Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 51: A Real Date

Silas has been driving for such a long time now without telling me where we’re going.

more and more. He keeps his left hand on the wheel and his right hand placed on my left knee.

“Silas where are we-” I try one last time but Silas just squeezes my knew and starts to sing along with the song playing now.

"'Cause I feel my life's been so tongue-tied. I'm trapped outside, inside my mind. I you feel like, that you're tongue-tied then we're tongue-tied together..."

I puff out my cheeks in annoyance but he either doesn’t see it since he’s driving or he ignores it.

"You're annoying!" I vocalize as loud as I can so that he can hear me over the music and his singing.

Among all the noise I can make out the distinct sound of him chuckling. He glances at me for a moment, sticks out his tongue, then looks back to the road. With a wide grin on his face he starts to sing again.

I feel my irritation towards him start to fade as I watch him happily singing. Unfair. It's so hard to be annoyed for long when he's like this. Even more unfair is that he's not even trying hard yet anytime he sings he sounds amazing. His deep and slightly raspy singing voice is different from the original artist's higher tone, yet this managing to fit in all the right ways. If he wasn't so obsessed with the drums I bet he'd make a great lead singer...

After awhile and many more songs I sigh as I turn my head to look out at the mundane scenery as the car passes by.

I must have doze off at some point because next thing I know I’m being shaken awake.

“Hm?” I let out a small sound as I open my eyes.

“Wake up drooling beauty, we’re here.” Silas says as he unbuckles my seat belt for me.

What did he just call me? Drooling beauty? That’s just rude. I don’t drool...

I move my hand to press it against my chin.

Oh... So, maybe I do drool in the sleep.

Well, nothing I can do about that. It’s only natural.

Silas laughs as he seems to notice my little actions and realization. He gives me a kiss on the forehead before he moves to get out of the car. “Don’t worry, it’s cute.”

He’s out of the car quickly before coming around to the passenger’s side where I am. Silas opens the door and helps me out of the car.

For the first time I fully look at Silas. His shaggy hair looks like it's been combed recently compared to the usual effortless bedhead look he usually has. He's wearing a pair of dark jeans, a grey and red stripped shirt, a black jacket, and a pair of black Nike shoes that look new.

He's dressed casually and besides his hair he doesn't look much different than usual, but why it is that I can't help but notice just how handsome he is today?

I divert my attention away from Silas. I look around the parking lot to try to take in my surroundings. It takes me a few seconds longer before I can fully comprehend where we are.

It’s a small fair grounds that has a huge three way slide, a Ferris wheel, some food stalls, games, and a few shops here or there. It’s nothing big like a state fair or an amusement park but just seeing the area again brings back memories of coming here as a child with my parents and Silas’ family. It seemed so much bigger back then and there was some things that have changed since, but my feelings of fondness is all the same.

“Let’s go,” Silas says as he takes my hand into his and starts to pull me towards the entrance.

As we walk around, Silas leans towards me as he softly speaks, “It’s been about what, ten years since we’ve been here? I was surprised that they’re still open after all this time but apparently just like old times they open up every weekend. Just a little less busy and less extravagant than I remember from when we were kids.”

I nod along as he speaks, listening even though my eyes are scanning around the area taking in both the familiar and unfamiliar sights of this place. In some ways it's the same and in some ways it's changed a lot.

We walk around for a while looking at the different little shops which all basically different areas of tables underneath a canapy. At one of the shops something catches my eye. It's a little black and white beaded bracelet with a dainty musical note charm in the center. I look at for such a long while that the lady in charge of the story comes up to me and says, "Oh, you have a good eye. You like this one? Usually I would charge $20 for it, but for you I might just bump it down to $18."

"Do you want it?" Silas asks as he looks to me.

I bite my lip before shaking my head.

It's cute, but that's way too expensive.

We move along, looking at other places as well but not really interested in buying anything.

After spending a while browsing around at the different shops, we decide to move over to the area with the different games.

Silas spends way too much time and money on a balloon popping game while I watch. After what seems like a long time of him missing many balloons, he finally manages to hit enough to get a small consultation prize.

"I want to try for a big one." He protests at first.

"This is fine, right? You tried your best and you earned something with that effort. Doesn't matter if it's big or small." I try to reason with him.

"But-" Before he can say another word, I take the small lizard stuff animal that the person in charge of the balloon popping game is holding out towards us.

I then take Silas' hand and pull him away from the games and towards the food stalls.

"I wanted to play some more games..." He mumbles.

"I'm hungry and so is Jaxon." I respond trying to sound cute.

Silas gives me a weird look. "Jaxon?"

I nod. "Yeah, Jaxon. The new friend you just won." I say as I hold up the lizard stuffed animal.

"You named it?" He says with a small laugh.

I hold Jaxon out towards Silas. "Sorry. I probably shouldn't of named him myself, but he looks like a Jaxon to me. Here. Name 'em whatever you want."

Silas shakes his head, not taking the stuffed animal from me. "No. It's fine. I think you're right. Jaxon is a good name for him. I was going to give whatever I won to you anyways so it's only fair that you name him and take good care of him." He says with a grin as he squeezes my hand playfully.

No longer distracted by wanting to still play games, Silas starts to lead us towards the food carts.

When end up getting a few fried chicken kabobs, a basket of homemade kettle chips with a side of cheese sauce for Silas, two cups of fresh iced lemonade, and a bag of spicy boiled peanuts for me.

We sit at an area with picnic tables to eat. "You know, I never thought we'd actually have a real date like this." Silas says before taking a bit of chicken.

"Hm?" I make a curious sound because my mouth is full.

In between bites Silas continues, "I guess in general I never thought I would ever even get to call you my girlfriend. Even with the misunderstandings settled, part of me always thought you'd still hate me or that you would decide not to date me. Or even worse, what if you ended up having stronger feelings for my brother instead?"

I just swallow a mouthful of chips but the shock of his last sentence as me letting out a cough in surprise. I gulp from my cup of lemonade to try to clear my throat before finally being able to answer, "I thought you wanted me to just pay attention to you and look at you today? Why are you bringing up Levi?" My voice sounds weak.

I've been doing a good job of not even letting Levi pop into my mind since we left the house, but just the mention of him is enough for me to picture the way he looked when we left.

I shake my head as I continue, "Listen, I'm here with you right now. We are on an actual date and I'm your girlfriend, right? Your brother had nothing to do with right now or our relationship. Okay?"

Silas puts his head down slightly. "I know. I just... this doesn't feel real. It's like any second I'm going to wake up from a dream and things will be like they were a few weeks ago or something. I can't shake that feeling that something bad will happen or I'll mess up or you'll change your mind."

I grab his hand and intertwine my fingers with his. "You're overthinking. Everything is going to be fine." I look around for a moment to make sure that there aren't many people around before I kiss him on the cheek and then on the lips. "I promise."

Silas squeezed my hand a little. His face seems to brighten up some as he lifts his head to give a small smile. "Gosh, what did I do to deserve you?" He murmurs.

After that we talk about music as we slowly finish all our food.

When we're done eating, Silas walks up towards where the Ferris wheel is.

I want to keep walking past it, but he stops.

He points towards the Ferris wheel.

"It's been such a long time. Want to ride this?"

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