Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 36: This Is Why I Don't Like Public Places

As I stand in front of the back door to Murphey’s I start to regret every decision I’ve made today so far.

Everything has been a blur since this afternoon after Silas had come over to invite me out tonight. It’s like I’ve been on auto pilot up until now.

The door opens and Silas pokes his head out. “Hey, come on in.” He says but doesn’t give me time to reply before he’s pulling me inside.

I’m not supposed to be back here while they set up but Silas practically blew up my phone insisting that I come see him before his band plays.

He drapes his hand over my shoulder as he walks me towards a small group of people.

One is a guy with dark long hair. He looks around my age if not slightly younger. He’s adjusting the strap on his guitar, not even bothering to look up at us.

A second guy seems to be tuning a bass guitar. I instantly notice his nails are colored with bright pink nail polish and he has a tattoo of a bass clef on his middle finger. He seems cool. He looked up, nods his head at me, then goes back to what he’s doing.

Next to him stands a girl who looks about my age. Her eyelashes are so long they touch her eyebrows and she’s wearing an all black outfit that is almost entirely see-thru minus the crucial parts.

Looking at her all I can think about is how I would never wear something like that but if I did my mom would probably kill me, revive me, and then kill me again. More power to this chick for being able to because while I’m not a generally insecure person I would definitely be too insecure to wear something like that.

She narrows her eyes at me as she loudly smacks the gum in her mouth. “Who?” She utters out that one word in a tone that’s so unpleasant that I barely manage to stop myself from flinching.

“How many times do I have to tell you to spit out your gum if you’re gonna smack on it like some cow or something, Kami. Moooo.” A guy with bright red hair and a nose piercing, directs towards the girl.”

“Guys, this is Rin.” He says. He then gestures in order to each person starting from the guy fixing his guitar strap “Rin, this is Wyatt, Spencer, Kami, and Freddy.”

“Since when did you start bringing your flings backstage?” Kami says as she puts her hands on her hips and smacks her gum again.

All this time I thought Silas was the most annoying person on the planet but clearly I’m wrong because this girl seems to have him beat.

Freddy, the one with the red hair, rolls his eyes. “Stop being a jealous cow Kami. You know Silas never brings girls back stage. It’s clear she must be special so drop the catty attitude. ” He then turns to look at me, giving a wide smile. “Don’t mind her. Thanks for coming. Hope you’ll like our set and have a good time.”

I nod slightly but his words don’t do much to make me feel welcomed here.

I pull my phone out of my pocket to see that I have a few text messages from Levi.

I turn towards Silas. “Hey, I’m going to go back out and meet your brother at the front door. You guys start soon anyways and I don’t want to be a nuisance.” Without waiting for him to reply, I start heading back towards the door I came in from.

Right as I reach the door I feel something grab my wrist.

“Hey, wait for a moment.” I hear Silas whisper in my ear from behind. I can feel his hand shake slightly from around my wrist. “I’ve never been this nervous before a show before. I need some good luck first.” He says before letting go on my wrist.

Before I can process what is happening I feel him wrap his arms around me. He slouches down some so he can rest his chin on my shoulder. “I’m glad you came even if you invited Levi along too. All that matters is that you came here tonight to see me.I’ve never felt this anxious but excited before. Thank you for coming. I really mean it. ”

My heart feels like it’s beating a hundred miles a minute. What is up with him? Since when did he say these sickening sweet and cheesy types of words? And why do I kind of like it?

When he lets go of his hold around me I spin around to look at him.

I stand up on the tips of my toes. “Don’t break a drumstick” I whisper teasingly near his ear before ruffling his hair a bit. After that I open the door and step outside.

“What, are you trying to jinx me?” I hear him call out just before the door closes.

I walk back towards the front of the bar where Levi’s waiting for me along with five of his friends from the baseball team and a couple of girls that I think I recognize from school.

One of the girls, I think her name is Emily, is holding onto Levi’s arm but Levi quickly brushes her hand off as soon as he sees me walking towards them.

Emily- or whatever her name is- gives me a dirty look before turned to whisper something in the ear of the other girl that’s with them. The other girl who’s name I can’t recall at all glances at me before letting out a sound that can only be described as a high pitch cackle.

Well it’s not like this is anything new.

I ignore them as Levi takes my hand into his own, grasping it tightly so I can't let go as he pulls me towards the front doors of the bar. “Where were you? As soon as I turned around you were just gone.” He questions.

“Silas wanted me to come see him for a moment.” I hesitantly respond. I don’t know why I feel cautious telling him this but I can’t help but worry with how he’s been acting lately.

He doesn’t respond back as he continues to pull me towards the door. I look back to see his friends following closely behind. Except for the two girls everyone else smiles at me so I smile back before facing front again.

When we get to the door we have to pay a five dollar entry fee and wear orange plastic bracelets that indicate that we’re not allowed to buy alcohol.

The place is dimly lit inside. There’s a small stage area on the other side where I can see a drum-set already on stage and some people seeing to be setting up some other stuff.

It’s pretty packed in here since there’s really not much else to do on a Saturday night in this town.

I can faintly hear lofi music playing through the speakers, though it’s hard to hear with the loudness of all the people around us talking and laughing.

I go to sit at an empty table that I spot close to the stage.

Levi and his friendly linger towards the back but the two girls follow me.

When I sit down they both stand over me on either side with scowls marking their faces.

“Is it true that you’re dating both Silas and Levi?” One of them asks.

What. In. The. Hell...?

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