Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 43: One Of Those Daze

When my alarm sounds off in the morning, I fight the urge to unplug it and roll back over.

Sitting up, I let out a sigh as I push away the frizzy mess of hair that drapes over my face.

I couldn’t fall asleep until 3 am because of all the thoughts going through my head since yesterday.

Yesterday Silas left after having made me instant noodles. I cried a bit when he was gone but after that I haven't cried since, yet my eyes still feel heavy. I can bet they’re still puffy without even looking in a mirror.

It takes a lot of internal motivation before I'm able to force myself up and out of my room to get ready.

An hour later I'm sitting at my desk in the classroom feeling almost like I'm on auto-pilot. I don't even remember if I ate before I left or how I got here. I'm just here somehow.

As the progresses I just go with the motions but don't really pay much attention except making sure to avoid one particular person.

I think Silas walks with me to each class despite only having one class with me. During the class I have with Levi I don't even notice him because everything around me feels jumble and I make sure my eyes never land on him.

Everything just goes by like a blur. I fake a smile and pretend to focus when really I have no idea the different between where, why, how, and when at this moment.

I'm just going with the motions as if some scripted play that cuts scenes so often.

It's after school now. The bell must have rang. I'm standing by myself at Silas' locker. Why am I here again? I look down to my phone in my hand, glancing at the message from Silas saying to wait for him, because he forgot something in the music room.

I trace my finger against the cold mental of Silas' locker, his books at my feet because I must have gotten tired of carrying them. Silas has let me borrow his books all day since he said he never uses them anyways.

My locker currently still unusable because of the pudding incident and of course my books were destroyed as well.

I'm still mad about the waste of perfectly good pudding. I'm also mad now that I think about that the person who potentially was the cause of my locker getting trashed was standing right next to me pretending to be just as surprised as I was.


Did he really do all that? Not even just the notes and weird occurrences going on but also the bullying from middle school? I know Silas told me he did but I guess part of me still wants to believe that there's something missing here or some sort of misunderstanding.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Levi standing maybe ten feet away, staring at me from down the hallway.

What the heck? Did my momentary thoughts directed towards him somehow summon him?

I don't think I'm ready to face him yet as I make sure to advert my eyes away from his direction

I can feel his eyes on me but I don’t look back. I clench and clench my fist as my nerves seem to get the best of me.

I knew it was inevitable that I would see him at school. Even if I did avoid him at school then I would eventually see him somehow since he lives right next door.

As I look in the opposite direction I see someone else looking at me.


Oh no. Not this guy again. I have to resist the urge to want to roll my eyes.

Don't come over here. I want to say that out loud but instead I just keep thinking it over and over again.

No luck. He starts walking towards me.

I turn in the other direction only to see Levi standing closer now maybe a good four feet away. He takes a step closer as well.

Whelp. Guess I'm turning back around.

When I turn back again this time Colby's right in front of me. "I need to talk to you." He says with a crazy look in his eyes.

"Yeah, sure. Let's go outside." I say without even giving it much thought first. I grab him by the sleeve of his shirt before leading him towards the main exit.

You know things are a mess when I feel almost relieved to have Colby of all people intercepting me. Like this dude is a creep and don’t trust him at all at all but at this moment he’s only slightly less anxiety inducing as the person who’s suppose to be my best friend.

At least with Colby I already know where my feelings stand- I 100% do not like him or trust him in the slightest. It's easier to keep my guard up with him where as I'm not sure how I would react if I have to face Liam right now.

I still need time to prepare before I can actually confront him.

I barely take a few steps before I feel something grab my wrist. I don't even need to look to know that it's Levi. I swing my arm slightly, slipping my wrist out of his grip mumbling under my breath, "Don't touch me."

Without another hitch, I make my way outside the building. Colby and I stand in the courtyard.

I go to quickly text Silas telling him to meet me in the courtyard instead of at his locker, but before I can finish typing my phone is snatched from my hand.

"Don't text that psycho. If he sees me next to you he'll beat me up." Colby says as he holds my phone up high where I can't reach it even if I try to jump for it.

I cross my arms over my chest as I stare him down. "You'd probably deserve it." I reply back.

Colby glares at me for a long moment before he seems to give what can only be described as a sarcastic smirk. "Why? Because I kissed you while you were sleeping or put roses in your locker? Don't you think you and your little boyfriends are over reacting? So maybe I took things a little far because I thought you were just a bit hot and would be easy to get. My bad."

This time I don't resist the urge to roll my eyes. I purposely exaggerate while rolling my eyes too just because I want him to see it clearly of what I think about everything he just rambled off at the mouth about.

"Stop with the theatrics and listen to what I'm about to say," He hisses out. "If you think I'm bad then I suggest you stay away from those twins because they're even worse."

I roll my eyes yet again though this time I'm not as dramatic as I was before about it. There's nothing he can say that I probably don't already know by now. What could be worse than what I already know about Levi and Silas? Especially with what I learned in the last few days about Levi...

"Levi promised some chick and her friends that he'd date her or something if she threatened you a bit. She was bragging about it in one of my classes a week ago." Colby says.

I'm not shocked since I already pretty much knew that at this point, but I still feel hurt even having it mentioned again.

"And Silas, well you might want to check his photo gallery. The dude is seriously fucked in the head. Or did you already know that?"

His words strike a nerve. I have no idea what he's talking about and at this point I don't care since I have enough going wrong in my life that I don't need him making it worse.

Having had enough I stomp down hard on his foot.

He lets out a holler before dropping my phone to grade his foot.

I snatch my phone quickly. I don't bother finishing my text message to Silas. I hit the call button next to his name as I run off as fast as I can just in case Colby tries to retaliate.

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