I hear a deep voice say from next to me, cutting off what I was about to say.

Silas is by my side now. His eyes never look at me though, he only glances towards his brother.

“Big brother,” he says in a tone that just screams condescending since Silas never calls Levi big brother unless it’s to mock him. I can’t take my eyes off him as he bends over to pick up my bracelet while continuing to speak, “you shouldn’t take things that aren’t yours and try to ruin them.” There’s an edge to his ton. He stands back up holding the dirt stained bracelet in his hand.

I finally look back to Levi to see him glaring at Silas. “If it can be ruined that easily then maybe the intentions behind it were just as cheaply made?” He replies back.

What ever anger I felt before is drained. Now I just feel lost and confused. What are they talking about? The bracelet? Why does it sound to cryptic though? I don’t understand...

Silas drapes an arm over my shoulder as he leans forward a bit, his eyes on Levi the whole time. He smiles but it doesn’t seem to show in his eyes. “Can we please just replace the tire so we all can go home?”

I shrug Silas’ arm off of my shoulder. “Yes, please just fix the tire. I want to go home...” I mumble.

Levi opens his mouth like he wants to say something but he then closes it. He just stares at me for a moment before grumbling something under his breath that I can’t quite catch. He then turns around and heads to the bed of his truck, probably going to get the spare tire and a jack.

Silas hands me my bracelet. “It’s a bit dirty now, but I’m sure we can get some of the discoloration off if we wash it really good later.” This time when he smiles his eyes light up a bit and crinkle just slightly at the sides. “Give us ten minutes to replace the tire and then we’ll go home.” He adds before following after Levi.

After exactly ten minutes Levi and Silas replace the flat tire with the spare tire, however now there’s another issue.

“She’s riding home with me.” Levi says as he grabs my hand, pulling me towards him.

Silas counters back, “After how you just treated her? No way.”

Levi rolls his eyes. “Oh, like you treat her so good all the time?” He replies in a sarcastic tone. “You drove her here, I can drive her back.”

“Absolutely not.” Silas tells him. “Rin and I are on a date so there’s no way in hell that I’m letting another man drive her home.”

“A date? Yeah, right. Didn’t you pressure her into it?” Levi snaps.

Silas grabs onto the hem of Levi’s baseball shirt. “Didn’t you pressure her into kissing you?” He snaps back.

Levi then grabs onto Silas’ shirt as well. “Says the one who usually just kisses her without permission.”

My head feels dizzy from trying to keep up with them. “Knock it off, both of you!” I finally interrupt them. “Stop arguing. If you keep this up it'll start to get really dark, let's just go home!”

They both turn to look at me. “Tell him you’re riding home with me!” They say in unison.

I sigh as I took down the road.

I'm not saying hitchhiking is ever a good idea, but right about now I wish a random car would come down because at this point I'd take my chance with a stranger than to have to choose between riding home with Levi or Silas...

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