Help Me, I'm the Victim of a Love Triangle

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Chapter 8: Is This Bad Juju Or Is It Just Me?

When we get home World War III breaks loose.

“I get to sleep in Rin’s room.” Levi declares.

Silas glares at him. “No, I get to sleep in Rin’s room.” He shoots back.

I’m seated on the couch hoping they’ll realize that I can hear them arguing over who gets to stay in my room.

“It’s Rin’s room. Therefore I, Rin, am sleeping alone in my own room. Neither of you are sleeping in my room with or without me.” I point out over and over again but they’re not listening to me.

They just keep arguing about it as if they actually think I’m stupid enough to let either one of them sleep in my bed with me.

Hell to the no.

There will be none of that at all. They can argue over it all they want but in the end I’m not allowing either of them to stay in my room.

“I’m her best friend so it’s not weird if I sleep in the same bed as her. It’s not like it’d be the first time.” Levi argues.

“Yeah, well then that means I can shower with her since it wouldn’t be the first time.” Silas sarcastically responds back.

They both get into each others faces still going on and on about who gets to sleep in my room.

I sigh as I get up from my spot on the couch, and move over to get in between them. “Stop it, both of you!” I yell as they both snap their heads to look at me. “I’ll sleep alone in my room.” I tell them with a look that means I’m dead serious.

“You,” I say as I point to Silas, “can sleep in the guest room.” I then turn to look at Levi. “You can sleep in my parents’ room.” I then add.

They both open their mouths probably to protest but I shut that down with a sharp look. “End of discussion.” I tell them.

God, aren’t they supposed to be my babysitters? Why does it feel more like I’m babysitting them?

I turn around and head towards the stairs.

“So I can still shower with you then?” Silas dares to say probably just kidding around or trying to lighten the mood.

It doesn’t work because both Levi and I yell at him to shut up.

I then continue upstairs and into my bedroom locking the door behind me.

It’s going to be a freaking long seven days, isn’t it?

I can already tell now that things just aren’t going to work out.

“Are you still up,” A voice whispers near my ear waking me up.

My first instinct is to punch the shit out of whoever is disturbing my sleep.

Not only is it dark as hell and I’m trying to sleep but I locked my door so no one should be in my room right now.

I don’t even check to see who it is. I think at times like this it’s best to punch first and ask questions later so I just punch the person square in what I think is their face.

“Ow! Goddammit Rin!” The person yells at me.

I know that voice...

I sit up and turn on the bedside lamp.

Silas is clutching his nose. I can see blood running out of his hand and dripping onto the floor.


This is the second time someone got a nose bleed in my room. That's just bad juju isn't it?

“I’m sorry!” I say as I get up quickly completely ignoring the fact that I’m only wearing a sports bra and a small pair of cotton shorts. Not like it matters anyways since it’s no one revealing then swimwear.

Still, Silas’ eyes bug out as he turns his head away.

I look to the clock to see that it’s just after midnight. I then turn back to look at Silas.

“Bathroom!” I yell at him grabbing him by the arm and trying to pull him out of my room and down the hall.

Once we’re in the bathroom I tend to his face. Luckily I don’t think anything’s broken. He just has a nose bleed from the force of me hitting him.

I feel a little bad but not much.

“How did you get in my room?” I ask him as I help him stuff tissue paper up his nose.

Silas groans out as he tries to slap my hands away. “I picked your lock..." He grumbles.

Well, then now I don’t feel bad at all. He deserves it for doing something like that. As far as I’m concerned I defended myself against a possible attacker.

Even if it’s his fault, I still hate seeing him hurt though.

“Don’t ever do that again I could have seriously hurt you.” I scold him as I move to get a wash cloth so I can clean the lingering blood off his hands and face.

He’s quiet as I press the warm damp washcloth just under his nose.

His hands are still cupping his nose but his eyes are on me the whole time.

It feels almost intimate in a weird way.

I force myself to advert my eyes from him.

“I’m sorry, Rin.” He breathes out.

I manage a small smile as I keep my eyes trained on the area of cleaning. “It’s okay,” I reply back.

After I’m finished cleaning his face and hands I go to toss the washcloth into the laundry room which is near the stairs. When I get there I see Levi sitting at the top of the stairs with his eyes staring down at the first floor.

Levi jumps slightly before he looks in my direction, seeming to calm down. “I heard you guys yelling,” he mumbles out. “I figured he did something stupid but I thought you could handle it. You’re better at handling those situations than I am. He’d only get angry at me if I tried to help.” He whispers back giving me a sad smile.

I toss the washcloth in the dirty clothes hamper before going to sit down at the top of the stairs next to Levi. “I wish you wouldn’t say things like that.” I tell him, though I know there’s some truth to it.

Levi doesn’t like blood, so he’d probably freak out more if he had tried to help with Silas right now and he was right that Silas probably would have gotten mad at Levi for helping.

“Remember when you and Silas went through your ‘no girls’ phase? You guys used to wait up in the tree house for me with your water guns. You’d gang up to keep the cooties away laughing at me as I tried so desperately to get near you guys.” I remember with a smile. “I was so angry at you guys back then but seeing you get along so well was a happy memory.” I point out with a small laugh.

Levi sighs. “Yeah, well those days died with our childhood.” He reminds me.

I sigh as well. “Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.” I point out.

Levi shakes his head at me. “No, it does have to be like that, especially now. I can’t stand to see you around him and I think he feels the same way when he sees you with me. Eventually you’re going to have to pick between us even if it’s just as friends. You can’t get along with us both. It’s just not going to work out, because I’m never going to be happy seeing you take care of him and he’s never going to be happy seeing you stick close to me.” He replies somberly.

His words make me upset. Eventually I’m going to have to pick between them? Really? Why does he have to go and say that? Does he think I don’t already know that things are complicated and difficult without that added pressure?

“I’m not picking between you. You’re my best friend and he’s my...” I trail off, not knowing how to describe Silas. “...he’s my first best friend turned enemy.” I finally finish, not knowing how else to explain the type relationship I have with Silas.

I get up from the stairs and turn to head back to the bathroom to check on Silas.

“Goodnight,” I tell him in a bit of a hostile manner still feeling uneasy about his words.

From halfway down the hall I hear Levi call out, “I wish you’d just pick me.”

I pretend I never heard him, but my chest aches reminding me that I did in fact hear him.

In the morning I’m tired as hell- since someone had to wake me up from my beauty sleep in a manner that ended up with me punching him in the face.
After I had cleaned up the mess from Silas’ bloody nose I had trouble sleeping. I didn’t get back to sleep until almost four in the morning which sucks because then I woke up this morning at six to get ready for school.

I take a cold shower trying to wake myself up more. After I finish my shower I dry my body off with a towel before wrapping the towel around myself. I then dry my hair half way before putting it up in a high ponytail.

As soon as I leave the bathroom I bump into Silas. That scandalous playboy’s face turns red as he looks at me. I kid you not. He looks away like he did last night when I was in my sports bra.

“Don’t make a habit of walking about like that,” Silas mumbles before brushing past me.

Jeez. For a guy who's probably seen a lot of women naked he sure is acting like a little kid.

“It’s my house. I’ll do what I want.” I call out before heading off to my room.

Once I’m properly dressed in a pair of black fitted jeans, an over sized dark purple sweater with a black and white picture of a cat wearing aviators on it, and my white and black stripped converses, I make my way out of my bedroom and down the stairs. When I get into the kitchen Silas is sitting at the table while Levi is making breakfast.

I can already smell the eggs and bacon.

Oh, how heavenly it smells.

Food, glorious food. I’m starving, but I’m always starving I guess. My mom likes to say my stomach is a bottomless pit and how she envies my fast metabolism since I haven't gotten fat yet.

I sit down at the table seating myself across from Silas.

A few minutes later Levi sets down a plate of scrambled eggs smothered in cheese and a hefty portion of bacon right in front of me and then one in front of his brother. He then goes to grab his own plate before sitting down right beside me.

“Thanks for the grub,” I say right before shoving a forkful of eggs into my mouth.

I let out a moan. “Oh, god. Levi, you’re going to make a good house wife one day.” I tell him.

Levi makes a face while Silas laughs his ass off.

“Someone has to cook the meals since Silas turns food into poison and while your food comes out fine you can’t be trusted with simple tasks without harming yourself or blowing up the kitchen.” Levi defends himself.

Silas and I grin at each other before we each look to Levi. “Levi’s definitely house wife material.” We both say at the same time.

“Shut up and eat your food.” Levi grumbles, but smiles slightly.

I let out a small laugh before digging into my food more not needing to be told twice to eat.

I wish we could always be like this joking around comfortably together.

I keep thinking back to Levi’s words about picking between them and I realize that we might not always be like this.

It makes me sad.

I try not to think about it anymore as I continue to eat my food even getting up to go get seconds after I’m done with the first portion.

School goes by as normal or I guess I should say it’s almost like how it was before both Levi and Silas confessed their love for me.

Silas annoys me during Chemistry while Levi and I pass notes and poke each other during AP English.

After school Levi has a long practice with the baseball team and Silas is practicing with his band in the music room.

I decide to go hang out in the art room since the art club doesn’t meet on Tuesdays. I’ll have it all to myself which is what I like.

Once I’m in the art room I lay down on one of the big tables, using my school bag as a pillow. I decide to take a little cat nap since I don’t want to go home by myself.

I dream about running on a road made of piano keys while rain pours down on me. I come to a fork in the road where I must choose between one road or the next. One path is light and looks comfortable, while the other path is dark and familiar. Even though it’s clear what path I should take I linger there unsure.

“I wish you’d just pick me.” The words echo coming from the light path, while another voice beacons from the dark path, “I loved you first and I still love you now.”

My brain becomes even more confused. I just stand in the middle of the piano road, unsure of what to do.

I stir at the feeling of something pressing against my lips. It’s soft and warm. My heart beats faster as I realize someone’s kissing me.

Who the hell is kissing me?

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