Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 37: Saturday Night Mess

I replay the question that had been asked to be over and over in my head again trying to make sense of it.

“Is it true that you’re dating both Silas and Levi?”

I look at them in confusion for a moment. Where would they get that from? When have I ever been dating either of them?

Wait. I remember now that Silas lied about being my boyfriend when Colby was bothering me. Does everyone know about that now? If so then it’s understandable to think I’m dating Silas, but why Levi too? What has been said or done that they know of to ever reach that conclusion?

I open my mouth to deny it but the words don’t seem to come out.

The other girl seems to take my silence as confirmation as she starts to rant at me, “It’s fine if you’re dating Silas but you can’t just date Levi too you know? Isn’t one enough for you? Why are you always all over both of them? It’s so gross. You don’t deserve either of them.”

I feel angry just hearing those words. I take a deep breath to stay calm. “I’m sorry, but do I know you both? Because last time I checked I don’t. Why don’t you two just mind your business and focus on yourselves? I have nothing to explain to either of you. What do you like Levi or Silas? If you do then go for it. I won’t stop you. Just leave me out of it.” I reply topping it off with the most sarcastic smile I can manage.

I mean really, why do I need to get berated by them like this when it’s Levi and Silas who are the ones who are all over me?

Maybe it’s my fault for being so dense when it comes to all this but it doesn’t mean I have to listen to complaints from two people I don’t even really know. They have no idea what’s going on and all just making baseless assumptions- well maybe the assumptions aren’t entirely baseless but it’s not like they should know not.

Their faces are scary at first but as Levi and his baseball team friends start to head over they both fake smile as if they weren’t just accusing me a second ago.

Levi comes to stand next to me, handing me a bottle of water he must have bought. “They should be starting soon, right?” He asks.

Before I can reply, the one girl- Emily or whatever- moves close enough to Levi that her arm is pressed against his. “Levi, can you get me a water too? I’m so thiiiiirsty.” She coes out in a baby-like tone. “It’s not fair if you only get water for just one person. Emma wants water too.” She says the last line while pointing at herself and pouting.

I think I just threw up in my mouth witnessing this... but I guess at least now I know her name isn’t Emily.

Levi pulls out his wallet before handing over a five dollar bill to the girl. “Here, go get some water.” He says with a sigh.

Emma doesn’t look happy by that response. “Come with me!” She pleads as she grabs onto the sleeve on Levi’s shirt and tugs.

Levi glances at me.

I just shrug my shoulders before mouthing, “please make it stop”.

Levi sighs again before directing his glance to Emma. “Fine, let’s go quickly. I want to be back before the sho-” before he can finish speaking Emma is already pulling him away.

The other girl looks in their direction. She takes a step like she’s going to follow but then she stops as if she had second thoughts or something. Instead she moves to talk to the guys from the baseball team.

Out of boredom I look at my phone as I gulp on the water Levi had brought me.

Just as I start typing a message to Silas asking when his band is going to play he texts me as if he read my mind or something.

“Five minutes tell we go on.”

I smile as I send back a thumbs up emoji.

I get up from the chair before walking towards one of Levi’s friends. “If Levi comes back tell him I went to the bathroom.” I tell him.

The guy nods in response. I nod back before heading towards the big illuminated sign near the entrance that reads “restroom”.

I don’t feel like I have to use the bathroom but I know myself well enough that if I don’t go now I’ll end up having to go really bad as soon as the band plays.

Afterwards while I’m washing my hands I can’t help but glance at my reflection in the mirror. My hair is down, falling past my shoulders to about waist length in loose waves with a silver hair clip pinning my overgrown fringe towards the right. I don’t usually wear much make up but for some reason I had put on eyeliner, mascara, and tinted lip balm before I had left the house. After seeing that girl who’s part of Silas’ band and all the other girls here tonight I suddenly start to regret wearing my faded and frayed dark skinny jeans, oversized light blue sweater with a white tank top under, and blue studded boots.

Am I too plain?

You know what, forget that. Plain or not it doesn’t matter because I’m here to support Silas.

“This will be a good night so stop worrying, get back out there, and have fun.” I pep talk myself with a smile before leaving the bathroom.

As I start to head back towards the stage I notice Levi and Emma talking towards the left back corner of the bar.

They look like they’re arguing about something.

I know I should mind my business and just head back towards our spot by the stage but my feet don’t listen as I move closer towards them.

Neither of them notice me as I get close enough to where I can hear them.

“Why are you so angry? Didn’t we do as you asked?” Emma huffs out in a whiny tone.

“I told you guys to scare her a little so she would come to me more, not intentionally hurt her and trash her locker. You took it too far.” I can hear the harshness in his tone. “Not only has she not mentioned it at all but now she’s closer to Silas than ever.

What... What are they talking about?

Emma puts her hands on her hips, “Come to you? What are you talking about? You said you wanted her to leave you and your brother alone. What the hell? Are you trying to tell me that you asked me to scare her towards you and not away from you? Are you fuc-” her voice cuts off as her eyes finally meet mine. She looks surprised at first but then her face twists up into a smirk. “Hey, Rin.” She says as loudly as she possibly can and in what has to be the most condescending tone I’ve ever heard.

Levi immediately turns towards my direction. He looks panic. “Rin, how long have you been standing there?” He asks.

My heart pounds quickly and my chest feels so painful. I feel like I can’t breathe.

I open my mouth to try to respond but my voice won’t come out.

Did I hear all that correctly. The notes and all the surrounding incidents were orchestrated by Levi?

My Levi? My best friend Levi who’s always been my rock and comfort through everything?

No. This is wrong. This can’t be right.

Levi would never do something like that.

His words from this morning suddenly come to mind, “Would you feel the same way even if I might have done something bad?”

I can feel tears start to form as I finally manage to push out the words, “Long enough.”

I rush back towards the bathroom as I can feel a hot tear roll its way down my left cheek. I hate crying and there’s no way I want to cry in front of Levi, that chick, and all the people around us.

I can hear Levi call my name but I just keep walking until I reach the bathroom, slamming the door closed and locking it.

By now I can’t stop the tears.

Levi bangs on the door and tries to talk to me but I can't focus enough to hear what he's saying.

All I can hear are the ugly shaky sobs that come out every time I try to breath.
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