Lotus Moon

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Chapter 3

The two of them sat side by side for what seemed like hours but in truth was less than a few minutes. No talking, just sitting. Sebastian silently doing his best to console Elise. Her brother Ernest was dead and her brother Elijah was dying. Nothing he said or did could change that. So he sat silently beside her doing his best to give her solace. Blood dripped from the wound in his head every now and then. A wound that should have but hadn’t healed yet. Just a small wound. Really nothing more than a bump. Yet it continued to bleed. As a werewolf and an Oni he should have instantly healed.

As an Oni warrior and a werewolf Sebastian like the rest of the Wolfoni clan are technically immortal though not invincible. Nothing is more indestructible than an Oni Warrior. Unless there was Banshee blood involved. Sebastian however just had a bump or so he thought. Then, he coughed. A tinge of blood coated the back of his through. Then he coughed more as the Banshee blood kicked in.

Banshee blood he didn’t know was even in his bloodstream. Within an hour later he slipped into a coma and was barely hanging on to life. Chloe started the antitoxin immediately but Elise knew that Sebastian’s chances were slim. Slimmer than her brother Elijah’s chances who was still barely hanging on. Everyone that ever mattered and would ever matter to her was going to die on the same day.

They all knew it. Elise just sat in the waiting room waiting for Chloe to confirm it. After a few hours as expected, Chloe walked back into the waiting room. She cleared her throat and looked over at Iona and Elise. Elise found herself holding her breath. She mentally did her best to prepare herself for the worse. She wondered which one was gone? Was it Elijah or Sebastian that lost the battle? Her eyes glued themselves to Chloe. She instantly took in Chloe’s appearance. Looking for a clue to who it was. What words would come out of her mouth? Chloe looked tired and a bit frazzled but still upbeat. Perhaps they both continued to fight. Was it possible one or both of them really won the battle? Elise let go of the breath she was holding. Then a small tear slipped from Chloe’s eyes. She opened her mouth and started to speak. Her voice full of sorrow.

“Elijah is going to pull through. I am sorry to say however it’s time to contact Sebastian’s ma Monika. I’ve done all I can but...”

Elise held her breath yet again while she waited for not only Chloe’s spoken words but her unspoken words to sink in. Thinking back, Elise knew that was the moment everything changed. She felt her skin begin to tingle and suddenly it was like something was crawling just under the surface. She wanted to tear the flesh from her body. One moment she was standing in the waiting room with Iona and Chloe, the next she was at Sebastian’s bedside.

The second Elise saw Sebastian’s condition she fell apart. The smell alone was far worse than she could have ever imagined. Infection, rot, decay and something she couldn’t even identify. It was overwhelming. He was covered in open wounds that oozed blood and puss. He was not going softly into the night. No, the Banshee blood was making sure he suffered.

Tears fell from her eyes just thinking about his pain. The same pain her poor brother Elijah suffered but would survive. The same pain that took her brother Ernest’s life. She was so taken aback that the air evaporated from her lungs and she froze in horror at the realities of the situation. It was hard to move. Sebastian looked dead already and Elise was having a hard time believing he wasn’t.

Then she heard a silent voice somewhere in the far recesses of her mind. A voice that she’d grown to trust over the years. The same voice that she often called her second sight or Sassy for short.

Share your blood with him. Join as one. Give him a reason to keep fighting.’

Such an odd thought, but one Elise couldn’t get rid of. What if it worked? What if she could save him? She should if she could shouldn’t she? Then again, by feeding him her blood and starting the process that would join them together as one she would be damning him to be with her. Elise was mentally ill and she knew it. She knew that she could never really be okay. Not after the things she lived through. Then again was it better for him to be alive and trapped with a nut case like her or dead...The longer she stood by his bedside watching him fight to breathe the more saving him felt right. The more she believed that sharing her blood with him was going to help. Then she heard the silent voice that she thought of as Sassy again.

Save him! Feed him your blood and keep him fighting. Keep him alive so that you can come to love each other. He can help heal you, just as you heal him. Do it Elise. Give him your blood.’

Suddenly she found herself spurred into motion. Sebastian had to live. They had to be together. It was time for Elise to do the right thing. Even if he did deserve so much better than her. Sebastian deserved to live. He deserved a happy fulfilled life. It was her duty to give him that. Elise knew she needed to grow up and be a better person. She needed to accept the things that happened to her and move on with her life. She needed to let go of the past, embrace her own faults and figure out a way to give Sebastian the life he deserved. Elise couldn’t let him die and give up her only chance for happiness. She had to try to save him.

Elise lifted Sebastian’s infected and dying body into her arms hands and teleported out of the hospital and into the Australian Shield. Elise had a private little place already picked out, deep in the Shield. Her little hiddy hole. A place that no one but her and Sassy knew about. A place that even her old alpha couldn’t find. It was the place she hid when she had to recover from the injuries that her old alpha Daniel Taylor inflicted on her. Sassy helped Elise find the cabin when she was just a small child. Daniel Taylor tried to find her many times when she ran away. He never did.

Sadly, however, in the end, Elise hadn’t been able to survive there on her own for long. The cabin was very remote and even a werewolf couldn’t survive without food and water. Food and water were essentials for living. Essentials that just weren’t anywhere near the cabin. For that reason, she’d always been forced to go back to the pack and Daniel Taylor. As an Oni, however, she could teleport in and out at will. She could bring anything she needed or desired. The cabin was the perfect place for her and Sebastian to live. The perfect place for them both to heal. The perfect plan to fall in love.

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