Saving William (Gay!)

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11. Holy ground

Tonight I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through.
But I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you.
Tonight I'm gonna dance like you were in this room.
But I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you,

Holy Ground Taylor Swift



My fingers were twinned with Will's, and my other hand was pressed against the small of his back. We were walking slowly, in our own little world. I made sure to walk him down streets not many people were, for fear that he'd go running to the hills.

I'm not sure how happy he'll be when he finds out that I'm taking him to Angels and Demons (A&D for short). It's the greatest club in this city, maybe not the greatest everywhere but it's still a decent club.

I feel a little bit naughty, taking him to a club without telling him that's where we're going. I know if I had told him back at the restaurant he would have wanted to go straight home.

I gotta loosen him up a little. Make him see the fun side of life. Because honestly I don't think he even knows what real fun is. If you don't count hanging out with Allie.

He's been very tentative about talking to me about her, and I've asked to meet her but he in a polite way sort of blew me off and moved on to another point of discussion.

I know earlier in the week he left school to go somewhere with Allie, an appointment. Probably a doctor's appointment, when I asked if she was okay he got kind of pale. I need to figure out what's going on in that brain of his.

But not now.

Now we're going to a club, a fun, dancing, club where we can just talk or hopefully dance. I wonder if he knows how to dance

I glance at him, he's looking down and just following my lead, no, he probably doesn't know the first thing about dancing.

I will drag this boy out of the closet if I have to. But hopefully he'll just walk out, hand in hand with me.

I laugh inwardly, yeah right. Like he'd ever be okay with that. I'm going to work hard at making this boy okay in his own skin.


I'm pulled out of my thoughts and I look at him, "Yeah?"

I could see his face pink. "I was just wondering what fun we're going to have? Where are we going?"

I smirked at him and I could see his face pink even more, "We're going to one of my favorite places in this city."

I pulled him down an alley and stop behind a line of people, leading into A&D.

Will went rigid and I looked at him, he was staring at the line and back towards me. "No."

"Yes Will."


"Yes, William."

"No means no."

"No means yes in this case."

"You have a hard time with the answer no don't you?"

My eyes closed and I rubbed them, I knew this was going to be hard but my name is Elijah Bane and I do not give up this easily. "Will, we will just go inside and sit down. We can talk. We can dance. We will do whatever you want as long as you are comfortable. Okay? Haven't you been here before?"

He nodded and looked down, "I've brought Izzy and Scott here but that's it. I've always just waited outside to take them home. I've never been in there and I don't want to."

My fingers that were on his back pressed against his spine and I pulled him against me. He made a soft oomph noise as his chest hit mine.

I had to take a second to relax my senses, I could smell the faint hint of cologne on him, something I know he's never worn before and I feel touched that he would wear it for me.

I could feel my hand working of its own accord and slide down his spine, my other hand cupping his cheek lightly. "William you'll be okay. We'll just talk. Promise."

Will's face kept getting brighter and brighter pink as I held him against me. He started stuttering and I pressed my lips to his forehead lightly before pulling away from him altogether, he probably wouldn't be okay with being touched and kissed in public, in front of all the people in this line.

Finally he smiled, "Okay let's go in."

I had to admire him for his bravery; as soon as he said it he walked straight to the back of the line and stood there, stubbornly.

He doesn't know I'm a VIP member; I don't have to wait at the back. I grabbed his arm gently and pulled him to the front, my eyes crossing with the bodyguards, who pulled back the velvet rope.

I nodded in Will's direction and the guard nodded back, I pulled Alec inside.

The noise hit me first, and then I noticed all the bodies grating against each other. On a normal night I would get a drink, then jump in the mix and dance till 3 or 4 in the morning.

Not tonight, I headed for the back room where I know there's stairs that lead up to the VIP room.

The VIP room is really nice. It has it's own bar, lounge, dance floor, and the greatest part is has a glass wall where you can look out at the regular dance floor below you, yet they can't see up at us, the glass wall is one way.

Plus I know very few of the people at are school can get in, only the wealthiest kids can afford to get in here, and I'm one of them. I know some of my friends can get in, but it's doubtful they'd come up here.

The VIP room usually has the older people who don't want to hang with the kids, and usually there are only 20 or 30 people at a time dancing on the dance floor in there.

I led Will up the stairs and nod at another bodyguard; he let me and Will in without question. I pull Will over towards the lounge and sit in an unoccupied couch, pulling him down next to me.

My eyes linger over the dance floor and other couches and the bar, there's no one I recognize so I see no problem resting one of my hands on Will's leg.

I notice his eyes linger on it before looking in mine, not objectifying my hand. Score one for Elijah! Ahem, sorry bout that.

I wrapped my other arm around his shoulders and looked back in his, "You want a drink?"

"Just just water please."

Now we're back to stuttering, I got up and walked to the bar. The bartender who is usually here looked at me, "For the last time Elijah. You're 19. You can't have alcohol."

"I don't want alcohol, I just want two waters."

He raised his brow at me but didn't say anything; he just got two Fiji water bottles and handed them to me, "Bon apatite buddy."

I turned around and had to sigh inwardly, at the door of the VIP room Marcus and Ben just walked in, the guys who were messing with Will at the lake.

The guys who also have bullied him for a couple years. And the guys who have called him gay and emo and a cutter. Oh boy.

I hurried back to the couch and grabbed his hand, "Will, I know you don't want to dance, but Marcus and Ben are here but won't see us if we're dancing on the floor."

Will momentarily froze before following me out to the VIP dance floor. I knew for a face Marcus and Ben wouldn't even come near here. They don't like to dance, and probably wouldn't even look in here.

But as I pressed myself against Will's back and felt the firm muscles I just couldn't think about them anymore.

Sure Will can't dance, he's actually quite bad at it, but I just felt so right pressed against him.

We were moving to a hip hop song, the music blaring in our ears, and I felt myself grating against his back, sliding my hands down to his hips.

I pressed my lips against his ear, kissing along it down to his neck. He tensed slightly but relaxed in my arms after a second.

We moved against each other until the song was over and I glanced at the door and the couches, they were gone. I sighed and pulled him back off the floor, "They're gone Will. We can stop dancing now."

I was surprised when he smiled, "its fine Elijah, I uh I liked it."

"Hey Elijah! What are you doing with the freak?"

I turned, fuck I didn't look at the bar Marcus and Ben were coming right at us.
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