The Scarlet Escape

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When Julianna is suddenly clutched into the strong arms of a devilishly, handsome mystery man, she can't ignore the intense pull she has towards him or the powerful aura surrounding him. ***** After securing the freedom of herself, and her 2 best friends, Julianna Hunter will do anything to ensure that their torturous past remains far behind them. But, she learns that no matter how hard she plans, she will never be able to outrun where she came from. As Julianna struggles to keep ahead of the things she left behind, her world collides with Memphis Sinclair, a man she has no business being in any business with - except for love? The pair lock into battles of dominance and loyalties as pasts are exposed and risks need to be taken. Will Julianna submit to Memphis' magnetism, or will his price of love be too high to pay? Note from the Author The story is told from the point of view of a character. '*****' Indicates that the character speaking has changed or the story jumps. !!WARNING!! This story contains: - Explicit language - Adult themes - Graphic Violence - Abuse - Sexual References - Sexual Themes - Sexual Content - Confronting situations

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Chapter 1.


"aww, no!" Tossing over my blankets and pulling myself to my bedside table, I fumble for my alarm clock to turn it off. "It can't be 7 am already?!" I moan, forcing my eyes open to peak at the time. The alarm clock doesn't lie, and I roll my eyes in frustration as my old enemy starts to make its presence known – MONDAY. I hate Mondays. With a huff, I negotiate with myself, "5 more minutes".

"GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM! YOU'VE BEEN IN THERE FOR 30 MINUTES!" A shrill voice cries out, coming up the stairs to my bedroom. Suddenly my bedroom door is hurled open and 'Tornado Trista' comes barreling into my room, terminating whatever negotiations I had to sleep in.

"Trista, Get out of my room! Bitch, I was asleep!" I shouted, throwing a pillow at her.

"Julianna! One. You weren't asleep. It's 7:01 am. Your alarm has already gone off. 2. Bloody Misha has been in the bathroom for 30 minutes!" She yelled back, walking over to my bed and whacking me with the pillow I had thrown at her.

I make a ball over one my fluffy pillows, my tone drowning in 0% care-factor and derision, and I glare at her. "Tris, SO WHAT?! We each have a bathroom with dual shower head showers, own toilet, double vanities, all complete with their independent water supplies! There is nothing that I don't have that you don't have, that Misha doesn't have. Give me one good reason why I should raise my care factor from its current rock bottom position".

"Misha stole my conditioner because-"

"I'm going to cut you off right there, sis, I said 'good reason'. Not any reason". I smirk rolling over and snuggle back into my blankets. "Give me 10 minutes. I'll sort her out in 10mins. And if she has used it all, I'll go to the store for you. OK?!" I give her a last sarcastic look before closing my eyes. I hear Trista sulk, storm out of my room and back down the stairs to the main floor. "10 more minutes" I say to myself, with a happy little smile creeping its way across my lips. You think at 26 years of age; I can wrangle a sleep in from my housemates.

THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. I can hear Trista storming back up to my room. She doesn't say anything when she comes in, but heads straight for my bathroom. "nnnnnnnaaaaaawwwwhhhhhhh, what are you doing, Trista?!" I groan into my pillow. 'what on earth could you be looking for' I grumble in my head. I lift my head and glance towards my bathroom door. "Trista!! What the heck are you doing in there?!?"

"Ah-Ha!" She comes out, pointing at me in triumph.

"Ah-Ha! What, Bitch?!" I say getting up onto my hands and knees, reading myself to pounce on her for keeping me from my sleep.

"Misha has your body wash. The Pawpaw coconut scrub? It's missing." She snarls with a smile, knowing it will get me out of bed. I narrow my eyes at her, and she stands there unflinching.

'Misha better not have taken my body wash' I threaten in my head, feeling my ability to sleep in completely fading from my body.

"Has your care factor risen yet?" She asks sarcastically. It draws me from my covers instantly and we both start running for Misha's room. Down the stairs and through the hallway, we crash into Misha's room together and beginning banging like possessed women on the door.

"Misha, you better not be using my goddam body wash bitch! You know it was almost empty! OPEN THE DOOR!" I growl pounding on the door.

"Give me the bloody conditioner now, Bitch!" Trista is screeching beside me.

The door is locked, and between breaths, I can hear Misha laughing hysterically. "Oh My God, you guys! Calm down! You know I'm good for it! I'll replace everything! I'm still in the shower you guys!" Misha laughs from the shower with no regard to how enraged Trista and I have become.

"That's it". Trista snarls and shunts me back far enough to make ample room for her to kick the bathroom door in. In one beautifully placed kick, the door is flung open, wood splinters spraying into the bathroom. I've always admired Trista for her strength and the control she has over it. We both pile into the bathroom and pull Misha out of the shower.

"WHAT THE HELL GUYS?!" Misha squeals as I yank her by her arms from under the water and push her up against the wall. I lunged for the shower taps, turn Misha's one-off and turn the unused tap to cold and blast Misha! Trista grabs her hands before she can reach for me to stop me. "OH MY GOD! STOP! PLEASE! STOP! IM SORRY. IM SORRY. IM SORRY!" She cries out coughing and spluttering under the cold water. I turn the tap off, and Trista released her hands. She's a naked ball of shivers, and she's looking up at us with such loathing. I glance towards Trista as she moves to hand Misha a towel. I help her up, wrap her up and help her out of the shower. We all walk out of the bathroom together and stand at the entrance to Misha's walk-in closet, Trista and I stifling our laughter. "Really, you guys? Was that really necessary?!" Misha let a shivery snivel.

I share a look with Trista, and I know she feels what I do. Did we really go all ALPHA-FEMALE crazy over conditioner and body wash? As I begin to use her towel to rub her hair and shoulders removing any excess water that would keep her cold, I see Trista retreat to the bathroom for our things. Our moment of guilt is short-lived when Trista returns with both our bottles - empty. We look at Misha, and she looks up beneath those long, beautiful eyelashes with a cheeky smile on her pinky blue lips.

For a moment, we each steal glimpses at each other, not sure whether round 2 is about to start.

Misha gleefully plead "Come on, you guys! You got me! You kicked in my door in! Which, by the way, Yo- "

"You're paying for your door." Trista and I interjected in perfect unison. We each scowl at her and turn to leave out of Misha's room. "Breakfast at 8.30 am. I'm running late." I call back over my shoulder as I climb the stairs to my room.

"OK" comes the reply from either end of the house. I walk back into my room, shaking my head in a huff. I can't believe that bitch used all my body wash!

In an hour, I'm ready for work in a tasteful, black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, a deep burgundy cape blazer and a matching pair of burgundy patent leather stilettos. I love a 'power-pony tail', it's my go-to look. Today, after this morning, I've pulled my long raven-black hair into a tight, high ponytail. I enjoy a flawless, natural makeup look. I only go all out when the occasion requires it. I grab my complimenting black Versace handbag and head downstairs to the kitchen.

I enter the kitchen and see Misha around the breakfast nook, head buried in a human anatomy book. Trista is over by the island looking overly interested in the contents of her protein powder. My girls.

Misha is a nurse at the local hospital. She's younger than me by two years and smarter than Trista and me by 20. She loves to learn and care for others. Sitting there in her scrubs, with her honey-brown hair pulled into a messy bun, reading a book filled with words I can't pronounce, I can't help but be proud of the woman she is.

Trista works with me. She is my personal assistant. She may be just older than me, but she acts like she's knows everything – just ask her; she'll tell you. I'm an assistant to the CEO of a Hotel Franchise: The Marborough. He keeps me very busy. There is no one; all be it, Misha, I would need helping me than Trista. Trista is all business today – black dress pants, beige chemise, beige blazer with black stiletto heels. Her long blonde hair is in stylish waves over her shoulder. Stunning. It's always hard to keep up with these 2 Glamazons!

Looking at them in their sulking states, I began to think back to when we first came here. I built our house on the coast eight years ago, when Trista, Misha and I first moved in together. It's a 5-bedroom mansion, with separate dining and living, large open plan kitchen, breakfast nook and lounge with vaulted ceilings. There are a gym and 15metre pool, with a spa attached. The 5-car garage is off to the side of the house and a separate garage for tools and other gear we rarely use. Just fun to have for the odd times we may need it. Anything we needed, I made sure we had. Our childhoods are nothing to boast, and we very rarely speak of those times, but since we have been here, we have made it our mission to enjoy our second chance at a life together. I can't imagine my life without these 2 in them. Trista and I are cousins. My Father and her Father are brothers. Misha was a friend of the family. This morning was trivial at best. It's not worth carrying on.

"Stop reading your protein powder. We all know you have no idea what it says!" I stab at Trista with a cheeky smile.

"Shut up! I like reading massive words that I can't pronounce!" She snaps back, tossing it back into the cupboard.

I make my way over to the coffee machine and started making our usual – Vienna coffee. It was like moths to a flame. Slowly they both slinked their way over to the coffee station. After making 3 I placed them on the island next to each other. I looked up with a hopeful, loving glint in my eye, hoping that they too would end our childish standoff.

"OMG, I love you guys!" Misha caved instantly; she was never very good at holding a grudge when it came to us. She always saw the good in us no matter what. Misha all but jumps over Trista. Trista looks annoyed by the display, but she returns her friends affections. We all embrace and apologise for our behaviour. Misha and I were giggling messes while Trista looked at us slightly bemused by us. She is never one for actual tender emotion.

"This morning has sucked!" I complain balling over Misha. "It's not even 9 am and we've already flown off at each other."

"Make sure we stop by the store on our way home tonight to pick up supplies. I think our "friends" might be coming to stay. We may need essentials and backup plans". Trista cryptically demands.

"Bitch, it's our mensi's. Not a stakeout!" I laugh, jabbing her in the shoulder. "We ready to go?"

They each nod, Misha more enthusiastic about her day than Trista. We all head out of the house and pile into my mustang. We head across town to drop Misha at the hospital. I ride in silence, mulling over everything that I need to make sure happens today. Misha is reading, and Trista is reading up on the notes for today's meeting with our Boss and his associates.

As we pull up to the hospital, Misha blindsides us with a peck on the cheek before torpedoing out of the car. "Bitch! We were still moving!" Trista yells across me from the passenger seat.

"Love you guys. See you at home tonight. Wendy from work will drop me off at 7 pm." Misha says half walking, half containing her nervous laughter. We wave her off and peel away from the hospital and head downtown.

Our office building is all luxury. Our Boss has an eye for 'pretty things'. Our offices have an incredible view of the business district and parks surrounding the city. Trista and I walk into the office and make our way to our office, on the same floor as our CEO. Thankfully, the morning's workload is slow, so we take an early break and head to a nearby coffee shop, before our midday meetings.

"Did you see Charles and Derek with their attempts to up us by low balling our ideas to Connors?" Trista scoffs, biting into her blueberry muffin.

"I did. It won't play out. I have already taken care of it." I smile mischievously, and Trista laughs shaking her head. "Those two should know not to mess with me, especially to try and undermine me in front of the Boss."

We get our coffee's and sit down. Trista sips her coffee silently, but I can feel her angst brewing beneath her calm exterior. It isn't long before she thumps her hand down on the table and glares at me. "I'm over those useless, weak dudes stepping on us. We need a street fight with them, so I can pop them and get them out of our way. They always do the most basic job. How are they even employed?"

"Tris, girl, you know I have you when you say they're useless, but I'm not for taking out the other project managers. Maybe usurping them in our jobs, but not physically. Although it is an excellent daydream." I wink at her with a sly grin.

We spend the rest of our break going over the rest of the notes for our boss and laughing at our incompetent colleagues before we slowly make our way back to the office for the mid-morning meeting.


"Do you need another appointment, Mr Sinclair?" I ignore the woman behind the desk as I walk from the waiting area. I check my watch and growl at having to be made to wait. Walking out of the high-class office building, the car fumes and bakery sweets attack my nose. I breathe in deep. I love this city and all its smells. I had a meeting with a business associate, although this morning he was a waste of my time. While he kept me waiting outside a conference room, all I could hear was a pair of young bucks trying to suck him off to get their ideas approved. If he were anyone else, I would never have waited.

Among other things, I build his hotels. He's a pompous prick, but I tolerate him. I'm always invited to 'business meetings' at local high-end gentleman's clubs or galleries. 35 years old, a King in my industry, and Emperor to a crime empire - I don't have the patience for any of that. I don't enjoy the atmosphere around their high-stakes poker games, losing hard-earned money, or delving with them into a cesspool of drugs, condoms and cum. Any basic man can fuck. I don't have to pay for mine. Women are enticed to me. They get wet with one look, shake at the knees with the slightest smirk on my lips, and fold to my every desire with one wink. It's easy but rarely satisfying, and never anything with permanency. My approach to business mirrors that to my women; I get what I want when I want it. They never say no.

"Memphis, how did it go?" Lucas says as I drop into the car next to him. He is swiping through women he wants to hook up with or not, and I shake my head in bewilderment.

"Seriously? Luc, your 34 in a few months. Aren't you a little passed swiping left or right for a quick fuck?" I scoff in derision at him and his immaturity.

"Says the man who's middle name should be 'pump-n-dump'. At least I know their names. You only learn whether or not she's got an STD or not." He chides back making me laugh. "What did Connor's have to say?"

"Same old B.S. New day Lucas. I waited for 10 minutes and left. He can see me in his time. I need to do a fly-in/fly-out this evening. I'll be back in a few days. The new company needs some supervision." If I could trust others to handle my business, then I would delegate the tasks away. However, particular areas of this business require the Boss to be present, like meeting with arrogant assholes about shit that should have been emailed to me. This associate likes to be seen talking to other CEOs and influential people, of which I am both.

"Gideon going with you?" He asks without looking up from the woman confirming their pending hookup.

"No, he will stay here to keep a watch over you. He's older than you, more reliable than you and you will run amuck if we are both gone." My jab doesn't go untested as he jabs me in the shoulder. I laugh boisterously at him, and he scowls.

"I do the job just as well as Gideon." He glares at me, and I narrow my eyes at him, testing him to push me. "Fine, ok. I'll let the boys know." Lucas says, switching apps and sending the orders down the chain. Lucas does work very well. He is one of my closest friends, along with Gideon. We work very closely together in all my business affairs. This King needs two loyal generals to watch over his army.

I would much rather send Lucas in to talk with Connors. All this handshaking and public appearances – it's not my scene. I like anonymity. I enjoy the shadows and flying very low under the radar. I'm waiting in my Maybach for Lucas to hurry up and drive when I see a woman cross the street. Suddenly, my mind is blank, and this vision is all that I am. She's beautiful. Tall, tanned, toned. A breathtakingly stunning female. I freeze as I watch this vision move before me. Her long raven hair bounces perfectly behind her, swishing from side to side. That ponytail begs me to tug it, hard. I gaze at her perfect breasts as they bounce with every step. Her smile is mesmerising with those full, plump lips. She's got these gorgeous big, deep brown eyes; they are the highlight of her face. I could get lost in those eyes. Her neck is slender and long, so perfect. Her ass pops out perfectly behind her as her hips sway from side to side, arousing me, taunting me to touch. "Mmm." A low growl escapes my chest unwittingly.

"Memphis. You good?" I'm snapped out of my vision as Lucas quirks his eyebrow at me.

"Yes. Why?" I scoff, shuffling slightly embarrassed in my chair.

"Nothing, I thought you said something. Are we going now or what?" Lucas shrugs putting the phone down and smirking at me.

"Shut up." I scowl as he turns the car on and pulls out into traffic. I watch as the angel disappears around the corner. A very eager part of me wants to follow her. If only I didn't have to leave town. As we drive, I try and focus on the needs of my impromptu trip. But that woman, though. Those breasts and ass. Her eyes and her lips. Shit that woman was on another level. She is unparalleled. I need to get her out of my mind.
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