Will it be my best friend

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I was a shy and lonely girl. My crush did not even know my name. My home life is a little bit rocky. Than I met Kyle. He was my savior, but will he change my feelings, or will he be my best friend?

Romance / Drama
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Piper get down here. Ok mom. I walk down the stairs and see my perfect sister lily eating her breakfast. I grab a piece of toast and sit down to see my dad about to blow his top. Maranda may I please talk to you, my dad said in a cold voice. Ok, my mom said. They walked into the living room. My sister than said “ what are you wearing? It looks like dirty rag, and so do you”. Your one to talk you are a dirty little slut, and you are only 16 I said. Truth be told I have never said anything mean to my sister until now. She started crying and I did not understand why until my parents walked in. Is everything ok my dad said. My sister than proceeded to tell them that I slapped her and than Called her a little slut. My parents were furious . My mom was comforting my sister when my dad walked up to me an slapped me so hard across the face I got a black and blue mark. I than grabbed all my stuff and ran down to my bus stop. Normally my parents drive me but I could not face them. I was waiting for the bus when i realized i still had my pajamas on. In that moment i felt like the stupidest person alive. The pus came and i got on it. I realized all the sets were full except for one. In the seat only one person was sitting their and it was my long time crush Mack. Who was also my sisters boyfriend. I went to go sit down and tried everything to cover up the black and blue mark, but it did not work. He said “ what happened to you? Did someone hurt you?” I said no so I don’t look weak. I hate it when people see me as weak. He shakes his head and says I don’t believe you. Than we got to the school. Saved by the stop I said in my head. I walked away hopping to never see Mack again. When I entered the school I went straight to my locker not even bothering to eat the schools breakfast because Mack does every morning. When i got to my locker I started to grab my science stuff when Lilly, lucky, and Caroline all came up to me. Why were you sitting with Mack on the bus? Because all The other seats were full. I hope so Lilly said in a cold hearted voice. She walk away and became her cheery self again. I got my stuff and went to science class. We got assigned seats and i was placed next to Mack. I was so nerves. Good thing Lilly is not in my class or she would have my head. In class we were suppose to do a paper and than compare answers with our partners. After we were both done we compared answers. He was really confused on why I got the answers I did and after i was done explaining it he realized what he did wrong and fixed it. We were talking the rest of the period and he brought up my black and blue mark 13 different times and i said to stop bringing it up and i was starting to get mad. He asked for the 13 time and i said “ stop asking it is none of your fucking business ”. The teacher than sent me to the principles office. I sat their so scared it was horrifying. He asked me what happened to me and i told him I did not feel comfortable telling him he said ok and gave me a pass and than sent me back to class. Little did I know that lunch would change me forever. I did not have anyone to sit with so I sat alone in till a really cute guy sat across from me.
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